swasan… dont hate me season 2… chapter 2


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Swasan first meet

Swasan were on the way to swara’s house.. There was an awkward silence in the car.. Sanskar was too shy to start a convo and swara..she was too tired to notice all these.. Finally sanskar gathered courage..
Sanskar: hmm swara..
Swara: haa..
Sanskar: you are looking quite tired…
Swara: nah.. Woh..just a little stress..
Sanskar: hmm..
Swara: thanku mr.Maheshwari..
Sanskar: my pleasure young lady..
Swara smiled.. Sanskar saw something amazing in her smile which he never ever felt..
Swara: so.. Tell me something about yourself..
Sanskar: woh.. People call me angry young man of anti terrorism squad..
Swara: but you don’t seem like..
Sanskar: its because you haven’t seen my anger yet.. Well i suppose u will never get such a golden opportunity..
Swara: may i know the reason
Sanskar: because i just don’t get angry on innocent people like you…
Swara smiled..
Swara: who are there in your family..
Sanskar: me.. Bhai.. Bade papa n Badi ma..
Swara: n your mom dad…

Sanskar suddenly applied breaks..
Swara: what happened..
Sanskar: they were murdered in front of my eyes swara… I was 15 then…
Swara got silent.. She looked at him..
Swara: m sry mr.Maheshwari..
Sanskar: no its ok… You know what.. I had a sister too.. i mean she was daughter of badi ma n bade papa.. She was our elder sister.. She was 23 at that time.. They took her with them…
Swara: oh… Didn’t you try to find her..
Sanskar: zameen asman ek kr dia swara.. But..
Swara kept her hand on his shoulder squeezing a little.. Sanskar wiped a drop of tear trying to approach his cheek..
Suddenly sanskar looked in front and was shocked to see the scenario.. About 15-20 goons were approaching them.. Sanskar tried to inform headquarters but network was not there.. He knew he was enough for them but this tym he was not alone..
Sanskar: swara.. Hide in backseat..
Swara: but…
Sanskar: I SAID HIDE..NOW..
Swara obeyed the command like an obedient child..Sanskar moved out of car..
Sanskar: what do you want..
Goon: your life acp..
Sanskar: take if you can…
One goon tried to hit him with a stick and the next mom

ent stick was broken.. Sanskar smirked and looked at him..
Sanskar: now..my turn..
He punched him hard on his chest and the next moment goon was lying on the floor with blood oozing out of his mouth…sanskar glanced at him a little..
Suddenly more goons came with hockey sticks..Chains..bats. N all the other stuff..
Sanskar looked at them and within fraction of second he snatched one chain from a goon and kicked on his face.. Sanskar jumped in air and hit the chain on every goon.. The next second half of the goons were lying on ground.. Rest of the goons too attacked on him…sanskar managed to fight with everyone but suddenly someone scratched his chest with a knife.. Sanskar felt a little pain but composed himself and kicked the goon.. Suddenly thunderstorms started to blow.. Heavy rainfall started..
WWithin these rains sanskar saw the goons getting up… This was easy for sanskar to beat them up again but he as the world is turning upside down.. As if his strength is decreasing.. He still managed tp fight but with less efficiency.. goons were getting good chance to hit him and slowly sanskar was getting weak.. He did not understood why but he saw goons smirking..
Goon: feeling tired haa… You will feel acp ji.. Your last time has come.. That knife had poison which i used to scratch you.. Now ylu will die..

Sanskar fell down.. His vision was getting blurred.. Goon took knife and was about to stab him when sanskar closed his eyes.. But he didn’t feel any pain.. Surprised he opened his eyes and saw the goon lying on ground.. With his blurred vision he saw a girl holding rod in her hand.. Another goon tried to catch her and the next moment girl kicked him right in her stomach.. Girl was defending herself with every attempt as she was perfectly trained in it.. Sanskar thought a lady police officer came to save him.. But the next moment he saw her face and was shocked.. IT WAS SWARA…
She was attacking on goons with great strength.. She alone was fighting with about 5-6 goons which were not lucky enough to be knocked down by sanskar..
Goon: girl.. You will pay..

Swara: first you should be able to survive..
Saying so swara gave a tight kick on his stomach.. Finally only after 5 mins swara knocked down all the goons.. She turned towards sanskar.. Sanskar saw her coming to him but before that he dozed off..

@ morning..
The thunderstorms and rain drops disturbed sanskar’s sleep.. He tried to open his eyes and then he felt a pain in his head.. He finally opened his eyes.. He saw himself lying on the bed at a Room.. There was a little pain in his chest.. He found a bandage covering the wound on his chest.. It Was starting from his left shoulder wrapping around his chest and back then again ending on his left shoulder.. He noticed a bandage on his forehead too.. He tried to get up and stand up.. But as soon as he stood up he felt dizzy.. He was about to fall when two soft hands supported his shoulder.. He looked at the person and saw swara..
Swara: aram se..
She made him sit on bed with a pillow for his support.. He was looking at her..
Swara: don’t worry.. You are safe here..
Sanskar nodded..
Sanskar: thx a lot swara..
Swara smiled a little..
Sanskar: you .. You know martial arts..
Swara: hmm.. Yes.. A little..
Sanskar: that was not little.. Those are the techniques only special squad know..
Swara got a little sad..
Swara: because a special squad person only taught me…
Sanskar: who..
Swara: major karan bose…

Sanskar was shocked to hear the name..
Sanskar: how did you know him..
Swara: he was my brother..
Heari this sanskar felt as if someone gave a tight electric shock to him… Karan bose was sanlak’s mentor.. He was a fatherly figure to them.. Because of him only sanlak got this rank in terrorism squad.. He martyred in an encounter..
Sanskar looked at swara
Sanskar: you are his sister..

Sanskar: a brave sister of a brave man..
Swara looked at him..
Swara: well what’s done cant be undone.. Now tell me mr maheshwari how are you feeling now.. I mean pain has been subsides or not..
Sanskar nodded
Swara: i ve informed jiju but due to thunderstorms he is not able to come.. Aisa kro u get freshen up i bring breakfast and meds for u..

After sometimes
Sanskar looked out of the window.. Raindrops were falling over the beautiful roses.. He was still bare torsoed.. He felt a little cold.. Suddenly someone covered him with a shawl.. He looked and saw swara standing there..
Swara: you are weak now.. You will catch cold..
Sanskar looked at her.. Her hair were wet.. Water was making its way all over from her hair to her shoulders making the fabric of her t shirt wet a little.. She was looking an angel even in her lower and t shirt..
Swara: breakfast is ready..
She helped him to the bed. Sanskar was feeling too awkward by all these things..
Sanskar: m fine don’t worry.
Swara: ya.. I can see..

She left his hand and the next moment sanskar was about to fall.. Swara held him..
Swara: i suppose you were fine na..
Sanskar: woh..ya..mmm..woh..
Swara: alien language mr.Maheshwari. Sry i am not able to understand..
Sanskar chuckled.. Swara too..
Swara: now sit and drink this coffee..
Sanskar: jee madame..

Swasan hospital meet.. Unknown Threats to swara

Credit to: soumya

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