Swasan don’t hate me season 3 (Episode 2)

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Sara’s intro

The whole kingdom was very happy today. After all it was their beloved king’s bday. People were gathered in front of royal palace. Everyone was holding some present in their hands.
A man in his mid twenties was arranging the things in the palace. His eyes were glittering.
Man: everything must be ok .. and remember .. not even a single person should go without having food which would be enough for at least a week… give them sweets… gifts …. this whole kingdom is our family.
Servant: as you say yuvraj sanskar.
Suddenly sanskar heard his name being called..
Sans: ji ma..
Queen Annapurna Devi came down in the courtyard.
Ap: Ur father is calling you..
His father’s words were order for him… he ran towards his father’s room..
Durga prasad was sitting. .. sanskar came and stood in front of his dad.
Sans: pranam pitaji.
He touched his feet
Sanskar: may you live fir thousand years..
Dp smiled..
Dp: if a father has such a dutiful son like you…his life will be beautiful…
Sanskar looked at him with deep respect…
Sanskar always considered his father and mother above god. He was their only son and heir of their kingdom. He inherited best version of qualities from his father… like father like son…

Dp: sanskar… some children are coming from the orphanage… make arrangements… they will stay here only…
Sanskar nodded at once…
Dp: and today I ll announce your marriage with kavita.
Hearing kavita’s name sanskar blushed a little.. kavita was his childhood friend. One of the best friends sanskar ever had… but…. marriage..he. Never thought of getting married with kavita. But as it was his father’s order he would obey .
He came out of his thoughts when he heard a voice. He looked in the direction and rushed to touch her feet. It was Kaveri Devi… kavita’s mother… the widow of dp’s best friend. Any person who comes to the same place as his father was Kaveri Devi..
Kaveri: god bless you… may you live long maharaj…
Dp smiled..
Suddenly a servant cams
Servant: maharaj… those children from orphanage… they have come

Dp: we should go and receive them… those are children without parents… and therefore we are there parents. Chliye Annapurna ji…
Ap nodded..

Sharmishtha was greeting dp. Swara was wondering… it was the first time she has come to the royal palace…
Sharmishtha: may you live long maharaj… we are blessed to have such a righteous king like you.
Dp: king’s righteousness lies in his people.. you are taking good care of children..
Sharmishtha: ji maharaj…..
She looked at swara who was staring here and there…
Dp: is she…
Sharmishtha: ji… she is swara…
Swara looked at them… she greeted him with smile..
Dp: very pleasant personality..
Swara blushed..
Swara was unaware of two eyes staring at her for wrong reasons… the eyes were trying to devour her beauty as soon as they could . It was adarsh….son of Kaveri Devi..
With adarsh Kaveri Devi was also standing..
Kaveri: adarsh.. control yourself.. your one silly mistake and my all hard work will be gone.. just wait for your sister to be married… then… neither sanskar…not his parents will be alive…
Adarsh curled his lips in a cruel smile…

Swara jumps from the terrace..

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