swasan… dont hate me season 2… chapter 1


heeeeellllllloooooooooo everyone… you all were tooo eager for the story na… hai na.. well i was eager too… so today i got some free tym n see… i am here to entertain you all….

magical heeling hospital.. better known as mh hospital of mumbai.. known for its selfless services… its the hospital where humanity is above of money…
hospital owner..dr shekhar gadodiya.. an ideal doctor.. although strict in front of all he is the one who is actually the soul of this hospital… he is a dedicated doctor in true sense.. lets see what’s going on in his cabin…
a girl of about 25 was standing in front of him… a beautiful girl who is wearing a simple white churidar along with light pink kurta.. her hair tied up back in a loose ponytail.. no makeup just a little kajal and she was just looking like angel… her white lab coat clearly stated that she is a doctor here..
shekhar: so.. dr ragini.. what did you want to say
ragini: sir.. actually i was dealing with a patient and i found out she did not have money to purchase her medicines.. so sir may i request you to fund..
shekhar smiled..
shekhar: yes.. sure… now back to duty..

ragini nodded and she was about to go when shekhar called her
shekhar: dr ragini…
ragini: yes sir…
shekhar: can you plz tell me what my princess wants in her bday gift today…
ragini smiled..
ragini: hmmmm… papa’s love…
shekhar: my love is always with you my betu.. acha ha.. can i invite maheshwari brother.. i mean sanskar n laksh…
ragini blushed hard listening laksh’s name…
ragini: papa… woh i ve some work…
shekhar smiled and let her go..

ragini came to a cabin.. she opened and found a girl dealing calmly with a patient.. ragini took a look at her and smiled.. the girl with her hair loosely bred in a braid.. small studs in her ear.. not even a hint of makeup but still managed to look extremely beautiful in her yellow kurti with white churidar and a white dupatta draped openly around her neck.. her white labcoat was adorning her.. ragini looked at the name plate which was turned by a wind.. ragini corrected it.. she smiled seeing the name..dr swara bose..

swara: mrs sharma.. i am saying na no need to worry.. your wait is absolutely perfect..
mrs sharma: are dr swara.. my old clothes have become too tight for me…
swara: then problem is not yours..may be they have been shrinked..
mrs sharma: yes you are ryt..
she goes and swara let out a sigh of relief.. she heard someone giggling.. she looked and saw ragini giggling..
swara: mam….
ragini came inside.. and sat on chair..
ragini: swara.. how can you be so patient
swara: mam…
ragini: how many times i ve to say i am your senior infront of all but here just address me as ragu di..
swara: ji…jo hukum
swara took out a gift from her pocket and forwarded it to ragini..
swara: happy wala bday…bday wala happy..
ragini laughed at her childish ness
ragini: whats in tjis…

swara: open it..
ragini opens the gift and saw a beautiful diamond brooch..
swara: it will match your dress that shekhar uncle has given you…
ragini: thx a lot…by d way papa was calling you in his cabin..
swara nodded

@ shekhar cabin
swara: may i come in sir..
shekhar nodded..
shekhar: dr swara… you broke a rule today..
swara: what sir.. which rule of hospital..
shekhar: not of hospital but rules which i set up for myfriend’s daughter n my younger daughter.. you are working continuously for 3 consecutive days and nights.. you were going home just to fresh up haa..

swara nodded..
shekhar: your punishment is you will be on half day’s leave today and i suppose its 12 noon and your dutt is over…
swara: but sir what if any emergency case comes.. i mean surgery n all..
shekhar: whole mumbai knows that you are one of the most skilled surgeon but there are others too.. let others get a chance too i suppose.. now go and ha..don’t forget to come before 5 in evening.. we both have to see all the arrangements of party…
swara smiled..

@ evening
some shop of market…
two guys are purchasing gift..actually one of them is really purchasing while another is like anytime i can fall asleep
the guy who was purchasing gifts went to counter..
guy: how much
counter person looked at gifts in an awww.. it seemed as if he has purchased whole shop..
counter person : sir.. 55 thousand only..
guy paid him and turned to see the second half asleep on the bench nearby..
guy: sanskar beta.. uth ja..
yes.. the guy who was sleeping was sanskar..
sanskar: bhai.. you know you have become mad in love..
guy: anyone can be mad in love if the girl is like ragini..
sanskar : bechara laksh bhai mera..who will believe you are great anti terrorism squad head mr laksh maheshwari…

laksh: ya.. but seeing you anyone can easily believe that you aare deputy head of anti terrorism squad mr sanskar maheshwari.. angry young man..
sanskar gave him a smile
sanskar: my bhabhi is quite lucky

@ evening..
party was started.. ragini was standing with swara.. everyone was coming and giving her gifts…
ragini: swara.. your jiju.. i am going to murder him.. he has not come yet..
swara: koi nhi di.. he will come.. i am so excited to meet him you know.. i ve heard only his name.. mr laksh maheshwari.. criminals shiver from his name… and your devar ji too.. sanskar maheshwari.. defeated gangster jagga bhai single handedly.. i mean..
suddenly all the lights went off.. a single focus was there in the centre of hall… a guy was standing i the middle.. he was wearing a blue shirt with black jeans.. a hat on his head…his face was not visi

swara: whose he
ragini: don’t know..
suddenly his voice echoed in hall
my dearest ragu.. although our marriage is arranged one i fell instantly when i saw you for the first time..you come everyday in my dreams but i request you to come in my life too and fill it up with your love..this performance is just for you…
swara looked at ragini who was blushing really hard.. her face was glowing with love

suddenly music of guitar was echoing in hall..and then a voice..
o o janejana
dhundhe tujhe diwana
sapno me roz aye
aa zindgi me ana sanam…

laksh came in front of ragini.. he took her hand and kissed.. he threw the guitar to someone whose face swara could not see..

laksh danced to the music with chorus dancers..
mere khwab mere khayalo ki rani
ek din bnegi hmari kahani..

suddenly he dragged her to mid and start to circle around her while smiling at her..

aye meri bekhudi
ye kasam maine li
pyar me ek din meri jaan tujhe hai pana..

he twirled her and took her in his arms..

o o jane jana..
dhundhe tujhe diwana..
sapno me roz aye
aa zindgi me ana sanam…

ragini was blushing hard.. laksh came close to her and pecked her cheecks..

everyone was applauding for the couple..
ragini: you are unimaginable laksh…
laksh smiled..
ragini: come on i ve to introduce you to my bestie and siso..
ragini dragged him to swara..
ragini: laksh.. this is swara..
swara: have i seen u somewhere jiju…
laksh: well.. i too feel like.. are you dr swara bose..
swara : yeah…
laksh: ohk… actually somedays before i came to yyou with a colleague of mine… he had broke his arm…
swara: yeah….. i got it..
ragini: so.. its great you both have already met…
suddenly someone came from behind..
ragini: are.. sanskar.. how are you..
sanskar smiled and forwarded a gift to her..
sanskar: happy bday bhabhi..
ragini: thanku… by d way meet my bestie swara..
sanskar looked at her.. but his heart skipped a beat seeing her at first.. her eyes had some magic which was enough to penetrate his stone heart..
swara: mr sanskar maheshwari..
sanskar smiled and nodded..
swara: its good to meet you…
sanskar: same here..

after party was over swasan raglak were busy opening the gift..
ragini: laksh… these arw 109 gifts…
laksh: hawww.. where is one more.. these were 110
ragini :laksh.. i told you na… i just don’t want gifts..i just want yyour love…don’t talk to me..

swasan were busy watching their fight..sanskar was looking at swara… everytime he looked at her his gaze refused to be away from her beautiful face..
sanskar: so miss swara.. tell me something about your family..
swara looked at him and smiled faintly
swara: i don’t have any.. my family is ragu di shekhar uncle n sumi auty..
sanskar felt bad for asking this question
sanskar: oh… m sry..
swara: its ok mr maheshwari..

suddenly she saw time..
swara : di..its too late..i think i should go now..
ragini: wait.. i will ask someone to accompany you to the home..
swara: no di..its ok..
laksh: its not ok swara.. acc to our sources some terrorists have entered city.. so its not safe..
sanskar: if you agree can i accompany you..
raglak looked at sanskar with a shock…
swara: ok..

swasan went while ragini looked at laksh..
ragini: laksh.. kya mai b wahi dekh rhi hu jo tum dekh rhe ho..
laksh nodded..
ragini: our sharmeela sanskar asked a girl ti accompany her to her house..
laksh: 8 th wonder…

swasan surrounded by goons…

so guyz..i know its boring but plz bear this… i will come up with awesome story…

Credit to: soumya

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