Swasan – I dreamed a dream – “Trust” Episode 8


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Recap: manisha’s engagement. Swasan found new friends and played Truth or dare.

‘I am not blind in my anger. I am blind in my trust’

‘will you dance?’, asked madhu to swara. ‘She is an amazing dancer. She won the best classical dancer in college’, manisha replied. ‘then, you can join us for tomorrow’s performance, right?’, asked meena. Swara’s face lit up immediately and she nodded her head vigorously as acceptance. sanskar received a call. He excused himself and went to the window side. Others were discussing about the performance.

‘Hello, my baby sister’, in a cheerful tone. ‘Well, it seems you are in a good mood. What’s the matter, bro?’, asked Aarthi. ‘you will know after krish’s return’, teased sanskar. ‘You are always waiting for a chance to tease me! By the way, I didn’t affect by it’, said aarthi but the shyness was visible in her voice. ‘when will you introduce bhabhi to me?’, asked aarthi. ‘Soon, dear. Till then count the days’, said sanskar.

Annapurna snatched the phone from aarthi and asked, ‘why didn’t you call me yesterday? How is my swara?’. ‘mom!!! Won’t you ask about me?’, complained sanskar. ‘I know that you must be fine, always looking at and thinking about swara. That’s why, you forgot to call us’, teased Annapurna. ‘I lost. Will you stop teasing me?’, said sanskar looking at swara and at the same time, swara also looked at him. He talked for the next half an hour.

Next morning, the gang assembled in the backyard. Except manisha, others were practicing. Evening around six O’clock, the sangeet ceremony started. First, a couple performed for ‘saree ke fall sa’. Followed by, swasan and gang performance on ‘radha kaise na chale’. Then, another gang performed for ‘badtameez dil’. Saral and manisha performed for ‘ishq hua’. Finally, the sangeet ended with kids performing on ‘chammak chalo’.

‘hello, ma! Yesterday, I called but you went on a date with your hubby. Already, aunty is angry on you. Now, I say the reason behind why you didn’t come for the pre-rituals, to her, I am damn sure, your thirty years of friendship will be gone’, said swara, smiling. ‘you are not gonna do that. If you do then I won’t support you for late night ice cream and parties’, blackmailed Sharmistha. ‘I wonder, why does my sumi ma always win? Uff!!’, sighed swara who could hear sharmista’s laughing and dida’s words, ‘because you are without your dida, my rock star.’Dida turned the speaker on.

‘yes, dida!! I am fine, dad. The sangeet ended smoothly with lots of fun and saral’s family left half an hour before. I am going to change. You know what, I am enjoying so much, ma. I loved it…. will talk you later. Bye!! Love you!!’, swara cut the call in hurry hearing some noises from upstairs. It seems like some problem were going on. She heard raj shouting and saw manisha running towards a room while ascending the stairs.

She was shell shocked. She couldn’t think of anything. Her temper reached its peak level. A tear fell down from her eyes while they were burning in anger. She slightly pushed away the people in front of her, making a way. She gave a hard slap to raj whose hand was holding his left cheek in shock. Everyone was taken aback by her this gesture. They heard her shout, ‘How dare you? How dare you to hit my sanskar?’.

Raj’s and madhus’ mother, devki held her hand harshly, turned towards her and raised her hands to slap which was stopped by swara. ‘How dare you, girl? Don’t you have manners? You came out of blue and slapped my son’, roared devki in anger, tightening her grip. Jyothi interfered between them and pleaded them to be relaxed. Sanskar just looked at swara and held her hand as if stopping her. swara wiped the blood near his lips while tears fell down from her eyes.

Ravi who was holding raj with others as if stopping him, left raj and took a step towards swara, after giving a disgusting look to sanskar, said, ‘swara, you know nothing. Do you know what he did?’. Swara replied, ‘Whatever the matter is, he should not raise his hand on him’ and then her gaze fell on madhu who was crying in swathi’s embrace.

She understood and said, ‘oh!! Now I understood what you all are thinking as he tried to molest her, right? Chee!! The thought, itself is disgusting. I have full trust on sanskar. He
can never do such thing’. She looked at manisha for support but failed. ‘mani! I don’t care about others because they don’t know us. We know others from yesterday only. but… but you also believe this shit of them. Don’t you know about sanskar? How could you?’, Swara was utterly shocked, seeing her friends’ silence.

She went to madhu and pulled her in anger. ‘stop crying and tell me. what happened? Did he force you?’, asked swara while madhu was crying. ‘leave her, you filthy girl’, yelled devki. ‘Aunty, please mind your language’, said sanskar who didn’t like the tag name at all, in a firm tone. Devki was about to say something but manoj who just came there, stopped her by saying, ‘devki, swara, you both calm down first. Madhu dear, tell us what happened? If you cry like this, the problem won’t get solved’.

‘Can’t you see, uncle? She is not in a state to talk about it. I will say. I heard her screaming. When I came here, she was half dressed and crying while that son of ***..’, devki
interrupted by swara’s dangerous tone, ‘AUNTY!!! Please don’t use those words’. Manisha and sanskar held her shoulder and hand respectively to calm her down but she jerked off manisha’s hold. ‘Don’t you both value my words?’, asked manoj in high pitch tone and continued, ‘If you respect me then please calm down’, while looking at madhu and went toward the window and opened it and said, ‘please come in, Prem’.

Everyone got another shock except madhu and sanskar and looked at him, confused. ‘can you explain me what were you doing there?’, asked manoj. Prem looked at everyone. ‘I asked you something, prem’, asked manoj in firm tone. ‘I and madhu love each other, grand pa’, said prem. ‘what are you saying?’, asked prem’s mother, gayathri, a widow in shock. ‘what is this?’, asked devki.

‘yeah, you heard it right. We love each other since childhood. We thought to tell you after her completion of studies. After sangeet, I saw her entering to this room, alone. I bought a gift for her with my first salary, three years back. I couldn’t give it to her. Whenever I tried, someone interrupted us. So finally, I came to give it to her. But I surely didn’t know that she came here to change and the door wasn’t locked. By seeing someone entering the room, she startled and screamed. Sanskar came here hearing her scream. He caught us and we explained him. At the time, we heard devki aunty voice. Madhu got so scared and asked us to go via window. I came out first. Before, sanskar came, devki aunty entered’, said prem, seeing madhu then sanskar and then others. ‘I am really sorry’, said prem. Guilt was evident in his voice.

‘this sorry of yours cannot compensate the insult given by others,’, said swara in a calm yet firm tone. Sanskar was tightened her grip. ‘prem, if you told me before, I talked to madhu’s parents’, said gayathri then turned to devki, ‘please forgive them. He is working as a pilot, have good salary. He doesn’t have any bad habits. Will you give your daughter hand for my son? I assure you that she will be happy with us’. Devki looked at madhu then gayathri. Gayathri understood it, ‘you don’t have to reply right now. Discuss with madhu’s father then say’. Devki nodded her head.

‘sorry, sanskar. I am really sorry. You know that I am short tempered. So I didn’t think twice before…’, raj interrupted by sanskar, ‘leave it, buddy. I also have a sister. I know how it feels’, smiled. Swara ran from there without giving a second glance to them. ‘don’t worry. I will manage her’, said sanskar and to devki, ‘sorry, aunty. She is also short tempered. She said those in anger. Please don’t take it to heart’. ‘I am the one who has to apologize. I bad mouthed you’, devki interrupted by sanskar, ‘no aunty, please. I will see her’. He left while an unknown smile was spreading across his face.

Credit to: Sindhuja

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    Actually, I was upset over some other things. And, when I received less responses at the time, it made me freak out. I always compare myself with me. Despite, knowing that there are many silent readers; I couldn’t hold me back when I found that I started to lose my readers, comparatively I got for my previous updates. It made me worry a lot. I felt like I was lacking in something. So I am honestly asking to you, please feel free to criticize my works. I will appreciate it. I want to be a writer, though not professionally. I want to improve myself. Can you help me in that buddies?
    Regarding Swasan – I dreamed a dream,
    I already mentioned in my earlier update, it was purely based on swasan. So there is no separation track at all. So don’t worry. But, there will be a small turn of events. I don’t know you buddies will like it. Hope for the best. Till then, enjoy the current track.
    And, regarding my second fiction, swaragini – second love,
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    Oh!! I thought to give my introduction though it’s not necessary. I hope, you won’t get bore with it.
    If anyone is a drama addict and looking for a finite series, I am suggesting them to watch ‘zindagi gulzar hai’ that’s a Pakistani drama, one of my favorite. I assure you, you will love it. Actually, I want to suggest it to someone or else I will become mad is what my situation is. Because the people surrounding me didn’t listen my words whenever I tried to talk about dramas and fiction stories with them.
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