Swasan – I dreamed a dream – “just smile” Episode 6


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Precap: Aarthi and Annapurna found out sanskar’s love. Swara connected with her friend manisha. Sanskar apologized to swara by making dinner for her.

‘I love that feeling I get when I see your smile’

‘Sanskar, where are you? I am waiting for you’, said swara on the phone. ‘shona, why don’t you ask sanskar to come directly to the Airport? It’s already 6 am and Shekar will drop you there’, said sharmista.
‘no, mom. He promised me that he would pick up. Anyway we are going to the same place. See!! Your sanskar also came’, said swara while sanskar came and took blessings from shekar, sharmista and dida. Swasan bid bye to them.

‘wow!!! I am so excited to see her wedding. You know what, sanskar? I didn’t see a village before. And…’, said swara while tying her seat belt and interrupted by sanskar.
‘please shona! I am already tired. I told you that I would attend the wedding with our parents. You requested me to attend all the functions. So I had to wrap up my all works. So please close that radio box for few more hours’, said sanskar while closing her mouth literally.
‘how can you be so mean, sanskar? Mani is your friend also. She invited us to attend all the function. You don’t have to force yourself. if you don’t have interest then please go. I know how to go’, said swara, pulling a face.
‘The flight already took off 15 minutes before, shona. If I want to go, then also I have to dive in the air and I don’t know it. don’t pull that face. You look so ugly’, said sanskar and closed his eyes.
She kicked his leg but he didn’t move a bit. ‘don’t you feel pain?’, asked swara after three more trials. ‘I habituated to it, shona. So I prepared for it’, said sanskar still in the same position.
‘I hate you’, said swara and got a reply, ‘I know that’

After few minutes,

Sanskar woke up from his nap and looked at swara who was sleeping with the support of the window. He saw the watch which showed 12 pm. ‘one hour more’, he thought and went to washroom. When he came, he saw swara looking at him with wide mouth.

‘why is she looking at me like that? Did I zip my pants?’, thought in mind and looked down immediately to check it. ‘it zipped only. Then why?’, thought in mind while taking his seat. he took a magazine and started to read it. He saw her sideways and got her glaring at him.
‘now what happened, shona? Why are you staring at me?’, asked sanskar still looking at the magazine. ‘I didn’t expect this from you sanskar. How dare you to do this? That also in public’, said swara in anger.
‘what I did?’, asked sanskar looking at her confusedly. Before, swara would answer, an air hostess came there and said, ‘sorry, sir. There… there is lipstick mark’ indicating his chin and wiped it then went from there while blushing.
Sanskar looked at swara and gave a sheepish smile and clarified, ‘you took me wrong, shona. We collided with other when it happened *indicating his chin* I am a good boy’. Swara gave a mock smile and pinched his chin.
‘Ahh!!’, yelled sanskar. swara asked, ‘does it pain?’, innocently. ‘tsk tsk! It should be’, said swara and stood up from her place to get fresh.

While crossing, she slipped and landed on his lap while kissing near his upper lips. Her eyes were widened in shock while sanskar looked at her. He made her to stand. She went from there and came after freshen up. There was a pin drop silence.
To change the environment, sanskar said, ‘like this only, shona. She also kissed..’, paused and looked at her who already looking at him then continued , ‘but her lips are so soft than yours’.
She forgot the kiss and came to her tigress mode, ‘chi!! Sanskar, how could you say this to a girl?’. Sanskar looked here and there. Swara tapped his shoulder and asked ‘what are you searching for?’
‘gir!’, he said still looking behind and then turned, ‘you said some girl. Right? I am looking for her. Where is she?’, asked sanskar, trying to control his laugh, seeing her jaw dropped face.

She punched his biceps then sanskar held her hand and brought her closer, ‘jealous?’. ‘why do I?’, asked swara, averting her gaze. ‘don’t be because they have no meaning in my life. What means for me is you, ONLY…’, they interrupted by the announcement of flight landing. He left her and tied their seat belts.

They reached the village entrance. They missed the interior bus. ‘it’s all because of you, sanskar. Now we missed the bus. The next bus will be at night 8 only. We can’t wait for 5 hours’, said swara. Sanskar gave a puppy look. ‘we will call manisha. She will arrange some transport’, said sanskar with a bright smile. ‘then the surprise will be spoiled. She said that it just took an hour to her village. We will ask some lift’, said swara looking out for the vehicles.

Half an hour passed. Swara got tired and said, ‘sanskar, I am very tired’. Sanskar made her to lean on his shoulder. ‘if we stand like this, nothing will happen. Why don’t we ask the passers by the way and go by ourselves?’, asked sanskar. Swara nodded her head against his shoulder and walked with him by holding hands.

They started their journey. On the way, he bought some drinks and they drank it then took few minutes rest. They saw cows, buffaloes and goats. Swara took her selfies with them and asked sanskar to join them. They gave various poses. While pouting their lips, sanskar stepped onto cow dung and gave a disgusting expression. Swara guffawed by seeing him, holding her stomach. Sanskar stared at her smiling face and took pics of it while in thought, ‘I wish that you will smile like this always’. He washed his shoes.

After that, they came across a field where the farmers were spraying the water. ‘Sanskar!! I saw these things in movies only *indicating the field and events* yippee!! Thank you, mani!! Due to your wedding, I got a chance to come here’, exclaimed swara. Due to the over excitement, she dropped her bags and started to run on the narrow path in between the fields. sanskar shook his head and dropped his bags also then followed her while taking pictures.

He captured, a calf was drinking milk from the cow and a lady did shake the cloth swing which tied from a branch of the tree when he heard her screaming, ‘SANSKAR!!!’. He looked around but couldn’t find her. He started to walk in that direction tensely.

Then, he found her, lying on the puddle. He laughed seeing her position and took pictures of her then said, ‘smile please, shona’. ‘She fumed in anger, ‘instead of helping me, you are laughing at my state and more than that you are taking pictures. I won’t leave you’, saying this, she tried to get up but again fell. Sanskar found her, cute in that. ‘help me’, said swara irritatingly.
Sanskar took a stick and showed her to hold it. she tried to pull him to the puddle but sanskar left the stick so she again fell with a thud, splashing the dirty water on her face. ‘due to this, I didn’t give my hand. I knew that you would pull me also’, said sanskar while laughing. But he didn’t notice her getting up. She pulled him with a force which made him to lose balance. He dropped the camera on the floor and fell upon her while holding her by waist. They could hear their racing heart beat and looked into each other’s eyes then started to laugh. He moved away and made her to get up. Then the duo started to play in the mud, throwing it on each other. He stopped and saw her smiling face while she was continuing her act.

*Back ground song – muskurane ki wajah tum ho from city lights*

Credit to: Sindhuja

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