Swasan don’t hate me season 3 (Episode 1)

Hello frnds…. after a long time Na… sry fr nt updating full story of season 2…. I ll update it soon…. m sry fr leaving it incomplete fr a long time… I met wid an accident n suffered an injury… plz forgive me…

Let’s begin this season 3…. I ll complete season 2 soon…. actually story is in my Laptop n it’s gone fr repair… as soon it comes I ll update the chapter..

This story takes place in the era of king and queens.

Let’s begin
The rays of sun touched eyes . Her eyes moved a bit. Too tired to open her eyes she tried to stop the rays of sun with her hands. Suddenly she woke up with a jolt.
Girl: oh god… hw can I forget…
She stepped out of her bed and looked around. She ran towards the door n opened it.
Girl: everyone wake up… wake up kids…

There was a hall filled with kids sleeping on their respective beds..
Girl went to everyone’s bed and started to wake them up with great love… she kissed some kids and patted the others..
Girl: uth jaiye aap sb… bête… plz wake up dear kids…
A little girl woke up ..
Girl: swara didi… why so early…
The girl who was waking up the others smiled and looked at her..
Swara: beta.. because you know Na..today Is maharaja durga prasad Singh’s bday… so today we have to go there…
Other kid tugged her hair..
Swara: badmash…
She ran behind him.. she was about to fall when a lady held her…
Swara: sumi ma…
Sumi smiled and kissed her forehead..
Sumi: get ready… maharaja has send a chariot fr us… you know very well how much maharaj love kids…
Swara smiled and went to get ready. Sumi smiled at her. for the last 20 years sumi was working in the orphanage. It was opened by maharaja Durga prasad…the king of Kanchanpur kingdom. A very just and kind hearted king.

Sumi remembered the time when someone left swara at the doorstep of orphanage 17 years back. She was one year old at that time. The time when sumi took swara in her lap for the first time.. swara instantly called her ma..

Sumi was lost in her thoughts when suddenly swara came
Swara: sumi ma… chle…
Sumi nodded..

Sanskar’s engagement with kavita…

So frnds… hwz this part… do tell me… and also tell me the changes which you want in story….

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  1. Omg….!!!! You r back…!!!! I cant beleive this…i hv been waiting for d season 2 and pure tale of love’s updates since ages….!!!!
    But am sorry to read about ur accident….how r u now?? Dont ask sorry..health is d first priority…i m happy dat u remembered to complete it….!!!!
    Coming to dis one its awsm too but plz now dont vanish away…..and haan take care of ur health….!!!!

  2. Divyanshri

    welcome back diiiiii…. missed you and your story so much…… please post season 2 story fast….. dying to read it…… coming to the new story…. I love it…..

  3. Pls update season 2 soon!!!!

  4. Huhhh after a long time..its a bigggggggg looonggg more dan 5 mnths u postd ur ff..and nw cm back with season 3..u knw wht 2 days back i just thought abt ur ff and today u posted but season 3 not fair..i just waited for swasan scenes after swara gets better but instead u just show raglak scenes and just disappear and nw cm with season 3..yaar plzz complete season 2..waiting for dat..
    But cmng to prologue it was nice..and no rape and all in this season plz…hamari bechari swara..lvd it..and complete season 2..and dnt disappear without cmpltng that

  5. I Miss your​ ff so much thank u

  6. Tamil

    Welcome back…..interesting….continue…..

  7. Sus

    very very bad after a long time
    you many a times become MISS INDIA
    koi aisa bhi karta hai kya

  8. OMG I can’t believe u r back .hope u r well and healthy.can’t tell u how much I missed your story n u . Loved the new concept but the precap well will hope for the best n will be waiting your next update .

  9. Phoniex

    Thanks for coming back dear. I loved each and every story of yours

  10. Deeksha

    This is awesome dear… But I want you to complete season 2 and then start season 3….!!!!!

  11. welcome back! it is awesome!

  12. Swarna01

    Where were u yaar. We were missing u so badly. Amazing promo. Vry nyc

  13. Independent

    Missed u so much dear the story is interesting

  14. Wow loved it plz come back soon with seoson two ? And u hope your fine now
    And loved the new concept but the pairs should be swasan ?❤️

  15. U r bacckkkk!!! I can’t believe it…i am big fan of ur stories….yaar plz plz post season 2 soon…now I can’t wait for it…n ha season 3 has got a good start….

  16. OMG ??
    U r back..I’m so happy..
    missed u and ur story a lot..
    Nice intro..waiting for it..
    r u on wattpad? ?
    take care of yourself..

  17. nice…pls complete season 2..

  18. Seebu_s

    nice to see u back dear?continue soon

  19. Neptune

    u are back sooooooooooooooo happy to see you this is the first time i am commenting on your ff but i have read both the seasons and all the epis they are just amazing update soon season 2 and 3 dear

  20. nyc to see u back again continue post season2 also complete it

  21. Praju

    Hope ur completely fine and awesome story

  22. Wowww!!!after long…. time you are back.miss your ff very much and plzzzz post season 2 soon.And it also seems like very interesting.

  23. Simi

    After a long time.. Welcome back ☺️☺️
    Nice update

  24. Shreeyu

    Wah Di…it’s very interesting… Finally I read it… But I have find it somehow on my own only… U didn’t send me the link…huh

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