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Precap: Swasan met in a party and mesmerized by each other.

“I was overwhelmed as well as scared, because I really fell for you”

‘oh my… do I have to dance for this song?’, thought swara by hearing the first beats of the song. The next second, she felt his one hand on her back and her one hand on his shoulder while their free hands held each other. For the beats, they slowly took steps front and back. Sankar looked at her with lots of love.

Pehli Nazar Mein Kaise Jaado Kar Diya
Tera Ban Baita Hai Mera Jiya
Jaane Kya Hoga Kya Hoga Kya Pata
Is Pal Ko Milke Aa Jee Le Zara

While lip singing, he swirled her and held her from back while placing his hand on her tummy and swayed their bodies. She could feel his hot breath on her neck and he could feel her slightly shivering body. He smiled to himself.

Mein Hoon Yahan Tu Hai Yahan
Meri Bahon Mein Aa Aa Bhi Ja
O Jaan-E-Jaan Dono Jahan
Meri Bahon Mein Aa Bhool Ja Aa

She started to move away but he held her one hand and pulled her. Rotating herself, she crashed against his chest. He made her look up and winked at her. She pushed him away faking anger and folded her hands up to her chest.

Baby I Love U, Baby I Love You, Baby I Love You, Baby I Love You … So..
Baby I Love U Oh I Love U I Love U I Love U So Baby I Love U

He picked a rose from the table and a heart shaped balloon. He patted her back. She turned back while he went in front of her and patted her shoulder. She turned and saw him kneeling down, holding a rose and hid another hand behind. She accepted with a fake smile and threw it away and turned. Then a heart shaped balloon appeared in front of her then him. she smiled and accepted it.

Har Dua Mein Shamil Tera Pyaar Hai
Bin Tere Lamha Bhi Dushwar Hai
Dhadhkon Ko Tujhe Se Hi Darkar Hai
Tujhse Hai Rahtein Tujhse Hai Chahtein
Tu Jo Mili Ek Din Mujhe Mein Kahin Ho Gaya Lapata

He picked her up, holding her waist while she stretched her arms in the air and threw the balloon with a smile. He brought her down. Once again they took the couple position holding each other hand and took steps front and back a bit fast while smiling at each other without leaving the eye contact. He whirled her around him. he made her inclined to the floor holding her neck and waist. they brought to the world by the applause of the audience. They held their hand and bowed down before leaving the stage.

He saw her smiling face which after few seconds glared at him. he confusedly asked ‘what?’ through his eyes. She indicated him to leave her hand. He left and gave a sheepish smile.

‘you danced well’, said sanskar and gave a smile.

‘I am already nervous as hell…. Somewhat I hid it from him while dancing… do you know a little knowledge about what your close proximity do with me, Mr. sanskar? Now you are giving a heart attack with that smile… papa… it’s all because of you… why did I accept to attend it?’, swara said in her mind.

But what she didn’t know was her face and her eyes are the mirror to her heart. Sanskar noticed each and every changes of her face.

He brought his face closer and whispered, ‘don’t be nervous… you really did well… ’. Hearing that, swaras’ eyes widened. He continued, ‘and… don’t blush… I can’t control myself seeing your red cheek’ and left from there while swara touched her cheek. Her heart started to beat fast.

Swaras’ trance broke when she heard, ‘ma’am’, the waiter offered her water. ‘I didn’t ask it’, said swara. ‘sir asked me to give’, said the waiter and handed her the glass while pointing sanskar. She looked at him who was talking to others. He looked at her and smiled. She immediately turned and smiled. She took a sip. She started to feel a pain in her lower abdomen. She went to the washroom.

‘what the hell?’, she exclaimed while kicking the bathroom door. ‘now what to do… to whom should I call?’, she muttered when she heard water sound from outside.

‘excuse me… oh… I got my periods… I didn’t bring that… can you please help me?’, she asked but didn’t get response. ‘is anybody there?’, she asked confusedly but again didn’t get a response. ‘oh my god’, she yelled out. Holding her head with one hand, she did scroll down the contacts list when she heard a knock and then the thing she needed was sent to her via the small gap. ‘thank you so much’, she shouted.

After steadying herself, she went out of the washroom. Unknown to her, her eyes started to search him then she spotted him, talking to others. She found a table in a corner and placed herself there. But the pain was slightly started to increase. She rubbed her tummy slowly when a waiter offered her warm water. She looked at him confusedly. He said, ‘sir asked you to drink this… and said that you would feel better…’, while pointing sanskar then left.

She looked at sanskar then thought, ‘how did he know?’. ‘idiot… you are holding your stomach like pregnant lady.. and you look so tired… don’t think so much… drink this…’, said her inner voice. Like an obedient girl, she drank it and felt better for a while.

After few minutes, a man came near her. ‘hey… I am Suraj’, he said while extending his hand. ‘I am swara’, she said and shook hands. He didn’t leave her hand and she felt uncomfortable and pulled back her hand using a bit force.

‘you look so beautiful in this dress… and… you danced so well’, suraj said while looking at her from head to toe. ‘thanks’, she said with a little smile. ‘so can you dance with me?’, he said while trying to hold her. She did understand that he was drunk. She politely refused.

Just then someone held her by waist. she turned and found sanskar. She felt comfortable. ‘hey dude… I am sanskar… ’, said sanskar. ‘I am suraj’, suraj introduced himself. ‘if you don’t mind, can I take my lady?’, asked sanskar. Suraj gave a way. Swasan moved from there.

‘what are you doing sanskar? Leave me…’, said swara trying to come out of it. ‘shut… if you don’t want someone like that suraj to hold you, then stay silent’, he said and looked at her then continued, ‘and… you can trust me…’.

He slightly rubbed her tummy and asked, ‘do you feel better? Or do we have to meet doctor?’ swaras’ eyes widened instantly. ‘what are you saying? How did you know?’, asked swara feeling embarrassed.

‘you were the one who said it…’, he said. Swara remembered the washroom incident. ‘how could you enter into women’s washroom?’, asked swara with widened mouth.

‘excuse me… that’s common washroom… I came there to wash my hands and heard you…. How could you think about me like that?’, asked sanskar angrily. ‘I am sorry’, said swara slowly. ‘I was just…’, swara searched for words, feeling totally embarrassed.

‘it’s ok… and… you shouldn’t be ashamed of it… it’s a common thing… men also should understand it…’, said sanskar, giving a warm smile. Swara was overwhelmed by this and gave a bright smile. They enjoyed each other company and took dinner together. They started to leave when a lady came to swara and said, ‘you are blessed with such a nice husband’, pointing out sanskar and left.

Swara glared at sanskar. Sanskar scratched his head with his fingers and said, ‘don’t give me that look… you asked THAT… I don’t know where to get at that time… so I asked receptionist saying that you are my wife… that’s all’. Swara punched his biceps and said bye to him and left. Sanskar looked at her leaving with a smile.

*back ground song – dheere dheere se meri zindagi mein aana*

Swara was thinking about today’s event. Their talk, their dance, his protectiveness, his care, everything made her to fall for him. she smiled while imagining his presence. She reached her home and hugged her dida with a bright smile and went to her room while jumping. Dida and sharmista surprised to see her like that.

On the other side,

Sanskar reached his home and found that his mom cleaning the dining table. He went to her and danced with her. He kissed her cheek and swirled her. Then he went to his room humming the song. Annapurna stood there, ‘what happened to him?’

Credit to: Sindhuja

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