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Recap: manisha’s sangeet went on smoothly. Swara slapped raj for hitting sanskar. Swara trusted sanskar. The misunderstanding was cleared by prem accepting his love towards madhu.

‘Love, a four letter word, has simple meaning but not a simple description ’

Devki and jyothi explained everything to their respective husbands Sudhir and mohan. The elders retired to their room. Sanskar found swara in the terrace. He saw her staring at the full moon. He went near to her and asked, ‘hey, angry bird! What are you doing here?’. She just gave a flat look to him; held his hand, led him to his room and then searched for something. ‘there, second one from up’, sanskar said pointing the shelf. Swara sat near him and opened the first –aid kit. The silence spread around the room. She aided his wound. He could see the unshed tears in her eyes.

He broke the silence, ‘you should control your temper. Why did you slap raj without knowing anything?’. ‘because, he hit you’, swara said lowering her eyelids, tears fell from her eyes. He wiped them away by his thumb and said, ‘I might be at the wrong side, right?’. ‘Nope, you never do such things’, said swara. ‘Don’t trust me blindly, shona’ which made her to look into his eyes. ‘But..’, she paused for a sec, then, ‘I couldn’t stop myself from trusting you’. They shared an eye lock.

They averted their gaze hearing ‘SORRY’. He looked at the entrance where prem, manisha and raj was holding their ears and again said in unison, ‘SORRY’. Sanskar walked towards them while saying, ‘Hey, what’s this, yaar? Please stop singing this sorry note again and again. My ears are paining. If you like to say sorry this much then why don’t you use 3 idiots style?’ and looked at their shocking expression. ‘okay! Leave it! now, forgive me’, said sanskar who was in front of prem and raj. The others looked at him, confusingly.
Swara who till then looked at nothing at particular turned, hearing their screaming, ‘Ah!!!’. Sanskar punched them on their stomach and said, ‘it’s equal, now’.

Manisha went to swara and convinced her. Swara forgave her and started to cry. The others went to her and raj said, ‘what happened? Why are you crying? In fact, I have to cry. See my cheek. The redness didn’t leave yet’. Hearing it, swara started to weep more and said, ‘I… I am… sor…ry… sorry’. They understood the reason for her crying and guffawed. Swara stopped her cry and looked at them angrily. She turned other side and made a sulky face. After a minute, she also joined with them.

She couldn’t sleep. After tossing and turning on the bed for an hour, she got up and opened the window. She could hear his words repeatedly. The words, he said before going to sleep, ‘when are you going to let him know about your feelings, swara? Don’t be late because time won’t wait or stop for anyone. I experienced it once’. ‘What are you talking about raj?’, asked swara looking somewhere else. ‘You know what I am talking about. Don’t lie to your heart which already knows everything’, said raj and left after wishing her a night.

Then, the incidents from the day she met sanskar flashed in front of her eyes like a movie. She smiled unknown to her. The tears fell from her eyes, unknown to her. She placed her hand on her left chest, unknown to her. She said, ‘I am not a good actress. Raj also easily found out. I don’t want to lie to my heart anymore. I don’t want to control it. Be ready, Sanskar!! You are going to know about the secret of my heart’ and blushed.

Sanskar hugged his pillow and fell on the bed flatly. He smiled to himself, touching his wound. ‘shona, how many times will you make me fell for you? I just couldn’t control myself, dear. I can’t wait more. The time, I gave to you is over. Be ready for this sanskar, shona!! Be ready to make my life perfect’, said sanskar to himself. He was disturbed by continuous knock. He opened and surprised to see manisha who looked tensed. ‘sanskar, I want to talk to you’, said manisha. They went to the garden. They stood there silently for a minute.

Sanskar asked, ‘is everything fine, manisha?’. She nodded negatively. ‘what happened? Are you not okay with this marriage? Do you love someone else? Do you want my help to elope? You know that manisha, I stopped helping people to elope and get them marry during college itself’, sanskar blabbered without giving her a chance to speak. ‘shut up, sanskar’, manisha said while shaking him and continued, ‘I want to talk about swara’. Sanskar looked at her and she nodded. ‘I know about her, manisha’, said sanskar. Manisha looked at him shocked. She just uttered, ‘sanky, you know that she was…’. ‘you don’t have to say anything. I know’, he paused, ‘ and, yes manisha, I love her so much’, while looking at the full moon. ‘I knew it, sanky. I am happy for you both’, said manisha, holding his hand while a thin layer of tear forms in her eyes. ‘When did you realize it and when are you going to tell her?’, asked manisha. ‘I realized it a long before, just waiting for the right time’, said sanskar.

He smiled at her and said, ‘for a minute, you scared me’. ‘how could you think about me like that?’, asked manisha in anger. ‘what? Last time also, you came just like this and said that you didn’t want to get marry instead you wanted to work on your career but your parents were emotionally blackmailing you and I helped you to elope alone to New York for your job and that time, they just started to search groom. But now, the pre- rituals are started, if you again wanted me to help you, I am sure, they won’t leave me alive. Few hours ago only, I got experienced by your cousin’. They both laughed.

‘you know what sanskar, at the time I cut all my contacts except you and swara. When I come to know that swara blurted out my secret to my parents. I stopped contacting her and deactivated all my accounts. Fortunately, she also lost her phone. But I couldn’t away from them for a long time. Swara took your name, when I called her, I don’t know that it was you then’, said manisha. ‘I also didn’t know that the swara, you kept talking about is my shona. You always kept your things and people away from us’, said sanskar with fake anger. ‘what? What did you say? My shona?’, teased manisha, narrowing her eye brows. ‘Yeah! My shona!’, he said casually. She smiled and pinched his hand. ‘ouch!!’, he exclaimed. ‘Keep her happy and don’t leave her in any circumstances, sanky’, she said, in a serious tone. ‘I will. She is and will be mine, forever and no one dare to separate her from me’, he said.

Two days went. Those two days, they were roamed around the village, argued and fought with each other for silly things, totally they enjoyed it. madhu’s father accepted prem’s proposal. The next day was mehendi.

Credit to: Sindhuja

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