Swasan don’t hate me season 3 (Episode 5)

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Swara was called to court

Dp was sitting holding his forehead . His birthday has become the turning point of his son’s life. He didn’t even know whether to celebrate his son’s marriage or to mourn over the destroyed life of a girl. Dp knew sanskar couldn’t hear even a word against him but this action was actually something he had not even imagined.
Ap: plz maharaj… Try to pacify yourself…
Dp: how can i…. How can a father pacify himself when he knows that his son destroyed his life for the honour of his father…

He wiped his tears as he heard footsteps. He knew it was sanskar.
Dp: prince sanskar
Sanskar came in. Swara was with him. Ap ran to hold swara.
Swara: no no her highness… I am ok
Ap: you are not… Take my support..
She held swaraa’s hand.

Dp: swara you can sit.
Swara was amazed at their behaviour. On one hand she heard kaveri’s bitter words and on the other it was the king who is filled with humbleness.
Dp: beta sanskar… Do you even know what you have done…
Sanskar nodded.
Dp: you married a girl in front of whole kingdom and that too without her consent.
Sanskar nodded.
Dp: marriage is not a game sanskar. You have just crushed the dreams of a girl.
Ap: you have to maintain this sacred bond of marriage sanskar.
She came near swara
Ap: swara beta… I know whatever has done can’t be undone… But now you have to marry sanskar and follow the duties of a princess and would be queen.

Swara nodded
Ap: i know it’s tough but it’s the Matter of honour of this kingdom
Swara : i will do whatever you said.
Dp: tomorrow morning you both will get married as per the rituals.
Their conversation was broken by a scream…. It was a girl who was screaming at the pitch of her voice…
Ap: ragini…..

Before she could say anything ragini came running towards ap..
Ragini: rani ma… Seee… Please see
Swara saw a portrait in her hand. It was the portrait of a handsome prince.
Ragini: see na ma… They hung garland on lakshay photograph… Plz scold them… Ask them to keep these things away…. My lakshya is alive….
Hearing this ap hung her head. Her lips trembling amd her eyes got filled up with tears.
Ap raised her head and with a plastered smile she looked at her
Ap: ragini beta… These are foolish people… They don’t know.. forgive them… Lakshya will come back soon.

Swara was shocked to see this… The sweetest girl or companion she thought was actually ….
She looked towards sanskar and found him looking toward ragini. His expressions were clearly indicating his turmoil. She was unable to understand anything. She looked towards dp. The helplessness of a father was visible in his eyes.
Ap: calm down ragini beta… Lakshya will be back. He will be back very soon.

@swara’s room
Swara was sitting on a couch. She looked at sharmishtha who was continuously wiping her tears. Swara wanted to calm her down but how can she when her own thoughts were so mingled. She was still unsure what is in her destiny. At one point she was about to get married to a stranger almost ten years elder than her and on the other she was about to become a queen. She didn’t know whether to cry or to be Happy for this. She never wanted luxurious life. All she wanted was peace.
Her trance was broken by some footsteps. Both sumi and swara stood up seeing ap coming .
Sumi: pranam
Swara: pranam maharani ji.
Ap smiled at both.
Ap: since you are getting married to my son you are a part of our family now. Address me as ma… It will be better.

Sumi folded her hands in front of ap.
Sumi: we swear on god we never came here by the intention of this. Please don’t get us wrong.
Ap: i know… I know you both are pure by heart. I know you didn’t do anything wrong. Wrong are those people who did this to you.
Swara: rani ma… I ll try my best to prove myself worthy of this kingdom. I ll never disappoint you.
Ap: yes… I know you will… Because i know you are… I never wanted kavita to get married to sanskar… I always prayed to lord for a miracle… But i never knew that it will happen in this manner…

Words of ap were a shock to swara. The girl who was destined to marry sanskar not liked by ap. Swara gave an astonished look to ap.
Ap: i know you are surprised to hear this but this is the fact. The trio of mother daughter n son are evil and cunning. I don’t know when it will come to notice of dp ji. But since this miracle had happened so now i am completely sure that one day or the other their reality will come out too… Don’t utter anything in front of sanskar..
Ap turned towards sumi

Ap: sharmishtha ji… Don’t worry… Swara will get mother’s love from me…
Sharmishtha felt tears running down her cheeks. She smiled from those tears.
Ap: swara… I don’t want to hide anything from you. You must be wondering about ragini’s behaviour.
Swara nodded
Ap: ragini is the wife of our second son lakshya raj. But…he is no more. This shock could not be beared by ragini n she still believes that lakshya is fine and he ll come back soon. You know what swara… It’s difficult to see your child dead… But it’s more difficult to see someone who loved your child in this state.
Ap had tears in her eyes. Her eyes were clearly saying the feelings of her heart.


Swasan marriage…. Sanskar pushes swara

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