Swasan: Dreams will come true (Chapter 5)

~The best way to be with fake people is to be real with them~

Sanskar nuzzled on the gigantic bed as he was indulged in a deep slumber…..He was extremely tired…..Especially managing both his class schedule and also cracking up with business deals along his dad undoubtedly took a toll on his health……..For a now, his heart and soul only seeks for an unlimited tranquillity ….However, it going to remain merely as his unspoken thoughts after his grandma knocked his room door multiple times…….Sanskar’s eyelids unable to shift up yet his mind able to catch the number of counts which supposed to be precisely five times that her fingers slamming the door…..Sanskar hated to entertain such noises but can’t deny his beloved Maa….Can he??!!!! Sanskar shrugged off his shirt from his couch in frustration and wears the undershirt recklessly…..He opened the door and quite vacuous to notice her wrinkled face gleaming up with a smile….Sanskar arched his eyebrow and gasped “Maa…. why are you bothering me early in the morning?” Grandma snorted “Look! Your Kavitha is here !!”Grandma moved to the side and unbelievably Kavitha actually squeezed herself behind grandma….Sanskar is shocked because her presence is way more unexpected….Kavitha quickly frees her arms in the air and crushed into his muscular chest then slowly encircled her hands around him……He is not comfortable yet he reciprocated her hug…. He responded because it is a friendly hug……

Kavitha tapped her feet in excitement and laughed….She had to be a top model and nothing else…Her figure ….her height….her smile……Everything about her is designed and fits perfectly to be the perfect pitch model found in Universe but…….She is not the one Sanskar yearns for…..He never had any sort of feelings on Kavitha over the years and she never managed to attract him at least once no matter how trendy she tried to be…..Somehow, he always had intuition that she is masking her realness….He always felt that her politeness is just to win the hearts of his family….May be she wins their hearts but can never melts the hard-hearted Sanskar …After all, she is not Swara ……..Sanskar frowned and arched his left eyebrow “Why you came suddenly out of nowhere ??!”Kavitha wobbled and mutters “Why not Sanskar?Grandma invited me to study in the college here and she wants me to be around you…Can I refuse Maa’s request?” She whispers in a melancholic tone “If you don’t like then I would leave from here, Sanskar….” Grandma holds Kavitha’s hand “No dear,you have every rights in this house as you are part of our family…I will be happy if you stay here and feel it home….” Kavitha smirked yet pretended to curled her lips…..

Sanskar sighed “If you are happy then no objection….I want to leave so could you all please excuse yourselves from here….” Sanskar is deeply riled yet he can’t voice out his opinion because he knows that Maa never changes her decision and he hated to go against her ……Grandma snorted “No! My Sanskar won’t speak about college because he have a favour to do…..” Sanskar knitted his eyebrow “Maa please don’t have any plans because I have to go” Kavitha interrupted “Never mind Maa…I will go and join the business programme in the college by myself…Don’t disturb Sanskar because of me…..” Grandma smiled with sarcasm “Dear…. Sanskar don’t mind doing anything I asked and he loves to drive for his friend so he will enjoy driving for you….after all you are part of him and his life……..” Sanskar is fully-vexed and he had enough with his grandma’s nonsensical thought and behaviour but he just ignored “Whatever!!! I wish you understand this will be the last time I am pressurised with demands because you never know I might disappoint you Maa…..” Sanskar walked away to his bathroom….He is in complete rage for starting up a morning with someone he wished never be beside him…..It’s not that he hated Kavitha but he feel too uncomfortable with her…He never wanted to be surround with her presence because every time she speaks he strongly does not feel any trustworthy over her so he ended up being rude……….

~ Sometimes you can’t get someone your head off only when they are existed long time ago~

Swara is quite dumbfounded after realising that Sanskar is nowhere near her…Her eyes can’t reach to meet his brown eyes……Her fingers couldn’t brush his silky hair……She never liked the fact that all the days revolving around him have suddenly vanished in the air…..Every time she is with him, she feels as the most happiest one on Earth because her tantrums and her questions will lead to an answer ……. the grumpiest stare she ever met in her life….However, today she strongly feel as the emptiest person without him his presence…….The five hours of sitting in the lecture room without Sanskar made her feel like it was ages….Her mind never rested ever since she didn’t meet the stubbled face today….The curiosity about his unanswerable calls and his sudden disappearance made her heart worry more….Swara couldn’t resist the urge to know where Sanskar is even though a thought have been clashing her mind repetitively that she is intruding his personal life…Swara shoves off all the silly thoughts because she had to confirm that wherever he is….He had to be safe and healthy….She knows that her expectation is way more dramatic to be worry of the safety and healthy of a strong guy but she couldn’t deny that her heart is worried for him more than anything…..

Swara chased and bumped into Laksh…She pants heavily….Laksh arched his eyebrow “Swara….What happen dear??!” Swara paused and gasped “Where his Sanskar???Why he is not here?Do you know anything about him, Lucky?” Laksh stared at her vacously and cupped her face “Swara chill!!!Why are you too tensed up ??He must be busy with his work….” Swara frowned “But yesterday he told me his coming than how can he be working?I mean he won’t go for work during his class session…I know him well Lucky……” Lucky smirked “I didn’t meant his office work dear…You are childish…His work with girls at night….You don’t know how flirtatious the real Sanskar is when he is in the arms of the hot chicks….I swear he must be tired of it….” Swara standstill with the most expressionless face ever….She is totally blanked on how to react with Laksh craps…..She can’t believe any of his words which is fully against of Sanskar whom she have known so much…. may be not that much but at least she knows that Sanskar is not a lewd…. Laksh starts giggling and snapped his fingers at her “I was just kidding Swara….Sanskar is not that type of guy at all but you don’t have to worry of him because I am sure he must have stuck with his office work…You know running a family business is not that effortless…..” Swara quivered her lips and walked away…To be truthful she is not satisfied to believe that he is busy with his work….She knows Sanskar have managed his both studies and work very well….Swara is all down but still she remain firm to get a respond from him…Swara continue calling Sanskar mobile and starts spamming his inbox flooded with her messages……. The exhausted Swara then goes to do her work at the cafeteria with the ray of hope that Sanskar will answer her very soon……

~Unavoidable situations at times leads to unwanted regrets~

Sanskar brought Kavitha to college for her registration into the programme but their journey had a eloquent silence….Sanskar never spoken a word at all even if she has been talking without a pause but he didn’t want to refute her to keep her mouth shut…He searched for his mobile but unfortunately he left it in his room….Sanskar cursed the day as it already started without the cherubic smile of Swara……Then, for the very first time, May is behaving strange where she is going against his wish….Worst of all, Kavitha hanging around him even if he tries to go away from her life…..Sanskar have explained her mant times since when their marriage talks happened among the two respective families…He told her clearly that neither his ready for a relationship nor wants to do a marriage with her….All his talks is utter waste as Sanskar finally knows that none of the facts gets into her mind and she adamantly believing up to Grandma’s promise that she will be the daughter in law of Maheswari family………… Sanskar gets relieved as soon as all her registrations gets done as he can easily get rid off her now but luck is not in his side…..Kavitha literally begged him for a brunch and he is not that evil to let someone starve….He brought her to the luxurious restaurant which is famous for their western cuisine….She is truly walloping the food and taking numerous selfies….However, Sanskar is just staring around without bothering to even….His mind have turned into unrest mode… Sanskar wonders “Did Swara missed me?? Did she cared my absence like how much I does??” He regretted for following Maa’s request and roaming around with Kavitha….

Although, he is willing to help Kavitha at anytime she needs him, it’s not his cup of tea of giving out his time for a girl ……Kavitha can never be satisfied easily when she pouted her lips and whispers “Sanskar please say yes!!! Can you bring me for shopping ???I really need to purchase some clothes……..” Sanskar glowered “Can’t it be another day???” Kavitha bites her lips “Can…. But you will have to bunk your class again because Maa will not let me go without you?” Sanskar fingers runs through his hair and he puffed “Let’s go now but from next time learn to shop alone because my drivers will bring you and you have adjust with it…..” Kavitha faked a smile and nodded…..She shopped like a tortoise where as Sanskar eyes keep meeting the rotation of the time in his watch….The longanimous hours of her hunt for clothes comes to end and Sanskar quickly swipe his debit card and he didn’t mind at all of spending money on her expenses….. Sanskar accelerated the car in high speed because that’s it. …He couldn’t spend anymore time with her especially without hearing the beautiful voice of Swara……As Sanskar reached the car porch of his house, he just signalled Kavitha to leave his car….She grins and suddenly she gives a side hugged to Sanskar………Kavitha whispers. “Thank You Sanskar for all your treat…I am very much pleased …” Sanskar removed her hands off him and with the intense stare “We are not yet very close so just stay in limits please….You may go and can you just pass me my mobile from my room? ” Kavitha is embarrassed that her touch never creates any magic on him but she shoves it off with a smile “Oh sure…I will get it for you….” Kavitha goes to his room and shamelessly sneaked into his mobile….She saw Swara’s huge number of calls and messages ….Kavitha is pestered to even glance at the mobile’s screen with Swara’s name so cunningly she trashed all her messages and phone calls…….Kavitha smirked and crossed her arms against her chest “No one will come between Sanskar and I…I am not very close to him now but my unlimited intimacy in the future will not meet any barriers…….”

To be continued?
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