swasan… dont hate me season 2… chapter 28

Helloooo frnds…sry fr late…

Emotions of sanlak

It was a seemingly blissful morning.. a person was sitting in the bright sunrays.. his eyes were moist.. it was sanskar
Sanskar: seven days have been passed.. seven days for waiting for the punishment.. seven days of silence between you n me.. seven days… these seven days have killed me seven thousand times..

He felt a hand on his shoulder.. he turned to find laksh ,his companion of sorrow.
Laksh: Don’t worry…she ll forgive you…
Sanskar looked at him…
Sanskar: I don’t want her forgiveness.. I want punishment… how can I forget that its me…its me who is responsible for her condition..
Laksh: bhai… we have same pains….

@ hospital room..
Ragini was lying on bed… she opened her eyes slowly.. she tried to get up but in vain…
Nurse: plz take rest mam…
Ragini suddenly realised something..
Ragini: swara…. swaraa…. where is she…
Suddenly a voice echoed.. “she is completely fine ragu” she turned to see laksh standing at the door..
Ragini stared at him . She wanted to lose herself in his eyes
Ragini: how many times I ve to say m nt ragu for you now…
Laksh sat near her..
Laksh: what if I don’t call you ragu… u will always be my ragu..
Ragini stared at him angrily
Laksh: ragini… I ve hurt u.. and that’s why you are doing this… I accept your every decision..I need this punishment..
Ragini: punishment.. great.. mr laksh.. I am not a doll.. jb man chaha gale laga lia jsb man chaha fenk diya… n if u want punishment then ur punishment .. your punishment is forgiveness… I forgive you… and forget you…forever…
Laksh felt a dagger piercing his heart..he felt as if someone is sucking air around him..
Laksh: ragini…
Ragini looked away trying hard to hide her tears from him..
Ragini: will you please close the door while leaving the room…
Laksh stood up from there.. his legs shaking.. his tears fell on ragini.. she looked at him.. her tears fell on his feet… he looked at her…she turned her face..
He came out from there…
Ap was waiting for him… he looked at her…
Ap: beta…
Laksh: badi ma… ragini…
He felt himself chocking.. Suddenly he felt a warm hug… ap hugged h i m
Ap: beta… there are things that we sometimes need punishment for.
Laksg: badi ma…
He broke down in her arms…

@ swara room
Dr shekhar was doing her normal check up when he felt something..he looked at her eyes. Her eyeballs were moving. A sight of extreme happiness was visible in his eyes..
He held her hand..
Shekhar: swara…swara beta…
And she opened her eyes.. with her feeble voice she said
Swara: shekhar uncle..

Sanskar felt a rush in his body when he heard someone saying “swara madame ko hosh aa gaya”
He ran to icu… with a jerk he opened the door..he saw ap sitting near her..swara was still lying with closed eyes.. ap looked at sanskar..she then patted swara’s hair
Ap: swara beta… see… for whom you were waiting has come..
Swara opened her eyes.. she moved her eyeballs and saw her sanskar standing just in front of her… a smile curved on her lips.. she tried to sit on her bed but her body didn’t allow..she wanted to run and hug her but her weakness didn’t.. she wanted to kiss him but all she could do was to smile..
On the other side..sanskar had a feeling of guilt mixed happiness dwelling in her heart..he wanted to stop time here.. he wanted to hold the moment in his eyes..
His legs finally moved. He almost jumped towards her.. he looked at her.. she looked at him.. they were at the lack of words.. finally swara spoke
Swara: how are you
Sanskar: good..n u
Swara: missed you…
Sanskar: me too…jaan
Hearing jaan from him melted down swara.. tears streamed down from her eyes..there was echoes of cry in room..
Sanskar: Don’t cry..
Swara: why
Sanskar: bs yu hi..
Swara held his hand..sanskar looked at her.. this time sanskar was not able to control..he broke down in front of her.. swara held his hand more tightly.. sanskar looked at her and buried his face near her neck.. he was crying his heart out..


Sanskar lifted his face..he looked at her
Swara wiped his tears..
Sanskar: mat karo itna pyar mujhe swara.. don’t love me this much… I don’t deserve..
Swara : but I want to love you till my last breathe..
Sanskar again held her hand.. he kissed her fingers..
Sanskar: I want my punishment swara..
Swara: for what
Sanskar: for not trusting you…for not giving you time to explain.. for trying to…trying to kill you with these hands of mine..
Sanskar suddenly felt a soft sensation on his lips.. swara had sealed his lips with her..
Swara: you did what I planned..
Sanskar again held her hand..
Swara: I love you…
Sanskar: I love you too…

Happy moments


  1. parul

    wow amazing dr finally u come after long time poor swaragini ,ragini shouldnt forgive laksh easily plz update asap

  2. aamias

    After so much time but I wanted swara to give some punishment to sanskar I want a quick update after waiting so much I just want an update it was good

  3. Raglakholic


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    Outstanding update
    But I don’t want ragini to forgive laksh
    Nd that too easily
    After what ever he had done with her
    Totally loved swasan moment’s

  4. Bhargavi

    Finally you have posted. I don’t know for how many days I have been waiting for your update.
    Thank you so much yar for posting this

  5. Samanta

    Superb one
    But ragini shouldn’t forgive laksh so easily
    Because of him she had gone through so much

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