Swasan – I dreamed a dream – “dream fulfilled” Episode 12

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I tried to give the proposal in my way. But I don’t know it will really work or not. It’s my imagination. It’s a fiction so nothing is impossible, right? If you find any mistakes please tell me. I will correct it. I typed it in urgency. Don’t know how it comes out. No proof reading. Read and comment!!! Go ahead!!!


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Recap: swara’s Past revealed.

‘you are my answered prayer, my realized wish and my fulfilled dream’

‘sanskar, where are you taking me?’, asked swara who was in blindfold. ‘shona, it’s 17th time you are asking the same question. Can’t you be quite for some more minutes?’, said sanskar. ‘but sanskar, we are here, Goa to spend some time with our family. I planned to go for shopping with aarthi. And, sumi ma and ma also asked me to join with them for parlor. Now, What will they think of us?’, said swara, pouting. ‘I talked to them. they are okay with it. so shut your mouth and follow my instruction’, said sanskar. ‘, sanskar, wait. It’s not the car I travelled sometime before. It is so comfortable and I love this chill breeze. Where are we? Say it’, said swara with a wide smile. ‘you will come to know’, said sanskar.

‘count 3… 2… and 1….’, sanskar removed her blindfold. She felt the heavy breeze against her body and felt like flying, slowly opened her eyes and screamed, ‘ahhh!!!!! Paragliding!!!!’ and turned her right side to see smiling sanskar. ‘I love it. it’s just awesome. wow!!!!’, she screamed again and looked at the view before her. She heard some mumbling sound from sanskar. ‘say it aloud sanskar. I couldn’t hear you due to the air force’, she said while controlling the wings. They both are expert in paragliding. Initially, sanskar afraid of it but during the time period when he accompanied swara to jungle and many other places, he learned. ‘will you marry me, shona?’, he screamed, looking at the view below him as if asking in front of the world. Swara’s turned in surprise and looked at his smiling face with her twinkling eyes. ‘shona, I want to be your shadow. I want to be your mirror. I want to be your punching as well as hugging pillow. I want to be the chill breeze which takes away all your worries and lift up your mood.

I want to be the one who can see your naughty side too. I want to protect you. I want to grow old with you. I want to kiss you even after we lost all our teeth. I want to hold you tightly while you saying stories to our grandchildren. I want to design a wonderful, adventurous future with you. I won’t leave you ever. I won’t say you are my world, my life. But you are the most important thing. My soul. Without you, I am just a body with blood and flesh. Will you grant me all my wishes? I am asking with the witness of this nature, will you accept this life imprisonment, being my wife? Will you marry me, shona?’, he shouted, looking into her sparkling eyes. They had a small eye lock which was broken by the sudden jerk. ‘you idiot. Concentrate on the controls too. Otherwise, how can I grant your wishes? I will marry you. you asked me this. So if you want to leave me also, I won’t leave you in your dreams too’, yelled swara while tears were making their way down on their face. they safely landed after some minutes. After that, sanskar knelt down before her and brought out a box from his pocket and opened it in front of her. It was a diamond ring. In that, a heart holding another heart inside was crafted with perfection. The starting point and the ending point couldn’t be identified in it. he made her to wear it. they turned around and found their family clapping and aarthi capturing the moment.


‘where are you, Mr. Sanskar maheswari? We are waiting, here’, sanskar heard his voice from the other side of the line. ‘say this to her. Mrs. Maheswari is taking so much time to get ready. What can I do?’, complained sanskar. ‘what did you say?’, he heard swara’s voice. ‘hahaha’, sanskar heard the other person’s laugh and cut the call. ‘I said you are looking gorgeous, my lady’, he said pulling her towards him. ‘have some shame sanskar. The door is opened’, said swara. ‘okay. Then, I will close it. after seeing you, I don’t have the mood to go to the party, my hottie shona’, said sanskar while trying to kiss her. She pushed him and went towards the door. ‘you are so unromantic’, she heard his yelling behind.

At the venue,

‘hello, everyone. Thanks for coming here to bless the couple. Here, we are starting the party with the small art exhibition. It’s a present from the charming man to his beautiful lady’, said the event holder who pointing towards opposite side of the stage. He went there and started to uncover the paintings one by one. they were resembling the life events of swara and sanskar. Swara looked at sanskar who held her tightly by shoulder. She put her head on his shoulder. The event holder started to explain how they met, their car crashing, their fight at the boutique, their travel to the jungle, swara’s expression after capturing an unique bird, their travel to manisha’s village, their confession, their hug, all the rituals of marriage, swara announcing her pregnancy to sanskar, their first child sanra, swara cried on sanra’s first day school, their second baby karan, their family outings, sanra’s graduation day and etc., it took one hour to complete swasan’s last 28 years of life in short. ‘lets’ congratulate the couple for their 25th wedding anniversary’, said the event holder who was accompanied by a lady and shouted in unison, ‘happy wedding anniversary dad and mom. We love you a lot’.

Karan and sanra went and hugged them. Sanskar and swara cut the cake followed by the claps. They were surrounded by the people. Pictures were taken. Then the party started as usual with songs, dance, drinks. Sanra joined with her fiancé rohit khanna, an criminal advocate after some time and karan went to look after his friends. Finally, the love birds got some alone time. swara turned to sanskar, ‘thank you for fulfilling the dream I dreamed, sanskar, the dream of having a happy family like others’. Sanskar kissed her forehead and said, ‘you are my happiness and everything, shona. You are a part of me. we don’t say thanks to ourselves right’. Swara nodded and pecked his lips without anyone’s notice. ‘my shona is again becoming romantic. Shall we go out?’, asked sanskar with a teasing smile. The two pair of dreamy eyes shined with satisfaction, happy, mischievousness and with love.


Everyone has their own dream, their own world. Here, sanskar fulfilled the dream swara dreamed. Money, richness, past, nothing matter in love. Being an example of true gentle man, he helped her to forget her past without her notice and expectation of anything other than her happiness. He stayed by her side. there are many swara in the world but what about sanskar? does he really exist? Should the men change like sanskar? think about it. Be the change. Be the human.

*************************THE END*************************

Yipeee!!!! I finished my first fiction on teleupdates. I am feeling extremely happy. Without your support, it can’t be possible. Thank you so much for your love, support, tolerance and everything. Finally, I penned it for why I started this fiction and end it the way I thought. At last, I blabbered something. Eeee!!! Some of you might have disappointed with my fiction. Honestly, I am too not satisfied because in the middle I lost the track and wrote what came into my mind. sorry for making you wait, confuse, for testing your patience and for any inconvenience. Tell me what you liked and disliked in my fiction. So, I can improve myself. Love you all!!!

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  1. omg..u ended this beautifully crafted ff ..love u loads …ur ff was so.awesome ..I didn’t expect it to end soon .:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-)all the best for ur future . :-)swasan 25th anniversary wow ..awesome 🙂

    1. thank you so much, harani!! 🙂

  2. Awesome ending……love your thoughts and writing

    1. thank you, arati!!!

  3. What! The end..biggest shock ever. This is injustice dear. Only 12 episodes unfair dear. I didn’t read your episode till now but I felt some thing strange by reading the title and ad expected, you ended it. Now I am not going to read at all because it pains me and one more thing..sree is not going to talk to you. She is angry..??? lol..kidding. Just love the way you describe every thing dear. I just wait eargerly to read that one line( quote) at staring of your episode. It’s just ..just…well regarding episode, I will comment after reading as I need to go to clg now. Byeee

    1. Had read the episode. Marvelous.. Super..excellent. I actually loved SANSKAR’S proposal and as you have said, we can see sanskar type of personalities only in fictions but still loved every line especially 25th anniversary. I was also something like that for my story but you rocked it.

    2. i knew that you will get it reading the title and my guess was right. don’t count the updates dear. actually, what i thought and what i delivered is so differ. because of the flood, my exams got postponed again and again. so i had to take long breaks and lost the track. so i want to end it asap. and, my main plot is to reveal her past. after that, i don’t want to drag it. i also say the same thing when i am angry with my close ones. i think we have many things similar ;). yeah, no one exists like sanskar. in case, he exists, he is one in trillion. actually, i changed my ending often because some others also used the same ideas in their ff. and, thank you so much for your support!! love you!!

  4. Hey..uhh end it…not fair ….first uhh uploaded with many leaps n bounds n now ended it in 12 episode….it was awesome…. The way sanskaar proposed her….their love…swara past was really very bad…..I srsly loved the message which uhh portrayed at last…srsly their are many girls who deserve happiness like us…..and Your last line of that phara…stole my heart..men should be like sanskaar which uhh have portrayed…loved it dear…really gonna miss it…but plzz start another ff of swasan…. Please… N be regular for your Second Love updates dear….

    1. Sorry, dear!! but what to do!!! already, i thought to end it soon. thank you for liking my story… 🙂 i am too gonna miss this fiction. thank you dear for reminding me about second love. in fact, i forgot it. and, yeah, i am planning another ss with swasan but it won’t be a romantic love story. in fact, there won’t be a love story. i don’t know if you people will like it or not.

  5. Amazing, last part was fantabulous
    It was so cute when sanskar proposes swara. My fav line was I want to be your punching as well as hugging pillow. Loved it. We will miss u

    1. thank you, tania for your love and support. i too miss you. will try to come with another ff asap. but can’t promise.:)

  6. beautiful….. gonna miss it. it waa fun reading your story…. come with another one.

    1. thank you so much, pearly!! will miss you too. sure, will try to post it soon

  7. awesome

    1. thank you so much, sravani!!

  8. u ended so fast but loved it…

    1. thank you so much, aditi!!!

  9. yo ended without dragging… Thanq for this amazing ff…

    1. i have to say thank you for your support, bhuvi!!

  10. its just awesome… loved it lot…

    1. thank you, nive!! when are you gonna update yours?

  11. no wrds to xpln… only lots n lots of claps fr u…

    1. thank you, piya!! i am honored by your claps!!

  12. Haaa ending so sad yaar

    1. sorry for making you sad. will come with another one soon. thank you for your support!!

  13. Alas it’s ended 🙁 but am happy that I am the part of readers of it 🙂 Yr it’s literally 1 of d best fiction I have read, thansk dear for ur precious time, ur ff stole my heart I m very addicted to ur ff , really gonna miss u n ur ff too. The way of expressing the feelings through eyes of both swasan is beyond describing best best best moral of the story u have such a wonderful writing skills the way of portraying of sanskar character especially is just fantabulous u fulfilled the meaning of tittle very well done dear may we will see u again with another wonderful story best ov luck 4 future

    1. i am so honored by your words. thank you so much for your love and support dear!!! i am happy to know that i justified my title. 🙂

  14. Nooo why did it end..oh god sindhuja how much I will miss u n ur ff only I know. The way u described the story. The way u described their pain..their everything…it was just awesome n very addictable..

    1. because i don’t want to drag the story and. i am glad to know that i have a reader like you. thank you so much dear!! will miss you too!!

  15. fantabulous

    1. thank you, ria!! i think you are commenting first time. if no then sorry. my memory is so poor 🙂

  16. Superb
    Happy ending

    1. thank you so much, surbhi!!! yeah, i love happy ending. 🙂

  17. Yes there is a big mistake you did in your ff and I didn’t like it and that is that you just end it only in 12 episodes I hate you how can you think that you bored us. The way you described it was not even wonderful it was just like out of the world……I used to felt butterflies in my stomach when you used to update your ff… come on yaar you’re just great not just great your just incredible. I’ve never seen this much perfectionist in someone’s first ff and I’m telling you that I’m a really sensitive girl so whenever I read moral ffs I can’t control myself from crying. It felt like whatever is written is just happening in real or it is happening with me……so when you described swara’s past my eyes were filled with tears…..I know that how it feels people only taunt girl even if they are responsible or not but what about boys no one ask their parents that why they spoilt their environment this much, why they didn’t teach them how to respect girls, why boys always wins because they are boys, they’re strong. Why society don’t ask themselves that why insist of asking the truth or consoling the girl they started to taunt them without any reason, why don’t they stands for the justice when that girl needs them the most, they with the boys side because of fear, they understand girl’s pain only then when the same thing happens with there own daughter. People should wake up and that its their own fault that they stood silent because of fear and let the wrong happen. Yes they have to wake up and see that being silent is bad for their own and they should fight against bad not to give it a way………………sorry sorry sorry I know I said too much but what can I do this is really unjustice……bye the way sindhuja when I read your moral of your plot tears start flowing down from my eyes the samething happens with me when I read Sree harini plot I think limitless love ……… I told you earlier that I’m a bit sensitive so I just cry reading the moral of any story. It just feels like why why it ended so early it should never be end……so thats why whenever someone like you gives moral ffs or stories I request them that please write another ff as soon as possible because I don’t want to be separated with you guys I just started crying till you don’t write another ff so sindhuja plssssssss I’m requesting that write another ff as soon as possible thank you soooooo much for such a wonderful ff……really miss you much and love you……….may God bless you with a lots of happiness 🙂

    1. Oh God! Tooba being this much sensitive is not good to you dear. It will really kill one’s self identity I mean I have experienced it. And hats off to your extra large comment that you here. I don’t know about sindhu but your comment wet my eyes.

    2. hey, tooba!!! i am really really glad that you loved my ff this much. you know what, this is the first big comment till now i got for my ff. i feel honored by it. as hari said don’t be this much sentimental dear. i am also like you. immediately, attached with fictions. if they cry, i too cry. if they smile, i too smile. i will always be started to live with them. i know how it feels, being lonely. i experienced in my life and still experiencing because my mom, brothers are living in different places due to work. but now, i am learning to control myself. my eyes didn’t get wet instead they are sparkling with happiness and my heart fills with pride, reading your comment. whatever you said is right, dear. they give boys more priority. but nowadays, they are changing but the rate is not so good and fast. people have to teach their sons and daughters how to behave with each other and in the society. please don’t cry. i won’t like people crying because of me. i will come with another fiction asap. thank you so much for your words!! love you!!

  18. really super epi…. ur ff is wonderful… thanq for giving us such a nyc ff…

    1. thank you angel for your support, and love!!!

  19. beautiful journey with beautiful destination
    is a sentence for your ff
    really lovely

  20. Omg sindhu.. adhukuraiyum muduchuta… im in hell shock… paravala nee story ah drag panama taku taku nu muduchuta.. ela episode um auper ah irundhuchu.. enadhn sanskar madhuri yarum indha ulagathula illa.. bt adhu fiction la sinadhu super… semma… oohhhh adura adura… and nxt ff eludha plan panirukiya??

  21. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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