swasan… dont hate me season 2… chapter 6

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Swasan moments ????

It was one month since swara’s accident.. She had recovered fully now.. Swasan were getting closer with every meet.. Because of swara sanskar has started to see world with a different perspective.. But still he is very shy To Express his love in front of his lady love

An important meeting was going on.. Laksh was heading the meeting..
Laksh: so.. As you all know 26 jan is approaching and there is a threat to country.. half of us have to go delhi n rest must stay here in Mumbai..

After meeting
Sanskar came to laksh’s cabin..
Sanskar: may i come in sir..
Laksh smiled..
Sanskar: when r u going to delhi..
Laksh: tomorrow morning.. Be careful here.. Terrorists have reached Mumbai acc to our sources..
Sanskar: don’t worry.. Unki khatirdari ache se hogi…
Laksh: ya… After all mr sanskar Maheshwari is there as the host na..
Sanskar chuckled..
Laksh: could u do me a favour.. Can u ask swara to come to juhu at 7 tomorrow.. Along with your bhabhi..
Sanskar: why..
Laksh: are.. I want to see her one last time before going to delhi… God knows whether i will return….
Sanskar: you will return with india’s flag hoisting high… I will ask swara.. N one more thing sir.. Don’t dare to utter these words ever again.. This is your junior ‘s request n younger brother’s order…
Laksh smiled.. Sanskar moved out..

Ragini was sitting tenaed in her cabin.. Swara came inside
Swara: tensed haa
Ragini nodded..
Swara: tomorrow jiju is going delhi dats y
Ragini: swara.. I just dont know why m feeling restless.. I know its his duty but Then also
Tears were escaping her eyes. Swara wiped her tears..
Swara: first of all wipe your tears.. U are wife of a person on whose shoulders rests the responsibility of many lives.. Tears are not made for u
Ragini looked at her..
Swara: tomorrow jiju is going to delhi.. He wanted to meet u.. Be ready at 7 morning ok..
Ragini nodded..
Swara: don’t show ur this feeling in front of jiju tomorrow.. Your tears gonna make him weak.. Do u want this to happen..
Ragini: no..
Swara: didi.. India is a country where the wives of kings used to do their tilak with their own blood before going in a war.. N u.. Will you do his tilak with your tears..
Ragini: no… U r ryt.. I want to be his strength not his weakness..
Swara: dats lyk a wife of a brave man..

@ morning..
Swaragini came to the beach.. Ragini looked at laksh.. Sanskar looked at swara..
Sanskar: swara.. i want to talk something to u..bhabhi u continue bhai..
Swasan went from there.. Laksh looked at ragini.. She smiled..
Laksh: this was the opposite which i thought u will do
Ragini: n what did u think
Laksh: i thought you will cry
Ragini: why.. Because you are going..
Laksh: yeah…
Ragini: see.. You are not ditching me then why should i cry… You are going delhi to save many lives.. to save many women from being widow.. To save many children.. To save many families.. this is a noble work… Why should i cry and make you weak…haa
Laksh looked at her…
Ragini: yes i do care for you.. I would be worried for u with my every breathe.. But i will not stop u from doing your duty.. Country needs u more than me.. I am proud to fall in love with u..
Laksh: you know ragu.. I love u so much yar…
Ragini hugged him tightly..
Laksh: the man on the borders are brave because of their wives like u.. Thank u fr loving me..
Laksh kissed her forehead..

Swasan were watching this from a distance.. Both had tears in their eyes
Swara: made fr each other hai Na
Sanskar: ya..by d way u too be careful. There is a big threat to Mumbai too…
Swara nodded..
Sanskar: bhabhi is really understanding. i mean she concealed her pain with smiles
Swara: sometimes we ve to do this..

26 jan..
Republic day of india… Swaragini were busy in attending patients.. Suddenly swara got sanskar’s call.
Swara: ya sanskar
Sanskar: swara evacuate your hospital as early as possible.. Terrorists are climbing into your hospital. They wanted to take shelter there by keeping patients at gun point..
Swara: what.. Ok
Swara was running in hospital.. After sometimes most of the people were out of hospital.. Swara n ragini were helping other s.. Suddenly someone fired in hospital.. Swara looked
About 10 people who were holding arms entered inside hospital..
Ragini: swara..
Swara: don’t worry..
They were still evacuating as many people as they can.. Suddenly one terrorist held ragini’s hair…
Terrorists: can’t u understand doctor.. this hospital is our property now..
Ragini: hospital is not someone’s property.. Leave me..
Terrorists slap her.. She fell down..
Swara: didi….
She covered her…and looked fiercely at the terrorist
Swara: u animal… Slapping a girl is only your manhood haa… Terrorising people who are ill is only your duty haa…

Terrorists: you have said enough …now get ready to die…
He aimed gun at her when suddenly his companion stopped him..
Terrorists 1: kya hua…
Terrorists 2: sir there isn’t any doctor here besides these two n if you kill them who will operate our leader..
Ragini: i will not even touch that impure person whose hands have been coloured by blood..
Terrorists laughed…
Terrorists: so.. This much fierceness haa.. First tym i ve seen any Indian girl so fierce
Swara: what you have seen in India yet.. If you have so much power then do one on one on border na.. Then you will see the power of india.. Hamara ek ek jawan tum jaise 100 logo ko uda dega apni funk se hi…
Terrorists: ladki… If u utter single word then i will kill All the patients here…
Swara shut her mouth unwillingly.. Ragini clenched her fist.. Suddenly another terrorist came to him and said something in his ears… Terrorists laugh uncontrollably..
Terrorists: oh acha.. So u are ddoctor ragini.. Fiance of our enemy.. N you are doctor swara… Friend of our enemy..

Swaragini looked on..

Swara hanging out of window of 6 floor..

Friends sry i didn’t follow the last precap but i felt an urge to show you all the hurdles of army…hope i didn’t bore u

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