Swasan – I dreamed a dream – *First meeting* Episode 1

Hi friends!!!

It’s Sindhuja… Till now I am a reader… Now I penned down my imagination here… It’s just swasan’s first meeting for now… I can’t promise an excellent plot… but try to maintain a good plot to impress you… hope you will like this…and I am also a writer with the thirst of comments and feedback of yours… the progression of story is in your hands… a single word comment, critics also will be accepted warm-heartedly… now enjoy it…


“when we first met I honestly had no idea that you would be so important to me”

At Mumbai beach,

A man who is wearing a black vest and cream color trousers with messy wavy hair, stands keeping 30 feet distance from the water, holding a brush in one hand and a color panel in another hand to capture the blazing lady, who is peeked from the blue blanket after having a long 11 hours sleep and stretched her orange hued rays shyly. The birds are chirped seeing the shyness of her. The wind blows and pushes the dark clouds away. He is satisfied after seeing the painting of that blazing beauty and a smile spread across his face which is went away within a minute. The paints which placed near the board are now on the painting, creating its own pattern, without leaving a trace of that beautiful blazing lady, making his temper to increase. He turns and his anger subsides in a second.

He holds his breath for a moment. There, a golden beauty who is wearing black jogger pants and pink sleeveless t-shirt, tying the black jacket around her waist. Her face glows and so the brownish eyes shine with the early morning sun rays. The wind touches her soft cheek via the few strands fell from the high pony of her beautiful silky mid length wavy hair. Her sharp nose has some sweat drops like raindrops on a rose bud. Those thin rosy lips of her moves up and down, conveying, her apologize for the mishap while holding one of her lotus petal like ears. She comes towards him and picks up her ball. Before, she walk away, she turns and again mouthed a sorry. His trance breaks when he hears one of her friend calling her, ‘swara… come fast…’. The chocolate brown orbs of him gleams and a wide smile spread across his face.

He picks up his phone at the fifth ring, ‘hello mom’. ‘sanskar, where are you?? Why didn’t you inform me where you are going???’, asks Annapurna with disappointment. ‘I am in the beach mom… you were in deep sleep… how can I disturb my angel from her beautiful sleep???’, sanskar replies. ‘you learned how to pacify me… Come to home soon… ’, says Annapurna. ‘yeah mom… coming…’, says sanskar and cuts the call. He looks at the direction swara went and utters, ‘swara… my golden beauty…’

Credit to: Sindhuja


  1. Tara

    I’m vry sure ur plot ll b vry interesting. Ur writing amazingly dear. Seriously the way u described and d way u personified is superbbbbbbbb. Make it long from nxt epi dear. U r wer in TN ??

  2. tia

    nice update loved the description of sun and our golden beauty continue soon but title is a lil ajeeb like it sounds like i walked a walk,

    • sindhuja

      thank, tia… but i couldn’t get you… what’s weird in that title?? please can you tell it clearly???

  3. The way you compare the beauty of swara is soooo beautiful………..
    Please dear keep writing and make us happy……… You have a very good writing skills and the way you explain the situation of the particular moment is awesome……. I am totally impressed by ur ff…….

    • sindhuja

      thank you so much, sonia.. i will make try to make you happy with the update… keep reading commenting..

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  5. zella

    I cannot express in words how excellent you ff is . I loved it sindhuja dear!!!!!!!!!!???????????please go ahead

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.