Swasan (Dosti to pyaar) Episode 2

Hello My dear friends. … Thank you all for your comments. I will try my best to write nicely. …… Hope you all are liking my fanfiction. …….

Friends are connected heart to heart. ..
Distance and time can’t break them apart.
Sanskar make swara sit on the bed and hold her hand and sit besides her and say –
SANSKAR:Shona I know you will not let me go. I also don’t want to leave you dear but about Ap aunty and Dp uncle they don’t have any One so that they can love. You know shona before I met you that day at mandir I also feel like I don’t have anyone who loves me cares for me. I always pray to god for a family who loves me cares for me and that day you came to my life as an angel and changed my life. In One year Harsh dad and sandhya Mom loves me as there own son and now Dp uncle and Ap aunty wants me to be a part of there life. Shona you are my lucky charm without you I am incomplete. Now you decide what you will decide I will agree not only me everyone will agree no one will force you. For me your happiness is everything.

Swara was weeping but she had listened each and every word that SANSKAR has spoke right now. She stand up and went out where all are waiting for them.

Swara went near Dp and said—
SWARA :Sanskar can go with uncle and auntie.
All become happy and emotional too.
Again she speak—
SWARA :BUT I have 2 conditions? ??
DP:Beta whatever you say we are OK with it.
SWARA :MY first condition. …..you have to take care of SANSKAR nicely.
Everyone smile on. …..
DP:ok princess And the other one? ????
SWARA :you have to bring him to meet me whenever we miss eachother and I will also go to meet him whenever I want to see him
DP:Ofcourse princess you are always welcome. …….

Swara smile and hug Dp. ….All smiles and Ap hug Sanskar.

Swara and Sanskar went to there room and swara sleep on Sanskar ‘so lap and said—
SWARA :sanky will you forget me?? ?
SANSKAR :How can I forget u shona because of you only I got 2 families who loves me so much. …..and you are my bestest friend how can I forget u dear. …..
SWARA :OK now sleep from tomorrow you will not be here so I will sleep on ur lap today. …

*******NEXT DAY ********
Dp and Ap do all the formality of the adoption and come to BHARADWAJ MANSION to take Sanskar.

Sanskar come with his suitcase and a teddy which is given by shona no his shona.
His eyes were filled with tears not only his but everyone are crying. ….
Harsh swara and sandhya are crying because there sanky were going away from them and Dp and Ap were crying because they got there son. Sanky takes blessings from his mom and dad and went near shona and hug her and kiss on her cheek and say-
SANSKAR- shona please don’t cry I will not feel good if you cry like this.
Swara hug him and said that she will miss him he said that too.
SANSKAR to mom and dad:Thank u dad and mom for your love and care I will very you please take care of shona. …
They hug him and sanky goes to Dp and Ap .
He folds his hand and said —
SANSKAR :Thank you for the love I will try my best to keep you both happy I will everything which makes you both happy.
And he touches there feet.
DP:No my son thank you for coming in to our life. And we don’t have to do anything to make us happy just you stay happy then we will also be happy and both hug him and bid bye to Bharadwaj family and get in the car and drive off. …………………………

Note : Sanskar call Harsh dad and Sandhya Mom ND
He will call Ap and Dp papa.. ….
Hope you will not get confused. …..
So friends how was my second episode hope it is a bit good sorry if it is boring as I said before I am not a good writer and I will not be able to write my ff regularly till 3march as my exams are coming…..
And if it’s boring I will stop writing so please comment guys. …..

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