swasan… dont hate me season 2… chapter 3


Heeeeellllllloooooooooo frnds… So…plz tell me if u want any changes in the ff story line.. But i promise that the story will be a different and unique one in its own senses…

Swara saved sanskar from goons..

sanskar was sitting on the chair in living room… He was staring at various snaps of swara with her brother.. Suddenly swara came..
Swara: so mr maheshwari.. Tell me is it still paining..
Sanskar: nah… I missed today’s duty..
Swara: are..you are injured and still want to go for duty…
Sanskar: but…
Swara: no but… You know that poison was so strong.. It had make u weak… N chle h hum superman banne k liye…
Sanskar laughed a little At her cuteness.. Doorbell rings…swara opens and saw a mid aged couple standing with raglak..
Laksh: hwz sanskar..
Without wasting a minute and waiting for swara’s reply he ran towards sanskar.. He hugged him…
Laksh: bhai.. Hwz u.. Haaa…hw dis all happened haa….
Sanskar patted his back…

Sanskar: bhai m fine…. Don’t worry..
Laksh looked at him.. He had tears in his eyes..
Laksh: thank god.. I would have died if…
Sanskar: shhhh… M fine bade bhai.. thanks to swara.. She was the one who saved me..
The woman who was standing caressed sanskar’s hair…
Sanskar: badi ma.. Bade papa.. Are m alryt…
Ap: ha beta.. Dat i cn see..
She turned to swara…
Ap: beta… Thank u so much…
Swara smiled a little… Dp placed her hand on her head and blessed her…
Laksh: thanku so much swara… You have done a favour to me…
Swara: are..plz..don’t embarrass me.. I ve done what a doctor should do…

@ evening..
Sanskar was sitting on bed in his room.. Ap and dp were sitting on his both side…
Sanskar: badi ma…bade papa…plz… Don’t make me feel like a patient…
Ap:: keep quite nalayak.. You know how much tensed we all were…
Sanskar: are…m fine sachhi…
Dp: we ve called dr swara here.. She will do your checkup n tell us that you are a patient or not..
Sanskar nodded.. He was happy inside as swara was coming..
After a while..
Swara was in sanskar’s room.. she took her stathescope and began to check sanskar’s heart beat… Sanskar was almost drooling at her… Her touch raised his heart beat.. Swara felt something wrong.. She looked at sanskar and tgen again tried to feel his heartbeats..
Swara: mr.Maheshwari… Why your heart ia beating so fast… U did any physical work..
Sanskar was still staring at her…
Swara: mr maheshwari…. Are you listening..
Sanskar came back to senses…
Sanskar: yes… What..
Swara: kch nhi… You should sleep now.. I suppose you are perfectly fine now…
Swara stood up and collided with stool and fell over sanskaR.. Sanskar was looking at her with lots of love in his eyes.. He never felt this feeling in his life. but he didn’t want to take advantage of situations.. He helped her to stand up..
Sanskar: are u fine swara..

Swara: yah…
She felt something awkward yet different.. Not ready to concentrate on this topic she almost ran from there.. Sanskar looked at her and smiled.. Suddenly he heard a voice.. PEHLI NAZAR ME KAISA JADU KAR DIYA…TERA BAN BAITHA HAI MERA JIYA..
He looked and saw laksh singing this song and giving him a teasing look
Sanskar: are bhai… Jaisa aap samajh rhe h aisa kuch bhi nhi h…
Laksh: oh… By d way i was just singing.. Maine toh kch nhi smjha chotu Baby…
Sanskar blushed a little..
Laksh: so..finally the angry young man is blushing haa… Good…keep it up…

After 1 week
It was evening when sanskar took appointment with swara…he was waiting for her outside her cabin when he saw her emerging out from ot… Covered in green robes.. She went to the lady sitting outside ot..
Swara: mam.. Your husband is out of danger now..
Lady: doctor.. You are equivalent to god for me… You saved my life…my family..
She bent to touch her feet when swara held her hand..
Swara: are..nah…you are elder than me..just bless me that i will continue to save many families throughout my life..
Sanskar was watching all these things from a distance. he felt proud on his choice..
Swara came to her cabin after changing.. She sat on her chair and buried her face in her palm… She was tired.. Her head was aching like hell.. Each N every body part of her was paining..
Sanskar knocked the door..
Swara: come in..
Sanskar came and saw swara fully exhausted..
Sanskar: i suppose i came on wrong time..

Swara looked at him and smiled a little..
Swara: are..nah… Plz come mr.Maheshwari..
Sanskar sat on the chair in front of her..
Swara: tell me..any complications regarding the wound..
Sanskar: no…i just came to thank you for the treatment..

Swara chuckled.. Sanskar was mesmerised to see her laughing..
Swara: are.. It was my duty..
Sanskar: then its my duty too to ask for a dinner tonight if you feel so..as i can see you are not in a condition to prepare dinner for you..
Swara: are..nah…m ok..
Sanskar: i suppose your work hours are over and if you want can we proceed towards hotel merriot… I don’t want to listen anything..
Swara: you are really angry young man..ok.. But i need to change.
Sanskar: hey.. This is not a date.. So don’t worry… You look good in this simplicity too….
Swara smiled..
After 2 hrs..
Swasan were sitting in the car..
Swara: dinner was quite tasty mr.Maheshwari.. N u didn’t let me pay bill..its wrong
Sanskar chuckled..

Sanskar: i won’t mind if someday you too invite me fr the dinner…
Swara: ya sure…
Sanskar: but one condition.. It must exclusively made by u…
Swara chuckled.. Sanskar felt as if someone was tinkling bells in his ears.. He looked at swara and smiled..

They reached swara’s house..
Sanskar: bye miss swara..
Swara: bye…
Sanskar stared at her until she vanished from his gaze…

@ night..
Swara was sleeping comfortably in her blanket.. Suddenly her cellphone rang.. With half opened eyes she saw the no.. She picked up tthe call.
Swara: ya..dr swara bose here..what emergency… This time.. None of the doctors present there… How cn this be possible… Wait m coming.. Ya in 15 mins..

Swara got up.. She got ready and ran to her car..
Maid: swara baby…itne rat mw…
Swara: kaki… Woh emergency… I ve to rush..

@ maheshwari mension
Sanskar was standing near the window… Laksh came from behind..
Laksh: so..my sharmeela bro.. How was your first date haa…
Sanskar: Bhai.. I will Kill u.. This is 16th time i am saying that wasn’t a date.. It was just a normal dinner..
Laksh: ohkk… But till now you haven’t asked any girl for dinner..
Sanskar gave a death glare to laksh… Laksh gulped..
Laksh: i suppose i should sleep now… Gn..
Suddenly sanskar’s cell phone ranged… An unknown no was flashing on it…
Laksh: call… That too so late…
Sanskar picked up the call…

Man: acp sahab… That day that girl saved you…now lets see you can save her or not…
Sanskar: hey you… If you dare to touch her you will get a very bad death…
Phone cancelled… Sanskar Glared at the no..
Laksh: what happened…
sanskar: swara is in danger….

@ way to hospital
Swara was driving suddenly she heard a gunshot.. And then her car disbalanced… Before she could even understand her car collided with a tree.. Swara’s head hit the staring and then…all blank…

Goons try to kill swara..

Credit to: soumya

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