SWASAN- the dream i ever dreamed [i am there for you] [part 2] by neptune…

Helllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooo all….
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I was really happy seeing all the love and respect everyone had for our SWARA. Well guys Sanskaar is soon gonna enter in the story and their beautiful journey to become a heavenly couple is going to start now.
So everyone fetch on your seatbelt and let the ride began…………

Maheshwari mansion.
It had been more than 2 hours since swara ran from there leaving all the people in guilt. Shomi and dida decided to leave as soon as she ran from there. They knew their shona was strong enough to handle things and that she was not going to take some stupid step which is nowadays so common, to just end your life when the amount of pain is unbearable for you. But they had always taught swara to be strong just like shomi had been when Shekhar left her. Its right that she found a new hope to live after knowing that she was bearing a life inside her, after knowing that a heart was beating inside her, after knowing someone was breathing inside her, after knowing that there was a LIFE growing inside her. And that’s when a new journey started not only for shomi but also for swara.
Shekhar and daadi clearly didn’t knew what decision to take, ragini was still so vulnerable. They couldn’t possibly take a decision which would harm their lovely fragile daughter.
Ragini had fainted while crying, therefore gaining some sympathy for everyone.
Laksh had gone somewhere, nobody knew where he went and Sanskaar wasn’t to be seen too.
Ap and dp were knowing that all their basis, their age old ways of judging someone were wrong and that they needed to change with time.
Those old beliefs were the reason of everyone’s misery in their house.
Sanskaar had to leave his first love, sujata had almost lost her son, their freedom was snatched, even their son laksh’s love was snatched, an innocent girl’s life was spoiled.
Swara the girl who always thought so good for their family had to suffer so much.

Riverside :
Swara was sitting there staring at the waves of the river. This was the same place which changed so many things in her life.
The same place where her sister threw her into the river, where she was fighting with her life, her reaction when she fell in the river can never be described into words, the shock, the pain, the sudden angst she felt then, only she knew what she felt then.
Tears were continuously flowing from her eyes. She was reminiscing her journey till now.
Her childhood, when she used to do a lot of mischeives, her cute baby smile, her chubby cheeks seeing which her friends used to say her rasgulla, her crazy antics, her mother’s care, her dida’s support everything came in her mind.
Bg song : beetein lamhe from movie the train… [guys this is my one of the favourite song, please listen to it while reading it]

( Dard Mein Bhi Yeh Lab Muskura Jaate Hai
Beete Lamhein Hamein Jab Bhi Yaad Aate Hai )… (2)
Beete Lamhein……….

Tears were flowing through her eyes, but there was still a smile on her face. She wanted to say so many things but there was no one to listen to her. So she was reminiscing all the beautiful moments of her life.

Chand Lamhaaat Ke Waaste Hi Sahi
Muskuraakar Mili Thi Mujhe Jindagi

Though her life was full of pain, there was a time when she was happy. After ragini pushed her in the river she got a friend, a true friend who used to do so many crazy things just to see one smile on her face.

Teri Aaghosh Mein Din The Mere Kate
Teri Baahon Mein Thi Meri Raate Kati

She was smiling through teary eyes reminiscing her muh dikhai, she pinching Sanskaar, she cleaning his wounds when sanlak fought, their hugs which always made her feel peace.

Aaj Bhi Jab Woh Pal Mujhko Yaad Aate Hai
Dil Se Saare Gamon Ko Bhula Jaate Hai
( Dard Mein Bhi Yeh Lab Muskura Jaate Hai
Beete Lamhein Hamein Jab Bhi Yaad Aate Hai )… (2)
Beete Lamhein……….

All those moments were just like a new life for her. She jumping on him, sharing her chocolates with him. [song pauses]
She doesn’t even realises that she is remiscing all those moments to forget her pain, she doesn’t even realise what place she is giving to him in her life. Their marriage was forced, their relation was not love definitely but still there it was him, ONLY him standing right behind her.

Whenever any hurdle came, it was just him who would catch her before letting her fall.

A shouting voice came from behind: swaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………

She turned around, seeing him there was a thing she wouldn’t want to believe definitely.
Well it was our hero our one and only SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI.
Standing there with his sherwani, looking so handsome. But wait what’s that she looked into her eyes and found lots of love for her, along with concern and and there’s some other element too what’s that.
ANGER. Angry?? But why’s he angry thought she.

She turned her face for a moment and wiped off the tears off her face. Though it was dark and he would definitely not spot her crying. But she made sure she didn’t breaks down infront of him.

Sanskaar : [angrily] swara, what are you doing here?? At such place… at this point of time?? Do you even realise how much worried I was?? And why did you come here in the first place?? [she looked at him innocently, while blinking her eyes] what? Why are you looking at me like that?? [he sighs seeing her not answering and sits down beside her] now atleast tell me what are you doing here??

Swara : [innocently] nothing just analysing my own life [smiling sadly]

Sanskaar understood what she’s feeling. He hesitantly lifts his hand and puts it on her hand.
Swara gets startled with his touch, she averts her gaze from the flowing river and looks towards him, his eyes promising his silent support. She gives him a slight smile and then looks towards their joined hands.

Sanskaar : swara….. [she looks towards him] I I kknow I can’…. Can’t exactly feel what you are going through but……[taking a deep breath] but I just want to let you know that I AM ALWAYS THERE WITH YOU… FOR YOU… you don’t need to feel lonely….

Hearing this her eyes got filled with fresh tears…. She began to feel nostalgic thinking that there was someone who was there to share her pain. She just slightly nodded her head, it was becoming difficult for her to control her tears.
Sanskaar sighed seeing her stubbornness. He forcefully took her in his embrace her hugging her tightly.
Swara was just shocked with his this act, all the self control she had on herself had been snapped down.
Bg : beetein lamhe from movie the train.

( Mere Kaandhe Pe Sir Ko Jhukaana Tera
Mere Sine Mein Khud Ko Chhupaana Tera )… (2)

She turned towards him fully, tightly fisted his sherwani in her hands and tears began sliding down her eyes.

Slowly n slowly she began to cry loudly, all the pain she has been hiding from this whole 1 month right from the time he and ragini were giving her started coming in her mind. She was snuggling deeper and deeper in his embrace. Hiding herself from this cruel word.
Aake Meri Panaahon Mein Shaamo Sehar
Kaanch Ki Tarah Woh Toot Jaana Tera
Aaj Bhi Jab Woh Manjar Nazar Aate Hai
Dil Ki Viraaniyo Ko Mita Jaate Hai

Even sanskaar’s eyes were tearing hearing her cries. He was not able to take her pain anymore. It was him who was giving so much pain to her but still he couldn’t see her being hurt.
Sanskaar : shhsshh [burying her more inside himself and hiding himself in her nape] bas bas mera bacha itna nai rote.
( Dard Mein Bhi Yeh Lab Muskura Jaate Hai
Beete Lamhein Hamein Jab Bhi Yaad Aate Hai )… (2)
Dard Mein…. Beete Lamhein……….

After some time:
Her cries were subsided long back, her breathing was even now. All the pain she had hid inside her was now out in front of him. She had shared all her pain with him, he was the only person whom she could trust enough to share her pain.
She was sleeping peacefully in his arms. Her face totally drenched with tears.
He was feeling as if thousands of tears were pricking in his heart. He knew he had hurted her enough, he was still going to hurt her. But now it was enough. He had given enough pain to this innocent soul.
But he……
His phone rang interrupting his thoughts. He came out of his trance, his gaze went towards swara’s face. He slightly pecked her forehead and then adjusted her properly on his chest.
He picked up his phone.
Sanskaar : hello…..
Opposite side: Sanskaar where are you?? Come here fast, I want to talk with you something important.
Sanskaar : yea I am coming in 15 minutes.
Saying this he cut the call.
He went from there lifting swara in bridal style. He placed her carefully in the passenger seat and then put the seat belt around her.
And then he drove off from there.

Maheshwari mansion:
Swasan had reached a while ago, he went from there to their room, made her lie on the bed, slightly pecked her forehead and then went from there for meeting the person.

Poolside :
A lady is seen waiting for Sanskaar. As soon as he reached there she hugged him, a friendly hug ofcoure.
Sanskaar : why did you call me here at this point of time??
Lady : to remind you of our next step.
Sanskaar : why are we involving swara in between… it’s hurting her. Can’t we take the plan ahead without using her.
Lady : no we can’t Sanskaar, and you know that too. Swara is the main key, and why are you even bothering for her. Don’t tell me that FAKING LOVE with her you really fell for her.
Sanskaar : [shocked and averting his gaze] no… no… it’s…. it’s nothing like that. It’s just that I don’t want to hurt her….
Lady : plan is already made Sanskaar, don’t ruin it now… I am going now… if anyone sees us together it will lead to a big problem for us.. but yeah remember one thing, don’t fall weak…
Sanskaar just nodded his head while the lady went from there.

Precap : sanskaar’s pov…..

Huff.. so I end it here….so guys how was it, shocked?? He he.. there are many shocks coming in future too…
Hope the part wasn’t too boring?? Hope you liked swasan moments.
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Hope you people are enjoying the story.
Am really sorry for making you all wait for so long. But I promise the next part to be faster if I get good response on my stories… and yeah I see good response on other swasan stories too then I will make it faster…

Meet you all in the next part till; then bubye……

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  1. Awesome……nice suspense

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  3. Kanha

    Neptune, I read the two parts of this story today. It is really awesome – a new concept with a new Swara????? But Sanskar is a mystery here?? Sanky is using Swara even after knowing her condition. How could he do that??????? Feeling sad for Swara?? How will she react when she will know that the person whom she trusts is actually using her for his revenge?????? Sach mein bohot saare shocks diye hai tumne sweetu?????
    Agar trailer aisa hai toh pata nahi movie kaisi hogi? Mujhe toh heart attack aa hi jaayega??????? Keep writing. Waiting for the next update. TC?☺️☺️?☺️☺️?

    1. Neptune

      aww kanha thanks a lot dear.. am glad you liked the story..
      umm don’t worry dear.. everything will be alright at the end…
      he he make your heart strong coz many shocks will come in future too…

  4. Very nice story,,but my heart breaks seeing swara crying,,pls make sanskar the strength of swara ,

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      thanks a lot dear neeti… don’t worry dear swara is going to be the strength of swara

  5. Independent

    R u trying to give me a heart attack like seriously sanskar is using her I can’t believe this feeling extremely sad for swara

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    Awsm Dr…. Update soon

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  9. Mars

    Nepuuu don’t tell me that lady is ragini bcoz I felt so.I will kill whose ever she is. Sanskar should not use Swara.
    My shona baby all are after her only and take advantage of her innocence.
    And thank youuuu soooo muchhh for posting it. Its really very interesting.
    Continue soon.
    Big congratulations nepuuuuu as hellyyy won the poll she is best and deserves to be at the top.
    OK stopping my bak bak nahi ruk ek request aur plzz post her pain also I m waiting for swasan meet. I m acting greedy asking more but what to do I can’t control.
    This epi was tooooo gooooodddd.
    Aur sanskar ko samja dena swara ke sath kuch esa vsa kiya to dhek lege.
    Now finally stopping.
    Post soon.
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    1. Neptune

      he he am soooooooooo sorry marsuu but i can’t reveal anything… he he i know shona is very innocent but don’t worry their love story will be epic…
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  10. Awesome plzz…post next part soon

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  11. hey Neptune dear, the episode was awesome. .. I liked the point where sanskar knew that swara is trying to hide her tears her pain and he knew that she should release it otherwise she will suffer more and so he hug her forcefully tightly letting her breakdown in his embrace……. and its true how so ever he try even if she is his or not, he can never see her in pain , burning in agony…Anyway continue soon…

    and yeah I am from CIMS ,bilaspur ,Chhattisgarh. ..
    all india 1st counseling results have been declared so which college did you get and where(state) are you from?

    1. Neptune

      thanks a lot dear vrishti.. am glad you liked it..

      dear are you doing medical?? well my name didn’t came in the first round of counselling and actually i don’t have to take admission from all idia quota i have to take through state quota..

      i from gujarat…

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    Super and shocking xhapter

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      thanks a lot simi dear… yups swara is very innocent….

    1. Neptune

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  16. I feel sanskar is so understanding at first but it was totally opposite.i felt bad for swara.but I know sanskar won’t do the thing which hurt his swara.

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      aww dear don’t worry for swara, she is strong and will be alright…. thanks for commenting dear…

  17. good one dear

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    Oh no sanskaar..? feeling bad for swara. She is so innocent.
    Awesome epi dear.
    And i’m sorry for not commenting in When u r mine… Got busy with studies. Will try to catch up it soon dear.

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      hey pramudi di.. i was missing you sooooooooooooo much…. thanks for reading it and commenting despite of your busy schedule……
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    OMG!! Sanskaar is using Swara…..u gave me heart attack Neptuuu! Seriously yaar, I just can’t believe or accept this point. And who the hell that lady?? Don’t tell me that girl is ragini?? UPDATE NEXT PART ASAP DEAR……DON’T BE LATE THIS TIME!!

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      he he gayu… cholly for giving you heart attack… and about the lady, keep guessing dear.. maybe you are right… or maybe not…
      i will post the next part ASAP dear…. sorry for being so late….

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