swasan… dont hate me season 2… Prologue


Hello frnds… Another season… But i will write it after july.. Lets have a look

Swara was lying in a pool of blood.. She was staring at sanskar with love and pain..her pain was clearly visible from her eyes..
Many people were present there… Everyone was staring at sanskar who was standing holding the gun in his hand.. He fell down on floor..
Sanskar: why swara… Why…
Swara was too weak to even utter a single word.. She closed her eyes…
Laksh came and tapped his shoulder.. Sanskar hugged him..
Police officer came
Police: sir.. U showed great bravery today.. Killing your own love for the sake of duty is not everyone’s cup of tea…
Another police officer: sir you were assigned to give her death penalty by supreme court.. You did the justice.. You killed a terrorist for the sake of your country sir..

Sanskar was still looking at swara.. She was in great pain.. Sanskar kneeled in front of her.. She opened her eyes…
Sanskar: swara.. I love you always but you betrayed me..
Swara: i didnt

So guys hwz the promo…keep waiting for me… I will come back with the story..

Credit to: soumya

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  1. It’s interesting but sad

  2. Divyanshri

    soumya di at first only u killed swara….. here also she will bear pain like the first season or what….????
    Anyways I will always read ur ff…. u r amazing

  3. Oh God…Amazing…Feeling bad For Swara

  4. Wow
    I love it
    Can’t wait
    You gave me a shock

  5. It was just too good
    You gave such a shock that I am speechless wow
    But plz don’t kill swara

  6. It was just too good
    You gave such a shock that I am speechless
    But plz don’t kill swara

  7. awesome plot yaar!!! can’t wait!! plz come up with this as early as u can…!!

  8. But don’t make swara has a terrorist please. And Don let her die too

  9. Is it related to season 1

  10. My frnds… Its a bit different concept… Yes this story too has a lot of suffering and emotions but i promise i will give you a great story.. And haa this is a new story which is not related to season 1 so don’t get confused… I assure you the ending will be happy. But to understand the true colours of happiness first we have to experience pain… Thats why… Plz read it…

  11. Omg ! It was a very big shock but pls dnt let swara die pls

  12. Pooja26

    omg!!!!!!!! back wit a big bang!!!!!!!!

  13. Oh god. So painful. Bt i must say u r a really gd writer. N all the best.

  14. nice what a shock? is she really a terrorist… may be its his misunderstood…

  15. Abirsha

    Awesome….. Very nice

  16. Soujanya


  17. intrsting di…..waiting 4 it..

  18. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear.. Even though sad bt interesting

  19. Interesting waiting for episodes

  20. Niku

    Killer but y u always makes cry or suffers us in pain

  21. Is it continuation of season 1 or a fresh one plzzz…answer it.

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