swasan… dont hate me season 2… chapter 4


Hey guyz…back with chappy 4..

Attack on swara..

Swara felt a searing pain in her head… She tried to sit… She felt some liquid on her forehead.. She touched her forehead and saw blood in her hand.. Before she could even understand someone held her forearm roughly and dragged her out of car.. He threw her on the ground… Swara looked up and was shocked to see herself surrounded by goons…

@ swara’s house
Sanlak reached her house… Sanskar rang the doorbell.. Maid opened the door
Laksh: where is swara..
Maid: sir she got emergency call from hospital and she rushed there…
Sanskar: what… Oh god…

@ road..
Swara was feeling dizzy..
Goon: madame ji.. Dat day u were fighting with us na.. Now what happened..
He tried to come closer to her.. In the nick of time swara threw dust in his eyes.. She kicked him with all her strength and ran on road… Goons ran behind her..

@ sanlak
Tension was clearly visible on sanskar’s face… Laksh was driving too fast…
Laksh: i ve informed police.. They will be reaching there at any moment
Sanskar nodded but still his mind was not getting over the thought of her safety

@ road
Swara was running with all her might.. Goons were running behind her… Swara was feeling too dizzy but anyhow she managed to run… Finally her body gave up… She fell down..

@ sanlak’s car
Laksh was driving fast when suddenly sanskar saw a car collided with a tree..
Sanskar: laksh… See… An accident..
Laksh stopped the car.. Sanlak reached the car and found it opened.. Sanskar noticed blood all over the dashboard..
Laksh: this car is swara’s..
Sanskar noticed the drops of blood on ground and then going inside jungle…
Sanskar: she is in jungle..
Laksh: run sanskar..

@ jungle
Swara fell down and hit her head on a stone… A painful moan escaped from her lips.. She tried to stand up.. But someone held her hair.. She looked and found goons smiling dangerously..
Goon: madame ji… Time to meet god…
Two goons held her both arms… Swara was not in a condition to protest.. She saw the goon smiling in front of her..
Goon: that day u kicked me na.. Its the time to pay..
Swara: i am not afraid to die.. I ve done what was right… But u will pay for your deeds..
Goon: madame ji… I will hear your lecture in heaven.. Now remember your loved ones..
He took a knife.. He smiled devilishly and with his full force directed it to her chest.. Swara closed her eyes.. But suddenly she heard a gunshot.. She opened her eyes and saw goon lying in a pool of blood.. With her exhausted eyes she saw two chocolate brown eyes… Then a familiar voice SWARA..
She knew she was safe now.. she felt the two other goons holding her arms loosed the grip.. She looked and saw them wincing in pain on ground.. She was about to lose balance when two strong arms supported her waist strongly but softly.. With her half opened eyes she saw the man… A curve spread on her lips and before dozing off she let a feeble voice out of her lips” SANSKAR.. ”
She dozed off..

Sanskar saw her closing her eyes.. her face was covered with blood oozing out from the corner of her forehead.. Her hands bruised.. her clothes torned up.. Sanskar felt his blood boiling inside him…. He threw her on his left shoulder and support her with his left arm.. He glared at the goons.. He saw laksh fighting with 10 goons alone.. Some more goons come to attack sanskar.. he gave tight punches and kicks.. And within no time all the goons were lying on ground.. Police too reached.. goons were arrested by them.. With great care sanskar laid swara on the back seat.. He felt tears escaping from his eyes..

@ hospital
Ragini came rushing inside the hospital.. She was about to fall down but laksh held her in time..
Ragini: laksh.. Sw. Swara.. Where is she..
Laksh: calm down.. She is fine.. Doctor is doing her dressing..
Ragini hugged him.. Tears were thinking in her eyes.. but the next moment her tears changed in astonishment.. She broke the hug..
Laksh: what happened..
Ragini: turn around..
Laksh turned around and looked.. His eyes felt as if they will come out of socket anytime.. Sanskar was sitting on a bench.. He was continuously wiping his tears.. Never ever laksh saw sanskar having tears.. He was a shy kind of guy.. He was not good in expressing his emotions..
Ragini: is he really that angry young man sanskar Maheshwari..
Laksh: i suppose someone has come for lessening his anger…

Doctor came out..
Before anyone sanskar approached doctor almost jumping..
Sanskar: hwz she..
Doctor: she is fine.. We will discharge her tomorrow Morning.. as a lot of blood loss happened she will be having weakness for about a weak..
Ragini: can we meet her..
Doctor : ya sure..
Raglak went inside the ward.. Sanskar too try but didn’t.. He saw her from a little window.. A bandage was wrapped up across her forehead.. Blue green spots due to blood clotting were there around her eyes.. A cannula was pricked in her left wrist to which two drips were attached.. One contained clear fluid while the other contained blood.. Sanskar felt warm tears escaping his eyes..
Swara opened her eyes hearing the noise.. A smile ran on her lips seeing ragini and laksh..
Swara: dI..
Ragini ran to her and hugged her tightly..
Swara: are..m fine…
Ragini: ha.. Dikh rha h… Seriously if i met those meet those goons i will inject empty injections to them..
Swara patted her hair and wiped her tears… She looked at laksh..
Laksh: hw are u..
Swara: m fine jiju.. Jst a little pain.. Thank u so much Fr saving me..

Laksh: are.. See.. No need to thank me.. It was my double duty to save you.
Swara: double duty..
Laksh: yes.. Not double but triple.. First as an officer.. Second as ur jiju.. Third to save myself from ur di’s anger..
Swara chuckled… Suddenly her gaze fell on sanskar who was standing out and watching her.. As soon as she saw him he lowered her gaze and turned. Swara looked at laksh
Swara: wht happened to him..
Laksh : are he was sad..he is thinking because of him you fell in trouble.. Acha now you take rest.. We will be coming in sometimes..
Ragini: are laksh but…..
Before listening anything Laksh just dragged her out..Ragini stared at him..
Laksh: sanskar.. Me n ragini are coming.. In case swara needs something u just take care..
Sanskar nodded… Laksh again dragged her to a corner..
Ragini: laksh.. Wats this.. It is not the time of romance…
Laksh: it is..but not ours…
Ragini: what…
Laksh: i suppose my chotu bhai has started to fall fr your Friend…
Ragini: friend…
Laksh: oops sry..sister…
Ragini: yes.. Dats better..
Laksh: n i know.. He is very shy.. He wanted to go inside to meet her but he stopped as we were there..
Ragini: oooooo…
Suddenly they saw sanskar going inside..

Laksh: see..i told u na.. Nw let’s listen there talk..
Laksh was about to go when ragini held his hand…
Ragini: kaha… Privacy me dakhalamdazi mt kro mere devar ki…huhh..
@ swara’s ward..
Sanskar came inside her ward.. He saw her lying with her eyes closed..
Sanskar went near her.. He wanted to talk to her but don’t know what to talk.. He wanted to tell her many things but didn’t know where to start.. So he just stood there and stared at her.. Although she was injured.. Her face had become pale due to blood loss adorned with blood clot..still she was looking sweet.. Her hair flick was resting on her cheecks..
Sanskar finally managed to slip some words out of his lips
Sanskar : how… How r u..
Swara opened her eyes.. She looked at sanskar..
Swara: are.. When did u come..

Sanskar’s Heart felt relived when he heard her voice..
Sanskar: just now..
Swara: thanku so much..

Sanskar: it was my duty to save innocent like u..
Swara: today i saw your angry young man look..
Sanskar: you just saw the trailer.. You slept before the actual movie started…
Swara chuckled.. Sanskar felt good to be the reason of her smile. Suddenly raglak entered…
Laksh: sanskar.. Ragini is not feeling good as she is having fever.. I will drop her to her house.. And only one person can stay here so..i think…
Sanskar: i will stay…
Sanskar said this in such jumping manner that swara laughed…
Sanskar glared at her… She composed herself but again started to laugh..
Sanskar: now why are u laughing may i know…
Swara nodded like a child.. Sanskar smiled..
Laksh: ok..so u stay with her.. We will come tomorrow.. Bye take care…
They both went.. Swara looked at sanskar..
Sanskar: sleep now..
Swara: You could have said this in a better way…
Sanskar looked at her.. She was looking like an innocent child..
Sanskar: plz sleep now madame… Now ok..
Swara chuckled.. Sanskar too..

Swara: thx once again.. Gud nyt..
Sanskar nodded…
He watched as she dozed off in sleep.. He sat on the couch and stared at her.. Sanskar was having a race inside his heart.. He was smiling..
He looked at sleeping swara.. He didn’t want to remove his gaze
He came near her… He lightly brushed his hand with her fingers.. He felt a different feeling…

Sanskar: m i in love..

Sanskar smiled.. He dozed off near her..

@ morning
Swara’s sleep was disturbed by some noises.. She opened her eyes and saw ragini standing there along with laksh shekhar and sanskar..
Ragini: gud morning swara..
Shekhar patted her hair..
Shekhar: you made me afraid yesterday..
Swara smiled.. Suddenly she saw ragini filling medicine in injection
Swara: di.. No…
Ragini: yes… Now u will see what happens when you give these to others..
Ragini was about to prick needles in her vein when suddenly sanskar stopped her
Sanskar: bhabhi….
Ragini: yes..
Sanskar: can’t we exchange injection with tablet…
Ragini laughed…
Ragini: why…
Laksh: yes bhai. Pain toh swara ko hoga na…

Sanskar: woh.. I ve some work… U continue plz…
Ragini looked at laksh who was on the verge of laughing…

Swasan moments…

Credit to: soumya

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