Swasan – I dreamed a dream – *Hidden pain yet not revealed* Episode 3


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“the eyes are the windows of the soul”

The birds were chirping and flying away to their homes. The tired blazing beauty spread her last few orange rays for the day and slowly sank into the blue blanket. The sky spread the dark velvet mattress and lighted some candles here and there to welcome the charming legend. Its’ silver beams reduced the hotness released by the blazing beauty and the chilled breeze started to dance.

The cool breeze combed his hair softly to relax him. But it didn’t work out on him he drifted back to the morning incident.

It had been almost two months since he met his tigress. He tried so hard to find her but all his efforts went in vain. He smiled seeing her tongue stuck out picture which he captured without her knowledge during their last encounter and said, ‘where were you, my angel??? Like a cool breeze, captured my heart at the first meeting itself and went away… you know what??… till I met you, I didn’t have belief in love at first sight… I would call those people crazy… but now… I also became crazy… but for you only…’

At the dining table,

‘sanskar… I talked with Mr. shekar gadodia about the new hotel construction project… you have to meet him at his home at 10’O clock and discuss the remaining things… here is the details…’, said durga Prasad while handing a file to sanskar. ‘and the contractor for the SRS project said…’, durga Prasad interrupted by Annapurna.
‘What is this??? No business talk during having food…’, said Annapurna while eyeing at durga prasad.
‘hmm… ye… yes… I am also saying that only… right, sanskar???’, asked Durga Prasad while giving a sheepish smile to his wife. Sanskar looked at his plate and controlled his laugh.
‘aa… where is aarthi??? I didn’t see her till morning…’, asked durga prasad, trying to change the topic. ‘She left to college early for her project and said that she would have food there…’, said Annapurna. The both father and son nodded their head.

At gadodia mansion,

‘shona… wake up… it’s 10 in the morning…’, said sharmista while pulling away her blanket. ‘mom… 5 more minutes… please…’, said swara and pulled back her blanket.
‘sumi honey…. Where is my blue file???’, they heard shekar’s voice. ‘go mom… go… your hubby is calling you… go and disturb him… and… leave me to sleep…’, said swara still closing her eyes.

Sharmista hit swara head lightly and said, ‘wake up and get ready soon’, left her room.

Sanskar entered into the gadodia mansion and ringed the bell. Ramu, servant opened and asked about him. Sanskar said, ‘I am sanskar and want to meet Mr. shekar…’. Ramu allowed him inside and asked him to make himself comfortable. After few minutes, ramu informed him to go to study room which was in upstairs and went from there. Sanskar took the stairs then only he realized that ramu didn’t tell him which room. He turned and found no one was there. So he thought to find it himself. He found out first room was locked from outside. Then he knocked the next room which wasn’t locked. Getting no response, he opened the door and got shocked so he forgot to blink his eyes for a minute. All of a sudden, his eyes brightened and a wide smile lingered on his lips seeing the sleeping beauty. There, swara was sleeping hugging the panda bear by placing her head above the bear’s head. The sun rays helped sanskar to see her. But some fringes blocked him from seeing her angelic face. Like a magnet, her innocent beauty attracted him and he started to take his slow steps towards her. He reached her side and bent down to push away the hair fringes.

Suddenly, the doe eyes opened slowly then widened and looked at him with fear. He made his steps back immediately after hearing her screaming, ‘sumi maaaa….’. He took a step ahead and said, ‘hey… shhhh… relax…. Don’t shout… I just… oohoo…’. He couldn’t complete his sentence because she threw the book towards him which fortunately didn’t hit him. ‘don’t… don’t come to me… leave me…. papaaa…. Maaaa….’, she screamed and went to a corner of the room while tears flew from her eyes. He heard some footsteps nearing the room so he went to the door step and looked at swara.

Sharmista entered the room tensely and found swara in a corner and went to her. Swara hugged her and sharmista consoled her. Shekar and dida also entered the room after a minute and went to swara. Shekar looked at sanskar. Sanskar who was till now a silent spectator, caught shekars’ eyes looking at him and stammered, ‘woh… I… I am sanskar…. sanskar maheswari…. I am here to meet Mr. shekar… it was a mistake… I wrongly entered in this room… and… she…’, he stopped hearing someone’s laughing. Shekar and sanskar turned towards the source, swara. She wiped her tears and came out of her mother’s embrace and laughed while clapping her hands. Everyone presenting in the room looked at her confusedly.

‘see… see his face….’, swara said while laughing and holding her stomach with one hand and pointing sanskar with another hand. ‘how much scared he is… papa… don’t look at him like that…. ’, swara’s laugh subsided a bit. ‘look at all your faces… it’s terrifying…’, said swara and smiled while blinking her wide eyes. ‘I shouldn’t miss this chance…’, said swara while taking her mobile and captured it. They just looked at her. ‘please…. don’t give that look… I was just kidding…’, said swara while holding her dida and mom’s shoulder and looked at sanskar. His eyes looked at her deeply. His eyes conveyed, ‘I caught your lie, swara… I could see the pain and the fear in your eyes sometime before… what happened???’, which forced her to avert her gaze immediately while shekar heaved a sigh of relief. ‘I just want to scare him… but you all came… I must reduce my voice…’, swara said while touching her throat. Her dida and mom held her each ear. ‘aahhh… dida… sumi… leave it… it’s hurting….’, groaned swara. ‘you… little devil… you know how much scared we are…’, said dida and sumi said, ‘as your punishment… you have to clean your room… that also today itself…’ still holding her ear. ‘no… I am sorry… I won’t repeat it… papa… please tell them to leave it…’,said swara. But shekar raised his both hands up as if saying, ‘I am not involving between mother-daughter…’. ‘papa…’, she said in a complaining voice. She looked so cute in that expression. Sanskar couldn’t control and laughed. Swara saw him and said, ‘don’t laugh…. It’s all because of you’. Then only, the other trio realized his presence. Dida and sharmista left swaras’ ear. Sanskar took blessing from the elders.

‘Did you both know eachother??’, asked dida looking at swara after sanskar. ‘yes nanima… last time, she damaged my c…’, sanskar interrupted by swara who said, ‘I told you about the painter that day… he is the one…. I damaged his painting…’ and looked at sanskar and took a step ahead, ‘so… did you follow me to get apologize??’, while moving her eyes left to right as if saying no. ‘so… she didn’t tell them about her accident….’, thought sanskar and smiled at her. ‘shona… so he is the boy you were praising…. Right???’, asked dida, giving a teasing smile. ‘shona… I named her correctly…. Golden beauty… okay, My angel… I will call you shona… now onwards….’, thought sanskar who didn’t hear the next few words of dida. Swara looked at him with wide eyes which confused him. He gave a ‘what??’ look to her. She sighed after confirming that he didn’t hear anything. She gave a sheepish smile in return. Sumi watched this silent encounter between them and smiled.

‘now the game is over…. Go and freshen up…’, said sumi to swara. Shekar asked sanskar to follow him. Sanskar nodded his head and looked at swara once again before leaving. Swara also looked him. Dida also watched it and turned to sumi who already was watching them with a smile. Dida nudged sumi and held her hand. Sumi turned and dida conveyed the message via her eyes for that sumi nodded her head happily while having a thin layer of tear in her eyes.

Sanskar and shekar discussed their project in the study room while swara got ready. After few minutes, sanskar and shekar finished their discussing and came down. Sanskar asked his leave but shekar asked him to have something. Sanskar thought to refuse but seeing swara eating in dining table he accepted. Sanskar sat on the single sofa opposite to shekar which gave a clear view of swara. He stole some glances of her while talking with shekar and caught her staring while sipping his juice and winked at her which made her to cough. She looked at him while sipping water and went from there immediately. Sanskar smiled to himself and left.
‘I am cent percent sure… she wasn’t kidding… she really got scared… for her, I am no one… she could say the truth to her parents… but she hid the fear and pain behind her beautiful smile… I suppose that she wanted her family not to know it… But why??? Something is wrong…’, He came back to the present world hearing aarthi, ‘where are you lost, bro??’

It was a rectangular shape, 5 feet depth, swimming pool, surrounded with flower blossoming plants. The golden rays made the water shine as diamonds. The breeze helped the flowers to spread its fragrance. She like a golden fish moved through the water by pushing away the water with her arms and kicking her legs, slowly. The morning incident flashed in front of her eyes.

As usual, she teased her mom and went back to her beautiful sleep. After few minutes, she felt someone’s presence near her. She lazily opened her eyes and shocked to see someone so close to her. The nightmare dashed in her mind. She screamed with fear, calling out her mom. She saw him taking steps backwards immediately. After few seconds, she saw him taking a step ahead, she shivered in fear. She couldn’t hear his words. She threw a book at him and went to a corner, asking him to leave her and not come to her and called out her papa and mom. She relaxed a bit when her sumi maa entered into the room and hugged her. She felt safe for few minutes and relaxed herself. Then she could hear the stammering words of him and looked at him. Then she recognized him and realized the situation and wiped off her tears. To change the atmosphere, she started to laugh like a mad while clapping. She said what came to her mind at the time and saw them looking at her confusedly. So she took her mobile and captured their expression and said that she was just kidding and looked at sanskar. Those intense orbs made her feel something. Then she found that he read her and got his message. She immediately averted her gaze. To distract herself, She said, ‘I just want to scare him… but you all came… I must reduce my voice…’. Her dida and mom held her both ears. She requested them to leave it. they didn’t respond so she asked her dad’s help. He also shrugged off it. Then she heard him laughing and looked sanskar and thought, ‘cutie pie’. She was shocked at the thought and immediately, composed herself and blamed him for the happenings. They left her ears. She saw him taking blessing from them. She was impressed. Then she heard her dida asking, ‘did you both know each other??’. She heard him saying about the accident which she hid from her family to avoid the lectures and to escape from strict rules. So she interrupted him and said their first meeting. She shocked when her dida teased her and looked at him and then gave a sheepish smile to him after confirming that he didn’t hear it. she heard her mom saying to fresh up herself. Then her papa asked sanskar to follow him. Before leaving, he looked at her which made her also to look him.

After freshen up, she went to the dining table and ate her favorite paratha with gobi masala. She saw him, coming downstairs with her father. She saw him sitting on the single sofa and she did avoid his stares. Without her knowledge, she stared him shamelessly which was caught by him and he winked at her which made her cough. She thought, ‘be careful, swara… don’t fall for him… that’s right… you should avoid him… that’s it’, while sipping the water and went from there.

‘He could read your mind easily, swara… you should avoid him… that would be better for you and him… swara, fighting!!!’, swara said to herself while came out of the pool.

Credit to: Sindhuja

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