Swasan don’t hate me season 3 (Episode 4)

Hello frnds… Soumya here. Sry fr nt publishing my story… But this time for sure i ll not disappear untill i complete this season.


Swasan marriage


Swara felt a little pain in her head. She tried to open her eyes but she was too tired to open. She felt a soft touch of hand on her forehead. She knew it was sharmishtha…her sumi maa. She wanted to talk to her. She wanted to see her. She finally opened her eyes. She was right…her sumi maa was sitting beside her. She smiled at her. But it was mixed with tears.

Swara: sumi maa… I am ok.. please don’t cry

Sumi: i know you are… Beta but fate has given something different to you. God knows what’s there in your destiny.

It was when swara realised the reality. The thing…the dream which she thought she would forget was actually real. Swara touched her forehead. She saw her fingers covered with vermilion. A drop of tear escaped form the corner of her eye. She just got married. What could have been the dream of a common girl was the nightmare of swara. Any girl would have dreamed of marrying her prince charming….but for swara…. This was the worst night of her life..

Her trance was broken by a voice. She looked in the direction. Kaveri was standing with a furious face

Kaveri: you … You snatched the right of my daughter.. tell me how much will you charge for leaving sanskar.

Swara: but… What i…

Kaveri: u can’t be the queen of this kingdom. You … Do you even know the name of your parents or your bloodline and you thought we will believe on your words.

Swara was unable to understand even a word… Whatever she was saying was unbelievable to swara.

Sharmishtha stood up

Sharmishtha: m sry to interfere but being swaraa’s mother i don’t give you right to talk to my daughter in such a way. Nobody said anything not even maharaj then you must also not.

Kaveri looked at sharmishtha with a furious face. Before she could utter anything she felt a hand on her shoulder. It was sanskar.

Sanskar: kaveri ma… It was my fault. Don’t scold her. She is really innocent.

Kaveri: i know whatever you have done was for the honour of this kingdom but i don’t believe this girl.

Sanskar: i assure u Kaveri ma… Nothing wrong will happen

Kaveri gave a last furious look to swara before moving out. But she was unaware that two eyes were reading her eyes.

Sanskar looked at swara. He was at once enchanted with her beauty. Her innocent eyes were filled with tears. Her lips trembling with fear.

Sanskar: swara…

Swara looked at him

Sanskar: i know after what i have done i don’t even have right to meet your gaze. Every girl has right to dream. I know i have crushed your dreams. But i promise with time your wounds will be healed.

Swara was unable to believe the humbleness of sanskar.

Sanskar: if you arw feeling good then maharaj is calling both of us.

She nodded. She tried to walk but suddenly got disbalanced. She thought she will fall on ground when she felt a support of two strong arms around her.

Sanskar: plz be safe.

Sanskar placed a hand over her shoulder.


Twists and turns….

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