swasan in my dreams episode 1

Swasan in My Dreams
Friends I told that I am going offline but I could not take it, I miss swasan terribly.. Please read this is single scene which I revind and see in my dream every day…please have the patience to tolerate me
With out this I cannot write my exam peacefully?
So…here it is swasan in my dreams?
********** ******** *********
The BG is well decorated..like perfect for my ff
Near to a lake…diyas and petals are floating in the water accordance to the rythem of love
There u can see a couple sitting with their legs in water
And that’s my swasan ….sorrryy our swasan
Swasan are holding their hands together. Swara has her head on sanskar’s shoulder..
And they r enjoying the moment

Sanskar stands up and goes near a tree by side and enjoy the weather and throws some pebbles in water
Suddenly he felt someone hugging him from behind
Not someone his shona?
He reciprocate and turns to face her
Swara:sanskar ..
Swara: can I ask you something?
Sanskar: anything my dear
Swara: do u believe love at first sight?
Sanskar: yesss..I do
Swara: don’t u think love at first sight is a kind of infatuation?
Sanskar: no dear….in fact I think it is the purest way to fall in love because u r accepting someone from heart the way he or she is.knowing each other is important but negtivws of ur partner should

never dominant over ur love that u cannot adjust with that person
And for me the the best feeling in love is..( sanskar holds swara close to him by waist)feeling that u cannot control ur heart any more as somebody has already took the control over it( dil aaj kal merit sunta nahi plays in BG and swasan falls in a deep eyelock)
Swara: sanskar..for me the best feeling of being in love is the felling of secure and protective when ur love is around u….and she look into sanskar eyes
Sanskar took her face in his both hands and look in to her eye as he can see into her soul
And hugs her tightly as if to assure that she is right and is in safe hands
Sanskar: my dear the best part is when ur love becomes completely urs and….I don’t think we should spend the whole night talking as it is our First night and I don’t want to wait any more as u are all mine officially too my dear

( friends this part is from pride and prejudice climax)
Swara: don’t call me my dear?
Sanskar: and let me know why am I not allowed to call my heart my dear
Swara: because papa always use to call mom my dear whenever they to cross
Sanskar: (chuckles) then..Mrs swara sanskar ram prasad maheshwari?
Swara: thoda sa lambi hei na?(swara ask him playfully)
Sanskar: then what indeed am I allowed?
Swara gives a thoutful look and strikes her finger on her nose
Swara: let me think…hmmm ha I got it
Sweatheart for every day , my pearl for Sunday and..hmmm goddess divine for special occasions?
Sanskar: and wat shall I call u when u r to cross?..Mrs sanskar.?
Swara: no..no ..u should call me Mrs sanskar only when u r completely .perfectly and incandescently happy?
Sanskar is so happy to hear it

He take her cute face in his hands and kisses her on her for head and calls her Mrs sanskar, then repeatedly calls her mrs sanskar and kisses her on her eyes, then nose and then he reaches where he should..they have a passionate kiss,(janam janam plays)
They broke their kiss when it starts raining all sudden
Both their heart beats – actually the real rythem of love and live….always
Sanskar: Mrs sanskar please be with me and be mine and my children’s mother and the key to my happiness?
Swara: ALWAYS?

Both are completely drenched in rain and swara is shivering
Sanskar take her towards the tent
It is beautifully decorated to make that moment more beautiful
Sanskar makes swara lay on the bed and leans over her ..and ?then imagine what ever u want
And swasan all ways together and more thing
I warn u colour don’t u dare to separate my swasan till I come back.bye ??

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  1. super 😉
    All the best for ur exams 😀

  2. awesome. …

  3. Me too dear ..I don’t want swasan to be separated….ur ff is awesome

  4. Never ever separate our swasan……

  5. Hehe..colors have sepeerated them on this v-week….

  6. U like pride and prejudice??

  7. u know what dear today only I was thinking of love at first sight n here is my answer.. I think u r write…n yaa totaly agree with u anyone don’t ever think to seperate our swasan n if any one try to do it so just go to hell….

  8. I agree with aditi singh

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