swasan… dont hate me season 2… chapter 10

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Swasan proposal

Swara woke up as the rays kissed her eyes. She opened her eyes and saw herself sleeping on her bed in the same saree she wore yesterday. She smiled realising the reality. Suddenly her phone rang.. She picked up the call
Swara: hello
Sanskar: good morning madame
Swara blushed..
Sanskar: take care n eat ur breakfast.. Miss u..
Swara: me too…i luv u
This was the time for sanskar to blush.
Sanskar: me too..bye..
He cancelled the call..

@ hospital
Swara was in her cabin. After checking patients she went for a round but collided with shekhar..
Swara: woh… Sry sir..
Shekhar stared at her and smiled..
Swara: what happened..
Shekhar: after your duty come to me..
Swara nodded..

Shekhar was sitting in his cabin when swara arrived.
Shekhar: sit beta
Swara complied
Shekhar: beta.. May i ask u something
Swara: u can uncle…
Shekhar: beta.. What do you regard me as..
Swara was confused on his questions
Swara: obviously u are my godfather..
Shekhar: so.. Wouldn’t u mind if i want to marry my two daughters in same mandap…
Swara blushed..
Shekhar: beta i know about sanskar n ap ji herself told me…he is a very good guy..
Swara: jaisa aap chahe..
Saying this she rushed out of his cabin.. Shekhar smiled


Swara was sitting in car.. Sanskar was driving..
Swara: sanskar.. Plz tell me..where are u taking me..
Sanskar smiled and held her hand
Sanskar: jaan.. Just wait n watch
He stopped his car..
Sanskar: now come out of the car.
Swara nodded.. But suddenly as soon as she came out sanskar took her in his arms.. He lifted up her in his arms…
Swara: sanskar.. Where are we going baba..
Sanskar: u ask too many questions.. Now keep quite
Swara: ok..
Sanskar took swara through the most beautiful path she had ever seen.. They reached the mid of jungle.. Sanskar placed her carefully on a bed of flowers.. Swara looked all around.. The scenario was enticing.. It was nearly sunset.. The golden rays of sun were peeping in between the spaces of trees.. Swara looked all around.. She was lying on a bed of pink blossom flowers.. Suddenly she felt as if flowers are being showered on her..she looked up and saw sanskar shaking a branch of tree.. Swara stood up.. Sanskar looked at her.. Swara ran and hugged him..
Sanskar: i don’t know about dinner dates swara.. I don’t know about those lavish parties.. I don’t know about openly expressing my feelings.. But i know that i love you more than my life swara..
Swara: i dont want anything sanskar.. I don’t want dates or dances or as such.. I just want your love.. Which is true just like mother nature..
Sanskar: i ve made something for u..
Swara looked at him but before she could open her mouth sanskar handed a piece of paper.. Swara opened it and with trembling hands she held it..it was a painting.. It was her painting.. As a bride…
Sanskar: you know what.. You come to me in this way everynight in my dreams.. As my bride…
Swara: i will come for real too… Just wait for 15 more days..
Sanskar kissed her forehead..

Swasan raglak engagement.. Sanskar kidnapped

Sry friends fr short n boring update.. I will be back with another one soon

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