Swasan – I dreamed a dream – *Intoxication” Episode 4


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Precap – Sanskar came to swara’s home to meet shekar but entered into wrong room and swara’s act in both of their point of view.

“Something about you is so addicting… I can’t stay away from you”

Another one month passed. In this one month, sanskar often came to meet Shekar at both in his office and home. Swara tried her best to avoid him while some glances were transferred between them. He did call her by shona which was liked by her. But she didn’t show it.

At gadodia mansion,

‘shekar… still you don’t know how to wipe your hair… see, they are still wet…’, said sharmista while taking the towel from him.
‘sumi… what’s the need of it? I have a beautiful wife who will do it lovingly…,’ said shekar while holding her waist.
‘leave me… we are not young…’, said shekar while pushing away his hands.
‘who said that? 100 girls are willing to marry me till now… you know?’ said shekar teasingly.
‘yes… papa… you are right… you know my friends were asking ‘is he your father or brother?’’, said swara while entering their room. ‘that’s my shona’, said shekar while giving a hi-five to swara.
‘and by the way… why are you flattering your dad?’, asked sharmista.
‘that’s my sumi ma… always found out it… oh… that… I am going for shopping… will be late for the dinner… I know… what you wanted to say… I will return fit and fine…’, said swara and ran from there without hearing them.

At maheswari mansion,

‘mom… see this bro… he didn’t wake up till now… it’s already afternoon….’, complained aarthi.
‘he was awake till 3 in the morning, working on the project… let him sleep for some more time…’, said Annapurna.
‘thank you, mom… you always support me…’, said sanskar, hugging his mother ‘and… you always instigate my mom against me….’, while hitting aarthi.
‘she is mine…’, said aarthi while pulling Annapurna. Sanskar and aarthi started to fight about it. Annapurna pushed them away and went to Durga Prasad who said, ‘no.. no… she is only mine…’, while holding her shoulder.
‘ohhh hooo….’, chorused sanskar and aarthi.
‘I am going out ma and papa…’, said sanskar and went from there.

In subiksha boutique,

Deep Champagne color net duppata and legenga and golden blouse with golden border was hanged in the display section. At the same, two pair of hands pulled it either of the sides. The duo shocked to see each other.
‘Hey… Shona… nice to see you…’, said sanskar, giving a wide smile.
‘again… why the hell did I meet you today?’, said swara, giving a glare. But sanskar didn’t affect by her words. Because he knew she always did talk like this only.
‘may be… it’s our fate… okay… I have loads of work to do…. So please leave it… I am the one who pulled it first… so may you please?’, said sanskar and tried to take the dress.
‘what the hell? I am the one who picked it… so it’s mine…’, said swara and pulled it towards her. They glared at each other and pulled it towards them. During this, the dress was torn and other dresses also fell on them. So they missed their balance and swara fell top on sanskar. ‘again’, he sighed by seeing the fringes blocking him to see her. He pushed back the fringes and saw her shivering lips and eyes. They shared a cute eye lock. *Back ground song – tere naina tere naina*

their trance was broken, hearing shop owners’ continuous shouting. They stood up being embarrassed. They didn’t look at each other. Swara went from there after steadying herself. The shop owner stopped sanskar when he also tried to moved away. He asked sanskar to pay for the damage. Sanskar paid him and thought, ‘you… shona…. Again… left me in trouble… will see you later…’

*Back ground song – Dheere dheere se meri zindagi mein aana*

Swara who wore a flower pattern frock below her knees smiling to herself, walked at the bazaar while nudging her cross bag. Suddenly she realized that she was smiling. ‘why did my heart beat fast whenever he close to me? Why did he always stare at me like that? Oh my god… you know what… those eyes are pulling me to him… I don’t want that… he also made me nervous… do you know how hard it is for me to stay away from him? I almost was shut me in my room whenever he came to meet papa… whenever he smile at me, I feel ticklish in my tummy… please be with your child, god…’, swara blabbered to god while getting on her scooty.

On the other side,

After ordering the same dress, Sanskar went to meet his friends. While driving, he said, ‘shona darling… why are you always fighting with me? you know what… I thought to buy that dress for you only… but it’s ok… if you fell like this then I am ready to fight with you all the time… you also made me crazy like you… see… I am speaking to your photo now… ’, and smiled while combing his hair, giving a glance to outside.


‘shona beta… tomorrow, my clients’ sons’ engagement. Please go behalf of me dear. I have other works to handle,’ said shekar and got a pleading ‘no’ as reply.
‘please beta,’ said shekar while patting her head. Swara nodded her head.

Next day,

‘Don’t wait for me at night, mom. I need to attend an engagement party. I will be late,’ said sanskar. ‘what’s this sanskar? You are telling this now..’, said Annapurna, pulling a face.
‘mom… first, dad planned to attend it… but he had a conference meeting with foreign clients. So unexpectedly, I have to go. Please don’t make that face… Bye mom..’, said sanskar while kissing her on cheek. Annapurna smiled and continued her work.

At Sunshine hotel,

‘oh my… I promised to attend the function… but how am I gonna spend my time here? I don’t know any of them except one or two.. those people also are not close to me…’, muttered swara who was wearing sky blue lace gown below her knee which had silver stone works at the waist line with matching silver long ear rings that touched her shoulder slightly and a silver bracelet, leaving her neck barely. Her hair was done in a messy low bun leaving some strands. She went to the couple of the day and gave a bouquet while wishing them. Then she went to a table and sat there, holding a glass of juice.

Sanskar who was wearing a low neck blue t-shirt with white casual blazers, roughly folding the sleeves up to his elbows and dark blue jeans, entered into the party hall and left awestruck seeing the gorgeous lady. He checked his appearance in the mobile while slightly adjusting his perfectly jelled hair. He went to the couple. After wishing them, he went to meet his gorgeous.

Swara looked up from the mobile screen hearing a ‘hey’. She forgot to breathe seeing the handsome man in front of her. Sanskar smiled to himself seeing his effect on her. She came out of the trance hearing, ‘you look gorgeous’. She could feel the heat rushed to her cheek and mouthed a ‘thank you’. They were not in the mood to fight with other instead they were intoxicated by other. Sanskar took a seat opposite to her and they just stole glances of other without uttering a word. After a while, sanskar broke the silence by asking her about her studies. They started to talk about their studies, hobbies, funny incidents etc.,

They stopped by the sudden power off. There came announcement for dance. Sanskar asked her, ‘May I have the pleasure to dance with this gorgeous lady?’, while extending his hand. Swara pinched his palm first then held his hand. He led her to the dance floor and joined with other couples. They stood in the position and looked deeply into each other’s eyes and danced forgetting the surrounding for the song *pehli nazar mein from race*.

Credit to: Sindhuja

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