swasan… dont hate me season 2… chapter 5


Hey frnds… Welcome to chap 5

Sanskar saved swara from goons

Swara was discharged..
@ evening..
SwarA was sleeping in her house when doorbell rang..
Swara: kaki plz open the gate..

Swara again closed her eyes.. She was feeling too weak.. Although ragini told her to stay at her place but.. She was so hesitant..
Swara: kaki whose there
Swara tried to get up but again fell on bed Due to weakness..
She held her head.. She again closed her eyes
She felt someone entered her room.. She opened her eyes with great difficulty.. Sanskar was standing with a bouquet of flowers..
Swara: you..
She again tried to sit but again fell on bed with a thud…
Sanskar: are… Aram se.. Take care.. You are still not recovered..
Swara nodded with a smile..
Sanskar placed flowers besides her bed
Sanskar: get well soon.. Fast..
Swara nodded..
Sanskar: acha.. Have you taken your medicines..
Swara: ha.. Just now..
Sanskar: acha badi ma n bade papa wanted to come here to meet u.. If only u like..
Swara: ya definitely i will Like..in Fact i will love..
Sanskar: ohk.. Acha badi ma has sent you food.. Take it..
Swara: ya sure..
Sanskar placed tiffin near her.. He didn’t know what else to talk.. Although he didn’t want to go from there but he didn’t know what to say.. He was really not good with girls..
Sanskar: ummmm.. U take rest.. I should leave now..
OOnly sanskar knew with how much difficulty he uttered these words.. He didn’t want to leave her..
Sanskar turned to go when suddenly swara moaned with pain..
Sanskar turned and saw her holding her head..
Sanskar: are… What happened..
His heart started to beat very fast.. Swara was helding her head..
Swara : Nothing bs a little pain..
Sanskar held her hand and removed from her head.. He kept his own hand on her forehead lightly.. He started to massage her hair gently.. Swara looked at him..
Sanskar: now better…
Swara nodded..
Suddenly sanskar realised what he was doing.. He removed his hand..
Swara: mr maheshwari.. Thank u so much for your care..
Sanskar smiled
Sanskar: its my duty.. Its duty of a friend..
Swara: friend..?
Sanskar: yes.. We are friends na..
Swara smiled..
Swara: yes..

@ hospital
Swara was sitting in her cabin when ragini entered..
Ragini: are swara… Why are you here.. Haa..i told you not to come hospital for a week..
Swara who was sitting with a bandage on her hand and head looked at her and smiled..
Ragini: now smiling haa.. Let papa come.. I know he is gone for tour dats y you are doing this..
Swara: didi… Sans le lijiye..
Ragini came near her..
Ragini: swara betu take care of yourself na.. Otherwise.
Swara: didi.. Woh i just feel lonely in house.. If i come hospital na i feel good..
Ragini patted her hair.
Ragini: i ve told you many times na k shift permanently to gadodiya mension..
Swara: i know didi but.. That place contains my memories.. I feel close to mom dad there..
Swara had tears in her eyes.. Ragini wiped her tears.. Swara smiled at her..
Ragini: take care haa.. I wish you get someone who can fill your life with his love..

@ evening
In spite of having weakness swara did 2 surgeries today.. She came out of ot.. She went to change.. After getting fresh up she came out to go back to her house.. She was feeling quite tired due to weakness.. she was gathering all her strength to take steps.. she saw sanskar coming out of his car.. He saw him staring angrily at her.. Swara smiled at him but he didn’t
Swara: what happened..
She took next step and got disbalanced.. She was about to fall but sanskar held her hand..
Sanskar: i knw dis would happen
Swara laughed.. Sanskar stared at her with full anger..
Swara: are sorry na..
Swara Held her ears.. Sanskar melted at her sweetness..
Sanskar: medicines
Swara: ha..woh.. Mmm
Sanskar: i knw dis too..
Swara was about to say one more thing when she felt her head spinning like a wheel
sanskar: dizzy..
Swara nodded..
Sanskar: i knw dis will happen
Swara: mr fortune teller…plz can we sit if u don’t mind..
Sanskar: ohh sry..
Swara: i knw dis will happen..
Sanskar chuckled.. He held her hand and made her sit on front seat..
Sanskar: you are feeling too weak na.. Who told u to come to work.. Haa
Swara: i just feel too alone in house..
Sanskar was speechless at her answer.. The ease with which she said made sanskar emotional
Sanskar: chlo lets go home.. Ok..
Swara nodded.. She rested her head on the seat.. She cclosed her eyes.. Sanskar looked at her..
Sanskar: swara
No reply
He looked at her and saw her fallen unconscious on the seat.. He panicked.. He was feeling as if his world went upside down.. He stopped the car.. He took some water in his hand and sprinkled it on her face…
Sanskar: swara.. Wake up
Swara opened her eyes..
Swara: what happened to me..
Sanskar: nothing.. drink water..
Sanskar drove swara to her house.. He lifted her in his arms.. With utmost care he placed her on bed.. Swara was looking at his concerns astonishingly…
Swara: m fine mr.Maheshwari..
Sanskar: ya i can see.. No medicines no lunch.. I know how much you are fine..
Swara was shocked at his such behaviour..
Sanskar: plz take care..plz
Swara nodded.. He ssat there and
Sanskar: have your food now.. N medicines too..
Swara nodded like a child.. Swara can sense sanskar’s feeling but she brushed out her thoughts..

@ night
Sanskar was sleeping with a smile on his face.. Laksh was talking to ragini(u know late nyt talks) when he turned and saw sanskar smiling in sleep..
Laksh: ragu..i think ur sister is soon gonna be ur devrani..
He cancelled the call.. He cancelled the call..he went near sanskar.. He took a jug and pour it on him…
Sanskar: aaaaaa…bhai what is dis..
Laksh: oops sry..woh i thought you were seeing some chudail in your dream so..
Sanskar: bhai… She is not chudail.. She is angel.. She is fairy..she is my life..
Sanskar started to stare aimlessly and smiled.. Laksh came near him..
Laksh: whose dat angel
Sanskar: swara… My swara…
He realised what he said and looked at laksh…
Laksh: yippieee… i knw… I knw..
Sanskar: bhai… This is cheating.. Ye chori h
Laksh: ye seenazori h..Go n tell her..
Sanskar: i will… But on ryt tym…

Swara realise her feeling

Credit to: soumya

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