Swasan – I dreamed a dream – *Filler update* Episode 5

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I am really sorry. I am stuck up with my projects. So I couldn’t update for last few days. This update also is a filler update. Please read it and comment how it is. Because I don’t know how it came out. I straightly typed it in the article box. Please bear my mistakes and read it fully. I was overwhelmed with your comments. Thank you so much for it. I will come with a long update tomorrow. Till then pardon me. love you all.


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Precap: swasan dance. Swara is in an embarrassing situation. Sanskar’s care towards her. They fell for each other.

One fine day,

‘MOM!!!’, aarthi screamed while descending the stairs. ‘why are you shouting, aarthi?’, asked Annapurna while closing her ears. ‘if I tell the reason, you also will join me, mom’, said aarthi. Annapurna raised her eyebrow as if asking what. Aarthi showed her a picture and said, ‘mom, see your would be daughter-in-law’. Annapurna looked at the picture and then got shocked by hearing aarthis’ words. ‘what are you saying? Is it real?’, asked Annapurna while blinking her eyes and said, ‘please someone pinch me’. Aarthi pinched her cheek,
‘yes, mom. It is real. Bro loves this girl. But I don’t know her name.’

‘AARTHI!!! Where is my phone?’

They heard sanskars’ voice. Aarthi hid behind the pillar. ‘who is this girl, sanskar?’, asked Annapurna, showing the phone, pretending to be angry. Sanskar got shocked and in mind ‘I won’t leave you, aarthi’ then to his mom, ‘mom… she is my… my friend, shona’, stammered. ‘shona’, Annapurna mouthed it confusedly and ‘what type of name is this?’. ‘mom… her actual name is swara. Shona is her pet name. now give me the phone’, said sanskar while trying to hold the phone. But Annapurna moved away her hand. At the time, the phone started to ring. Annapurna saw the caller id that showed ‘shona cutie’. Sanskar also saw it then looked at his mom who was eyeing him with suspicion. ‘oh shit!!!’, uttered sanskar under his breath. Annapurna attended the call, showing her hand to sanskar as if stopping him. Before she was answering, she heard, ‘SANSKAR!!! Why didn’t you attend my call, last night? you know, what? I waited at the restaurant till 10 pm. Don’t you dare to come in front of me…. at least for the next four days. Or else, I will kill you for sure. Are you listening? Why didn’t you speak a single word?’ and said, ‘hello, swara. Give a chance to other person to talk beta’.

Swaras’ phone slipped from her hand but she held it before it would hit the floor. She adjusted herself and took a deep breath then said, ‘hello!! Sorry. May I know who is it?’ and got a reply, ‘I am sanskars’ mom’. Annapurna heard her oh my god. Swara stammered, ‘wishes, aunty. I am really sorry. I thought it was sanskar. I will talk to him later’ and cut the call.

Annapurna smiled shaking her head and looked at her son then asked, ‘friend. JUST friend. Right, sanskar?’, in a teasing way. ‘mom, what’s this question? Of course, she is his friend but not ‘just’ friend. She is his GIRL friend’, said aarthi, coming towards them. ‘nothing like that, mom. She *pointing aarthi* is gone mad. That’s it’, said sanskar while snatching his phone. ‘I am not mad, bro. you are the one who madly fall in love with her. I caught you yesterday while saying sorry and love you to her picture, bro.’, said aarthi who went behind Annapurna when sanskar came to hit her head.

‘I am so happy, sanskar. Finally, you are in love. Now, one of my burden is left from me’, said Annapurna while cupping his cheek. ‘mom, how can you say this? We don’t know about her’, said aarthi from behind. ‘shut. I know about my son. If he loves her then she is a nice girl’, said Annapurna while aarthi winked at sanskar. ‘when will you introduce her, sanskar?’, asked Annapurna. ‘mom, you will get know soon’, said sanskar and in mind, ‘first, we have to convey our feelings for each other’.

On the other side,

‘oh my god!!! You are so stupid, swara. Why did you shout like it on phone before knowing who was speaking? What did she think of me?’, swara scolded herself while pacing to and fro in the hall.

‘ma, look at her’, whispered sharmista to dida, indicating swara. ‘when someone is in love, they must have to talk themselves.’, said dida, smiling widely. Seeing sharmistas’ face, dida said, ‘don’t worry, sumi. Sanskar will keep her happy. He loves her so much. He is the right one for her’

Suddenly, her phone started to ring. She said, ‘hello, sanskar. i…’, interrupted by the caller, ‘excuse me!!! I am not sanskar. I am manisha, your friend. Did you forget me? nearly after six months, I found your number.’. ‘hey, mani. How are you? Where are you now? Sorry dear, I lost my old phone with the contacts and you also were not available in social networks’, exclaimed swara. ‘good. I am in india. I came yesterday only’, replied manisha. Both friends talked till their phone battery went low.

That evening nearly 7,

‘mom, I came’, shouted swara while entering. ‘ramu uncle, give me a glass of water. I am so tired’, said swara while placing her on the sofa. After few minutes, a glass of lemon juice appeared in front of her. She sipped and said, ‘thank you so much. I need it badly’. She spat out the juice hearing, ‘you are welcome, my shona’. She turned and found sanskar in chef attire. ‘YOU!!! What are you doing here? And what the hell are you wearing?’, asked swara, pointing his dress. Before he would answer, she continued, ‘oh my!! How can I forget? I am angry on you. How dare you, sanskar? Just go away. Or else I will thrash you’, said swara in a high pitch tone and went to her room.

She shocked to see the sorry notes on the wall, lamp, mirror, bed, door and cupboard. She picked them and tore into pieces while thinking about him. She went to her private pool beside her bedroom and got awestruck by seeing the arrangements. The plants were decorated by the lights. Some glittering balls and rose petals were floating on the water. A table with two chairs, decorated with blue and white cloth was placed right side of the pool. ‘Congratulation, shona’ was written on a big pink balloon that was tied to the table. ‘how is it?’, she heard and replied, ‘beautiful’ without seeing the other person. ‘sorry, shona.’, asked sanskar. Swara looked at him who was holding his ears. ‘I really forgot that yesterday was the announcement due to the tight schedule. I won’t repeat it again’, said sanskar. Swara melted by seeing him like that and said, ‘it’s ok. Where is my gift?’ while smiling widely. Sanskar smiled and showed her a tray. ‘you cooked them?’, asked swara with disbelief and got a positive reply.

He placed the items on the table and pulled a chair for her then he took his seat. ‘Congratulations!!! You won the competition, my beauty queen’, said sanskar while raising the wine glass, making her smile. ‘Nope. We did it. If you weren’t with me, how could I win it? *The youngest wild life photographer of 2016*’, said swara while raising her glass. They took a sip and enjoyed their dinner which consisted of parattha, paneer butter masala, gobi Manchurian and rasagulla. ‘yummy!!’, exclaimed swara. Sanskar smiled at her childish behavior. ‘once again, I really fell for you, sanskar’, said swara while sanskar looked at her with shock then a smile appeared on his face. Swara realized what she said and looked at sanskar. ‘I mean, I fell for your surprise, sanskar’, she corrected it quickly. Sanskar nodded his head while controlling his laugh. ‘swara!!! How can you blurt it out like this?’, muttered swara which was audible to sanskar but he didn’t show it to her. ‘I also fell for you again and again swara’, he said in mind. Swara started to cough. Sanskar made her to drink water and rubbed her back. ‘shona, can’t you eat properly? What if you fall in sick, Then?’, sansakr interrupted by swara, ‘you are there to care for me. right?’. ‘yes. I will be there for you, EVER’, said sanskar. It did like a promise rather than a sentence. A tear drop fell from her eyes unknowingly. He wiped it and they had an eye lock.

*Back ground song – vaada raha I promise*

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