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Recap: swara aided sanskar’s wound. Manisha convinced swara. Swara and sanskar said themselves not gonna control their heart anymore. Sanskar and manisha’s cute friendly talk.

‘Love was a game of chance, and like any game, you got more than one turn. But someone always loses’

‘hello boys!!! you aren’t allowed here’, said swathi while the girls were blocking boys from entering the venue. ‘who said that? We are from bride’s side. we will attend it’, said ravi. The girls gave ‘then try it’ look to them, holding their hands, forming a chain. Boys smiled to each other and gave an innocent look. Suddenly, prem screamed, ‘madhu, watch it’, while throwing the fake cockroach at them. the girls started to jump and scream. Boys patted their shoulder as if appreciating their act and entered into the venue.
Boys showed thumb down to the girls. The elders smiled at them. Manisha was sitting in the center, surrounded by mehendi designers, called swara to adjust her hair. Out of nowhere, the song ‘mehandi laga ke rakhna’ started to play, followed by ‘bole chudiyan’ and some other songs. The girls and boys started to dance according to the beat.

After sometime,

Swara who wasn’t interested in these mehendi’s, saw sanskar praising jyothi’s design. She smiled to herself and told the designers that she also interested to apply mehendi. She also sat with others. ‘manju, clap your hands’, said prem. Manju was about to clap but stopped in mid way and said, ‘I am not stupid like you bro. I already saw these scenes in movie. Grow up, bro and try new tricks’. Girls laughed at him while other boys started to beat him, saying, ‘you idiot’.

Sharmista called. Swara looked at her phone and then around to ask someone to help. Sanskar came there and attended the call. After talking to sharmista, he helped swara to talk. He tugged some strands behind her ear before leaving from there. Swara smiled, seeing his leaving figure. Sanskar turned after taking few steps and brought a dairy milk bubbly from his packet and showed her. Her smile had widened immediately. She signed him to give her with a pleading puppy eyes. He smirked and shook his head crossly and threw the chocolate. Swara jumped from her place a little and caught it and shouted, ‘I caught it!!! yipeee!!’.

She showed it madhu who glared at her. Then she found others also were glaring at her. She got confused and looked at the source of laugh. There, sanskar hi-fived to the boys and guffawed. She gave a confused look to them also when she heard, ‘Idiot, swara!! You spoiled your mehendi’ while manisha poked her by her elbow. Just then, swara realized his naughty smirk and looked at her hand and the chocolate. The designs were messed up and the chocolate wrapper covered with mehendi. Tears welled up in her eyes. She looked at sanskar who stopped his laugh, seeing her tears. She stood up and threw away the chocolate and left from there. ‘hey, swara!! It’s okay! Don’t be upset for this silly thing’, she heard madhu’s shouting. ‘Oh!! This girl’, sighed prem and tried to follow her but stopped by raj.

Sanskar followed her to the washroom, ‘hey, shona!! Are you upset over it? you don’t have interest in these things, right?’. She didn’t answer him, washed her hand while tears fell from her eyes. He sighed and made her to face him. ‘oh my crying baby!!’, he said, making her angry. ‘I am not a crying baby’, she said firmly. ‘then, what’s this?’, he showed her tear. ‘I didn’t cry. The water just came out of my eyes. What I do?’, said swara, wiping her face. he just looked at her. She continued, ‘actually, I thought to show my mehendi hands to you. I thought you would like it. but you became the reason of its’ messing up’ and pouted. ‘Oh my!! Cutie, don’t pout!! You don’t have a single thought about what you are doing with me. I just want to kiss you, right now’, sanskar said in his mind. ‘don’t pout, shona. It’s not a big deal. You can apply mehendi on your legs, right?’, said sanskar to swara. Her face lit up and said, ‘yeah!! You are right!!’. ‘shall we go?’, he asked after releasing a sigh of relief for lifting her mood up. She nodded her head and smiled widely but it dropped immediately.

‘nope’, he heard her. ‘what happened now?’, asked sanskar. ‘you have to apply mehendi on your hands too, please’, said swara, looking at him, innocently. ‘WHAT? Don’t kid me’, cried out sanskar. ‘you heard it right, sanskar’, said swara with her puppy eyes. ‘are you serious?’, sanskar once again asked in disbelief. ‘I know you won’t do it. you always make fun of me only’, she said while tears fell from her eyes. Sanskar tried many things to calm her down but all went in vain. Finally, he accepted. Everyone laughed at him, calling him ‘crazy’. He smiled out of embarrassment. But by seeing, his cuties’ cheerful smile, he forgot everything. He just stared at her while she ate her diary milk bubbly.

‘Sanskar! Wake up, dear’. Sanskar slowly opened his eyes and looked at swara who was smiling at him sweetly and caressing his hair. He smiled at her and held her hand. ‘what a surprise! You woke up, early’, said sanskar slowly. ‘don’t tease me in the morning itself, sanskar’, she pouted and said, ‘see, what I brought for you’. ‘I will see that later. First give my morning kisses’, said sanskar while pulling her. ‘nope’, she said while withdrawing herself from him. he sighed seeing her stubbornness. She turned and showed a jug. He looked at her confusingly. Suddenly, she splashed the water on him. ‘What the hell!!!!’, sankar yelled and looked at the person and got shocked.

‘Monkey manisha, what are you doing here?’, asked sanskar and looked around while the water droplets made their way down. He realized that it was a dream and distracted by manisha who again splashed the remaining water while saying, ‘what did you say? Monkey?’. ‘what the hell is this, manisha?’, indicating himself. She said, ‘haha!!! Sanskar!!! What happened? Oh!!! Sorry! Sorry! Did I disturb you from romancing your shona?’. He glared at her. Manisha stopped her laugh and said, ‘do you know how long I am waking you up? But you smiled and blabbered in sleep. So I don’t have any other option other than this. Now, be a good boy get ready fast and accompany ravi to the market. Don’t’ forget the things I asked you’.

‘finally, I woke one kumbakarn up. Now, have to face another kumbakarn’, manisha mumbled while entering swara’s room. To her surprise, swara woke up without anyone asking. The next second, she busted into a laugh.

Swara looked at her confused and thought, ‘what happened to her? I know that people might be stressed during wedding and all. but I don’t know that they would go mad’. ‘what happened to you, mani? are you okay?’, asked swara. ‘I am absolutely fine. I think you aren’t fine. Why are you blushing now?’, manisha said while taking steps towards swara. ‘hmm.. wha…. what are you talking about? I am not blushing’, stammered swara while touching her cheek. ‘I am talking about this’, said manisha, showing her tooth brush. Swara’s eyes were widened in shock and embarrassment. ‘From when are you using face cream instead of tooth paste for brushing teeth?’, asked manisha and busted into a laughter. ‘mmm… aa… tha.. that’s.. that is because I was sleepy at the time’, stammered swara and smiled sheepishly. ‘you go from here. I have to get ready and you also have to get ready for your haldi, right? Go fast ’, swara said while pushing manisha out of the room after seeing her teasing smile and locked the room then sighed in relief. ‘It’s all because of you, sanskar’, she said in a complaining tone and blushed remembering her dream.


I just wrote it like that. It’s a crap, right? Thanks for bearing it. I will come with a better part.

Credit to: Sindhuja

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