Swasan – I dreamed a dream – *Family and Her act* Episode 2

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“family where life begins… family where love never ends… family where you can just be yourself… family where strength lies…”

At maheswari mansion,

‘mom… you look beautiful’, said sanskar while hugging Annapurna from back. Annapurna showed off his hold and said, ‘don’t touch me sanskar… first go and fresh up… it’s time for puja…’ and literally pushed sanskar. ‘ok… beautiful’, sanskar said and left to his room while whistling.

On the way to room,

‘what is going on, bro??? whistle and all… did you find sister-in-law for me???’, asked his sister aarthi in a teasing tone while placing her hand on his shoulder. Sanskar took off her hand and held her by shoulder and said, ‘nope, my dear sis… I found my brother-in-law… so now… my route is clear… and… his name starts with ‘K’…’, looking at his sister teasingly. ‘did bro come to know everything???’, thought aarthi. ‘yes… mom… I am coming’, screamed aarthi to escape from her bro. But sanskar held her ear. Aarthi groaned, ‘bro… leave me… it’s hurting…’. ‘mom… aarthi wants something to tell you about kr…’, shouted sanskar and interrupted by aarthi who closed his mouth from saying. ‘please bro… PAPA… see this’, shouted aarthi while sanskar left her ear and turned around. There was no one and he heard from behind, ‘again I fooled you, bro…’, said aarthi and ran from there.

Sanskar smiled seeing her childish behavior and prayed to god for the happiness of aarthi and krish, his child hood friend. He trusted him that he would make his sister happy. He just was waiting for krish’s returning from London and it would take six months more. Till then aarthi also would finish her PG. while thinking about these things, his thought drifted back to his golden beauty.

At breakfast,

‘mom… I don’t know how I will survive if you and your hand made food are not with me… you are the best cook in the world….’, said sanskar while munching aloo poori and got a glare from Annapurna. ‘sorry… I mean you are the best mom in the world’, corrected sanskar. ‘mom… he is trying to flatter you… don’t fell in his trap… after he married, he didn’t even look at you….’, said aarthi teasingly. ‘mom… why don’t you get her married off??? Then only this house will become heaven for me… soon send her off….’, said sanskar while hitting aarthis’ head. Aarthi complained, ‘mom… see… what your son is saying???’.‘yeah… you are right, Sanskar…. We will send her off soon…’, said Annapurna and sanskar hi-fived.

‘why are you both mother and son irritating my child early in the morning???’ , asked durga Prasad while keeping his hand on aarthi’s head. ‘she is not a kid more… she is 22 now… we have to search groom for her…’, said Annapurna while aarthi pull a face. ‘yeah… you seemed to be right….’, said durga Prasad while giving a ‘sorry beta’ look to aarthi. ‘you trio formed a team… OKAY… I am going to college…. BYE…’, said aarthi and left from there while the other three laughed seeing her childishness.

At gadodia mansion,

Swara was bouncing the ball while entering into the home. ‘shona beta… why are you late today???’, asked her dida, swara’s grand ma who was holding a puja plate. ‘that’s a big story dida… as usual I played throw ball with my friends… In some distance, someone was painting… suddenly, the ball hit the paint stand and the painting was spoiled… I thought to run away but those devils reminded me about the ball… how could I leave it??? it was gifted by papa… so I went towards the owner of painting… he looked so handsome in that black vest and track pants… he looked so cute in his messy wavy hair… I asked sorry… but he didn’t even say a word… he just stared at me… I was scared to the core… then I just picked my ball and went away from him…’, said swara still bouncing the ball.

‘arrey va… my shona is praising a boy…. I must see him…’, said dida teasingly. Swara did stop bouncing and said, ‘dida… you are too much…’, stretched her hand to pick the laddu. Swara’s mom, sharmista, tapped her hand and said, ‘how many times do I have to tell you??? Before, refreshing, don’t touch pooja items…’. ‘maa… I didn’t touch them… I just pick the laddu, sumi…’, said swara and picked it and ran from there.

‘leave it, sumi… she is still a child… I am happy to see her like this… my old shona is back…’, said dida. ‘yes, maa… I just pray to god to keep her happy…’, said sharmista while her eyes teared up. ‘don’t let the tears fall, sumi… you know I hate tears…’, said shekar, swara’s dad while wiping her lonely tear. They heard swara’a voice from upstairs, ‘yes sumi… don’t cry… or else… your lovely hubby will turn this home upside down with his filmy dialogues… and…. I cannot bear it…’. Sharmista and dida laughed seeing shekar’s expression.

A week passed….

‘oh my… please move away….’, screamed swara who is trying to stop her break failed scooty.


Sanskar jerked for a second and realized someone banged into his car. He came out from his car while heard someone yelling, ‘ahhhh…’. He saw a girl, facing the floor, half lying on the ground with her scooty on her. He took off the scooty from her and helped her to stand still he couldn’t see her face since hair were all over her face, blocking his view. He turned towards his car that had been damaged a little.

He once again turned towards her and asked, ‘are you okay???’ ‘yeah… I am fine… I am feeling like flying in the air…’, said swara sarcastically still head down. ‘what???’, asked sanskar, confused.‘what then??? Are you blind?? See this…’ she showed her scooty and then her hand which had some scratches, ‘and you are asking me I am okay?? How could you ask this???’, said swara in a raising voice still didn’t look at him but her hair was away from her face, giving a clear view to sanskar.

At that time, sanskar saw her and stunned to see his golden beauty in front of her. He couldn’t believe it and just stared at her. His reverie was broken when he heard her saying, ‘look, Mr…. why are you looking at me??’ ‘ohhh hooo… so my golden beauty is a tigress… great…’, sanskar thought and said, ‘hello… miss. Swara… you are the one who crashed into my car… I helped you… you have to say thank you and sorry instead of shouting like that’, said sanskar, gave her his trade mark smirk.

Swara looked up and said, ‘wait… wait… I see you somewhere… yeah… I remembered… you are that painter, right??? I already apologized you for destroying your painting on that day itself…. Did you follow me??? and… how did you know my name???’, asked swara with a suspicion while showing her index finger.

Sanskar gave a ‘unbelievable’ look to her and said, ‘hey… stop… pull your train of thoughts… that day, your friend called you by this name… and… I must scolded you that day itself instead of accepting your apology… then you won’t talk to me like this… that day you were wrong and today also you are wrong… I couldn’t believe it… you banged into a parked car… strange…’, while inserting his hand into one of his pants pocket.

‘how mean you are, Mr???’, exclaimed swara. ‘Mr. Sanskar’, said sanskar, completing her sentence and said, ‘ you have to accept your mistake like a good girl… now ask me sorry and say thank you… otherwise I won’t leave you… I will file case against you…’ and started to enjoy the fight. By the time, the crowd gathered and watched the fight.

‘I would have asked apologize to you if you didn’t give me a threat… now see…’, thought swara and faked to cry, ‘see, uncle…’, pointing towards a man, ‘I am already in pain… my scooty also broke… how this man *pointing sanskar* threatening me??? in this world, a girl can’t go out and return to home peacefully… *went near to an old lady* I have an interview… if I don’t get that job, my step mother won’t allow me to step into the house…. Oh my god… no one has kind heart in this world…’ and wept continuously holding that lady’s shoulder who had tears in her eyes. The lady said to swara, ‘no, beta… don’t cry…’ and towards sanskar, ‘nowadays… these boys are waiting for a situation to pull leg of girls… you look rich then why are you annoying her??? See her… how is she crying??? Ask sorry to her for your misbehavior’. The crowd also demanded him to ask sorry.

Swara winked at sanskar and started to weep more loudly. The crowd didn’t let him to speak a word. Finally, sanskar asked sorry with irritation and thought in mind, ‘you are amazing swara… first, you stunned me with your beauty and now with your character… and I am curious to know about you more… hope… we will meet soon…’. Then the crowd helped her to arrange a load auto to pick her scooty and a cab for her. She said thank you to the people and stuck her tongue out and waved a bye to sanskar before leaving.

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