swasan… dont hate me season 2… chapter 7

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Terrorist attack on mumbai.. Terrorists enter hospital..

Terrorist were laughing seeing swaragini shocked..
Terrorist: who is swara n who is ragini..
He sees their id card and laughs..
Swara: you all will pay for ur misdeeds..
Ragini: my laksh will make you all realise what mistake you all have done..

Ragini fell on floor holding her cheek.. But her gaze had the same determination..
Terrorists: lower your gaze..
Ragini: never..
Terrorists: lower your gaze i said..
Ragini: what will u do haa…kill me as u ve killed many innocent haa..kill me ok…Comeon kill me..but don’t forget two of your mates are injured.. Who will treat them…
Swara: you all have done a grave mistake..

Terrorists fumed in anger seeing the two girls in such a fierce role..

Swara: we are not afraid to die remember you all.. We are not afraid of you all…
Terrorists: ok… So see.. I will kill all your patients in front of u all.. Then we will see…

Swaragini laughed at this.. Terrorists were again shocked..
Swara: see.. See just who are there in form of patients..
Ragini: to befool u we had kept dead bodies… Now what will u do..
Swara: u will kill us.. But ur death has already been entered the hospital..

Terrorists were shocked.. They saw police force coming inside from the glass window. he looked at both the girls and fumed.. Before he could do anything police was standing in front of them..
They turned to move backwards and saw sanskar standing there with a gun in his hand..
Sanskar: leave the girls n i promise i will give u painless death…
Police soon overpowered 5 terrorist.. Two were shot by sanskar.. Chief terrorist held swara by her hand and put gun on her forehead.. Sanskar saw him and fumed in anger..
Sanskar: how dare u..
Terrorists laughed..
Terrorist: let me go or u will see this bullet making a hole in her forehead..
Sanskar: leave her u eunuch.. You are not a man… You are using a girl for ur defence..
Terrorists: gun down mr maheshwari.. Or..
He slaps swara..
Sanskar: youuu…..
Terrorists: guns down..
Sanskar signed all to lower their gun..
Swara: no sanskar.. Don’t take my tension.. Don’t let this dog go..
Terrorist drags her to terrace.. Police was following him..
Terrorists made her stand on the edge of terrace
Terrorist: now my helicopter will come n after that i will push u down from here.. You are not afraid to die na..
Swara stared at him furiously..
Swara: you have done a grave mistake by taking me here…. Now u wil pay..
Swara kicks at his private part with all her strength.. He falls on the terrace but in turn pushes swara from the terrace..
Swara felt as if her weight was reduced to nill.. The ground under her feet was removed.. She knew she was falling.. But suddenly someone held her hand n pulled her upwards with a jerk… And the next moment she felt herself lying on someone.. she opened her eyes and saw sanskar under her.. She saw his twinkling brown eyes.. With tears… Wait were that tears which were adorning his eyes.. Swara was astonished to see this..she get up and he too… She looked at sanskar..
Sanskar: are u fine..
Swara nodded.. She was turning to see the terrorist when she felt herself in a bone crushing hug..she saw herself in sanskar’s arms.. Sanskar was hugging her tightly.. Tears were streaming down his face.. Swara felt relived in his hug.. She too hugged him back.. She heard him murmuring under his breathe ” thank god you are fine.. I would have died if anything would happen to u” swara jerked her mind.. She was not able to believe that he said this. Suddenly sanskar realised what he was doing.. He composed himself and saw whole team looking at them with awe.. Yes they will definitely as noone has seen sanskar crying or hugging a girl.. Sanskar looked at swara and saw blood oozing out from the corner of her left lip.. That blood of swara was enough to boil sanskar’s blood.. He wiped that blood softly with his thumb and then looked at the terrorist with raged eyes.. He went straight to the terrorist and slapped him..
Sanskar: i told u na leave that girl n i will give u a painless death.. But..

He punched him hard in his stomach..
Sanskar: take him away otherwise he will die before any interrogation.. N u.. Meet u in interrogation.. For which sanskar Maheshwari is famous..

Swara was looking at sanskar with an unknown feeling.. Was she means so much to him.. Her one drop of blood made him restless.. Sanskar turned to her.. He held her hand
Sanskar: u sure you are fine..
Swara: ya..
Sanskar: today also you proved ur bravery..

Swara smiled..
Sanskar : lets go..
Swara tried to walk but her ankle was sprained.. Sanskar saw this and tge next moment he carried her in his arms.. Swara was shocked.. Sanskar carried her to the ground floor.. As soon as they reached ground floor ragini rushed to her..
Ragini: swara.. What happened to u.. Haa.. That dog took u.. Sanskar why u ve carried her in arms..
Swara: didi.. Calm down.. M fine.. Just my ankle sprained n nthing else..
Ragini: sanskar.. R u fine.. Haa..
Sanskar: yes bhabhi..
He placed swara on a bench nearby.. Shekhar ran to both of them n engulfed them in a hug…He folded his hands in front of sanskar.
Sanskar: nah uncle plz.. It waa my duty n moreover i did a favour on myself by saving my bhabhi n my best friend..
Swara looked at him..
Sanskar: now if u Permit me to leave as there are new guests in our custody..
He pointed at the terrorist standing there..
Ragini: sanskar.. Hwz ur bro..
Sanskar: he is returning back tomorrow.. Take care both brave beauties..

Sanskar went from there..

Swara came to hospital and went to check all the patients.. After doing her regular rounds she went back to her cabin.. And waa happy to see the person sitting there..
Swara: mr maheshwari..
Sanskar turned and looked at her..
Swara: u here..
Sanskar: ummm woh.. Aa.. Haaa bhai came to meet bhabhi so i thought k..
Swara: oh.. Sure..
Sanskar forwarded a bouquet of orange roses to her..
Sanskar: for u

Swara: thanku so much.. Its so beautiful..
Sanskar: woh if u don’t mind can we plz have the dinner together..
Swara: yeah.. Sure..
Sanskar smiled.. They talked for a while.. Suddenly door opened and laksh came in..
Laksh: are sanskar bhai bacha le..
Sanskar: what happened..
Laksh: a cat is behind me..
Swara: cat…jiju…

Laksh: sanskar another cat..
Sanskar was confused when he saw ragini entering the cabin.
Ragini: laksh.. I will not leave u.. Sanskar hold him.. And punch him tightly..
Sanskar looked at laksh..
Laksh: bhai ko marega…
Sanskar looked at Ragini
Ragini: bhabhi ki baat nhi manoge..
Sanskar looked at swara and jumped to her side…

Sanskar: swara.. Save me from both of them.. Whose side to take..
Swara laughed seeing this cute side of sanskar..
Swara: are didi.. Why are u scolding jiju haa
laksh: see two cats are talking.. Meow meow meow..meow meow meowwwwwwwww
Swara: jiju..
Ragini: he came to my cabin and called me a lioness.. And then said lion is from felines.. Cats family.. He is calling me a cat..N u r my sister so u r another cat acc to him..
Swara glared angrily at laksh..
Swara : Mr maheshwari.. You are my bestie na…
Sanskar nodded
Swara: then give him two tight punches..
Sanskar: aree..
Swara: if u don’t then u will pay for it..
Sanskar looked at laksh.. Laksh gulped
Laksh: swara… Plz.. U don’t know his punch.. Bade bade criminals b iske ek punch se line par aa jatw h..
Sanskar: m sry bhai…
He was about to punch him suddenly shekhar entered.. All 4 composed themselves seeing him
Shekhar: dr ragini dr swara.. This is hospital.. Patients need u.. N u r treating visitors in such a way..
Laksh ran and hid behind shekhar..
Everyone laughed..

Swara realises her love..

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