Swasan – I dreamed a dream – “Be with me” Episode 7


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It has been a while since I updated. Hope! You didn’t forget the fiction. I found out a mistake I did for a long time. I was mentioned pre-cap instead of recap. Sorry for your inconvenience and in filler update, I mentioned that swara got the youngest wild life photographer of 2016. But it’s 2015, not 2016. Sorry for that too.

Don’t worry, buddies! No separation between swara and sanskar. Then what am I going to do? To know that keep reading 😉

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Recap: swara accidently kissed sanskar in the flight. They both reached manisha’s village to give her surprise for her wedding. Swara fell on the puddle. They played with the muddy water.

‘you are belong to me only, be with me’

They both stopped their activity hearing a familiar laugh. They turned towards the source, manisha. ‘hey! Buddies, what are you doing here, in this state?’, asked manisha after he controlled her laugh. They both screamed in unison, ‘surprise’. ‘yeah, I am amazed’, said manisha, rolling her eyes. She helped them to clean themselves. Then they started their journey towards manisha’s home while manisha explained the things, they came across.

In manisha’s mansion,

The mansion was decorated with flowers and lights. Songs were played as an indication of wedding house. The continuous horn sound of cars also did compete with the songs. The guests were shattered here and there, doing works and greeting others with a warming smile. Little kids were playing hide and seek and dancing freely. The girls and boys were teasing each other and gossiping. Some of them found their love and were passing messages through eyes.

Swara was seeing those things in awe because the weddings, she attended before didn’t have this liveliness. She did feel them as materialistic. Her face lit up immediately. Sanskar read her eyes and smiled. She held his hands while entering the mansion.

Manisha led them to her parents; jyothi and mohan, and then introduced her grandpa, manoj. Swara and sanskar took blessings from them. Jyothi hugged swara. Manoj assumed them as a couple so he said, ‘may you both love and respect each other till the end and have many children’. The young, trios stood shocked hearing it. sanskar and swara looked at each other awkwardly. Jyothi cleared his wrong assumption then she showed their room. Swara and sanskar went to their respective rooms to get freshen up.

They chatted for sometime during dinner then retired themselves because the next morning was manisha’s engagement.

Next day,

The kids’ laughing, to be precise the screaming sound made Swara woke up. She stretched her arms and opened the window. The early sun rays fell on her face. She took her tooth brush and put paste on it and started to brush standing at the window when she heard the clicked sound of the door opening. She saw jyothi and smiled at her.
Then she heard her saying, ‘When will you leave this habit of being late, shona?’. Swara nodded sideways as if saying, ‘never ever’. Jyothi sighed and said, ‘mani told that you brought salwars only. so I thought to give it you’. Jyothi gave the half-sari to swara and continued, ‘wear it for today and get ready fast’

On the other side, sanskar woke up early and went for his jogging, killing many girls with his well-built body and mesmerizing smile. Then he got ready in a royal green kurta and sandy brown pyjamas and then gave a helping hand for arrangement where he found a new set of friends, raj, ravi, prem.

After half an hour, she looked herself in the mirror. The orange and green suited her well. She did some light make up and french plaited her hair. she went out in search of sanskar.

She found many girls giggling seeing the boys. She heard one among them saying, ‘Oh my god!!! He looks so yummy’. Another girl replied to her, ‘swathi, he is not a food’ and laughed. Swathi said, ‘I know that. See him. how handsome he looks!!!’, in awe. Swara looked at the direction swathi pointing and found sanskar. She felt a little burning sensation in her tummy.

She went straight to sanskar with a pout. Sanskar smiled seeing her and signed as if saying, ‘you are looking beautiful’. Sanskar looked at her pout and asked, ‘anything happened?’. She pointed towards the girls and sanskar understood it. ‘grow up, shona’, said sanskar. Swara glared at him. sanskar turned her back and showed some boys who were staring at her. Swara shook her head and smiled widely.

They heard jyothi calling them for breakfast. They went and ate together. In the mean time, manisha came from the beauty salon, dressed in royal blue and pink lehenga. Manisha surrounded by the young ladies. In few minutes, swara became a part of the group which consisted of renu, madhu, swathi and meena. They started to tease manisha.

The groom’s family arrived and the engagement went on smoothly. After that, they danced and played games while the, to be married couple escaped from there to talk in private.
The young ladies and boys joined hands together and found the couple. They watched their silent romance. When saran, the groom was about to hold manisha’s hand, they heard, ‘uffo!! Jiju, you are engaged. You can hold her hand without hesitation. We didn’t see anything’. Swara with others started to laugh while raj captured their shocking, embarrassing and blushing expressions one after another. Manisha tried to hold swara’s ear but swara escaped from her.

Swara was stopped by jyothi, ‘shona!! Sorry, dear. I couldn’t make time for you. Is everyone fine there? Why didn’t they come with you? I told sumi to come for pre-wedding rituals and..’, interrupted by swara, ‘aunty!! Take a deep breath. They all are fine. You know about dad. He won’t leave mom for a day. He has to attend some foreign clients. They will surely come on wedding’. Jyothi smiled before she could ask something mohan called her. For that swara said, ‘I think uncle also won’t leave you for a second’, and smiled teasingly. Jyothi hit her head slightly and went from there smilingly.

Saral’s family departed by evening. The youngsters planned to play truth or dare. They sat forming a circle. First, meena spun the bottle. The top side stopped by manishas’ direction.

‘I will ask’, said ravi, ‘truth or dare’. ‘truth’, manisha said. ‘when did you kiss saral, first time?’, ravi asked. Manisha glared at him and said, ‘we never kissed before’. ‘what?’, others screamed in unison. ‘stop it, guys. Why are you all over-reacting? He said that those things were after wedding only’, said manisha in a flat tone. ‘ohhoo!! Because of that, he was so hesitated to hold your hand. You got such a gem, sis’, said madhu. ‘but, saral is a poor guy. How is he going to handle this fiery tigress? Look at her. Look at her longing face for a kiss’, said raj and in turn got a punch on his arm by manisha. Manisha spun the bottle again. It indicated sanskar.

Swathi asked him, ‘truth or dare’. He said, ‘truth’. ‘how many girls do you have dated before?’. ‘hmmm! I don’t remember correctly. May be 4’, said sanskar and looked at swara who was already glared at him. then sanskar’s phone beeped. He saw a notification saying, ‘shona cutie messaged you’. He looked at swara who turned her face. he opened the message and read, ‘hate you’. A smile spread on his face. he replied her, ‘thank you, shona. I know it *wink emoticon*’. Swara saw his message and looked at him. sanskar spun the bottle. It was prem’s turn.

‘I choose dare’, said prem before anyone did ask. ‘okay. You have to get slap by the first girl who crosses this room without informing her about the dare’, said renu. Manisha and renu gave hi-five. ‘it’s not fair’, complained prem. ‘you are the one who chose dare with that attitude’, said madhu and stuck out her tongue.

They all were looking at the door. Ten minutes passed. Prem’s enemy, her sister, manju came there. They all were laughed holding their tummy except sanskar, swara and prem. Meena told manju about sanskar and swara who joined with others while prem mumbled something.

He went out and called manju while the others peeked out from the door and were watching. ‘why did you call me?’, asked manju in irritation. ‘hmmm!! Oh! I have a teeth ache. Slap me’, said prem. ‘what? Teeth ache?’, said raj with a disgusting face. ‘oh!! So you planned to make mom to scold me and not to permit me for the tour. Right?’, said manju, glaring at her. Prem gave a confused look. Manju showed him their mother standing at the end of the hall way talking to someone. Prem sighed and then said, ‘if you slap me, I will give 1000 bucks’. Manju eyes widened in shock then suspicion took over it and asked, ‘is this any of your plan?’. ‘you want 1000 bucks or not?’, asked prem who got a positive nod from her. He showed his right cheek. Manju smiled widely and rubbed her hands against each other before giving a hard slap. ‘ah!!’, yelled prem and gave 1000 bucks to her then said, ‘I will see you’. Manju ran from there after taking money.

The others laughed seeing him holding his cheek. ‘it’s not funny’, said prem in a firm tone. ‘I think manju took her revenge’, said renu in between her laugh. They continued their game. It was swara’s turn.

‘truth or dare’, asked renu. ‘of course, she will choose the truth only. she can’t do dares’, came sanskar’s sarcasm. Swara glared at him and said, ‘dare. I choose dare’. The others looked at swara and sanskar. ‘Be with me, forever’, said sanskar, looking at her intensely. ‘okay’, said swara, holding the same intense gaze. Their spell was broken by swathi, ‘what type of dare is this?’. Before, raj could answer mohan came there and asked them to sleep early, mentioning that the next day was sangeet ritual.

Credit to: Sindhuja

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