Swasan (Dosti to pyaar) Episode 1

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Lets start my/our story……..

In the same way,one fine day when our heroin ofcourse our shona (swara) was going to mandir with her parents on her 8th birthday she met her DESTINY.Yes I am talking about our Hero SANSKAR.
He was sitting on the stairs of mandir and was crying. Swara went to him and ask—–
SWARA:Why are you crying?
SANSKAR:I am hungry….I want to go home……. 🙁

swara was holding a ladoo in her hand she gave it to him.
He smile a little and take it.

SWARA:What is your name?
SANSKAR:Sanskar and your?

Soon her parents come there searching for her.They saw swara was holding a boy’s hand and went to her.

*Swara’s parents-HARSH BHARADWAJ:A successful bussinessman.Love his family alot. His family is his wife and his child swara.
SANDHYA BHARADWAJ-A sweet caring and loving wife and mother.*
He come near sanskar and ask him softly—
HARSH:What is your name beta?
where is your parents?
SANSKAR(Weeping):I am sanskar sarma.My mom and dad died in an accident 1 year ago.And i stayed with my Chacha and chachi but they throw me out of the house.

Harsh was a sensitive man he knows the pain of being an orphan as his parents also died when he was just 10 years old.
He saw swara was holding sanskar’s hand tightly as she don’t want to leave him.
He took him with him to there home.

Sanskar come inside and was amazed to see the house as it was very big and he belong to a middle class family.
Harsh went to market to being clothes for sanskar and Sandhya cook some dishes and feed sanskar and swara with her hands.
Swara didnot leave him for a second also.

Days pass Sanskar and Swara’s bonding became strong day by day.Harsh and sandhya also treat him as there son.

★★★★one year leap★★★★
It was swara’s birthday again. She is 9 years old today.Harsh has arrange a grand party and invite many of his friends bussiness partners and relatives.
Sanskar work without taking any break why not as it was his swara’s birthday his lucky charm for whom he has got his happy life back.
At the party both walk catching eachothers hand and sanskar cares for swara very much.Everyone were very happy to see there bonding..

There were a couple Mr &MRs Shegill who were very much impressed and happy by seeing sanskar.

*Mr DURGA PRASAD SHEGILL & Mrs ANNAPURNA SHEGILL-Beat friend of Harsh and also bussiness partners.They are childless.*

They know sanskar’s story and want to adopt him so they went to talk with HARSH and tell that they want to talk with them personally.

HARSH, SANDHYA, AP, DP went to study room and Harsh ask—

HARSH:What happen DP , you look serious any problem?
DP:Harsh as u know we are childless and we are thinking to adopt a child this year….
HARSH:Oh thats a good news what to worry about that?
DP:We want to adopt sanskar harsh.We know about him and also know that you all love him very much.But do u knw what today as we meet him we feel a special connection which attract us towards him.

Harsh and sandhya were shock as well as crying coz in this one year they has took care of him like there own son.But were also happy coz they know Ap&DP they will keep him happy always.
So they agreed.

After the party all guest left only shegill family is left.
Harsh bring swara and sanskar to study room and told them what they discuss.swara hold him hug him and start crying and say that she will not let sanskar go anywhere.
Sanskar also said that he will not go and start crying.

Then AP come near Sanskar and said—

AP:Beta we dont have anyone whom we can give our love.When i saw you today i feel like you are my son.Please beta come with us.We will always keep you happy and dont worry we will always come to meet swara.
DP:Yea beta I want u to be our son.I want you to be SANSKAR DURGA PRASAD SHEGILL.
Sanskar was overwheled by the Last word.
Harsh and Sandhya love him alot but he also can feel some special connection with DP and AP.

He went near swara take her with him went to there room and close the door AP & DP become sad as they thought he reject them.But Harsh smile and tell him that Sanskar will convence Swara .
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
▶So friends /Dosto/Yarro how was my very first episode.Please comments i need suggestions from you all and please scold me if u dnt like but please atleast give comments i will be waiting for your reviews.I knw my ff is nt that good but i tried so plz friends pass ur thoughts regarding my ff

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