swasan… dont hate me season 2… chapter 26

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Swara’s past…

Everyone was shocked hearing doctors words.. Sanskar felt his senses becoming numb. He lost balance of his body. he sat on a bench nearby.. People were saying lots of things to him.. But he was too weak to hear.. All he could imagine was his life without swara.. Suddenly he felt his breathe becoming shallower.. He wanted to grasp air.. He ran outside from there.. he ran to the garden of the hospital.. He sat on a bench nearby.. he closed his eyes.. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder.. A soft touc… He opened his eyes and to his pleasure he saw the love of his life as miling right infront of him..
Sanskar: swara…

A tear escaped from his eyes.. He felt her hand wiping that tear.. He looked at her.. He held her hand to feel her presence.. He took her palm to his lips.. He kissed her palm.. He heard a giggle.. Swara was giggling
Sanskar: you can’t leave me..
Swara: everyone comes to this world for a motive.. My motive has been completed.. you are safe now.. I don’t want anything..
Sanskar held her hand tightly and jerked her towards him..
Sanskar: you aare angry with me na.. Then punish me.. Kill me… Jo saza dena chaho.. But not this…

His tears were wetting her palm..
Swara: but why.. It’s been one year.. You have forgotten me.. I don’t have any value in your life.. Than for whom should i live.. I ve to go…
Swara turned her back.. sanskar again held her hand.. He looked at her..
Sanskar: mt jao swara… I ll die…
Swara looked at him.. She looked deep into his eyes Aa if searching for the love she deserved.. Sanskar closed his eyes
Sanskar: plz swara.. Plz… Dont go..
Suddenly he opened his eyes and saw noone.. He looked here and tthere.. He was running almost madly in the garden.. Finally he sat on the bench.. Tears continuously dropping down his eyes..

@ ragini’s room
Ragini was sitting on the bed.. She was looking at some old photographs of her and swara.. Her tears were making way from her eyes to cheecks.. Suddenly someone knocked on the door.. She saw someone standing there… He was that stranger who once happened to be his life…
Ragini: laksh…
She tried to sit properly but felt a sharp pain in her head… A scream went out from her lips..
Ragini: aahhh…
She almost lost her balance and was about to fall down.. But the next moment she felt herself in laksh’s arms..
Laksh: sambhal kr… Take care
Ragini: ya.. What can i do.. First people used to say i ll take care of u.. Then they leave without any reason.. First they make us dependent on them and then they move away…
Her words were like sword to laksh..
Laksh: m.. M sry… Ragu…
Ragini looked at him..
Ragini: plz don’t cl me ragu.. I don’t want to become again habitual of hearing ragu from your lips.. Because it hurts when you don’t..
Laksh held her hands in between his..
Laksh: bs.. Ek last chance.. Plz
This was enough to break down ragini.. she hid her face in her palm.. Her head was aching very badly..
Laksh: plz ragu…
Ragini clutched his shirt tightly.. Her pain was increasing.. Laksh felt something wrong.. He looked at ragini’s face…Her eyes tightly shut.. She was gritting her teeth due to pain…
Laksh: ragu… What happened…
Ragini was not able to reply.. All she could do was to clutch his shirt more tightly.. Laksh felt his heartbeats increasing.. He hugged ragini tightly…
Laksh: shhh.. Calm down… Kch nhi hoga..
HE madr her lie on the bed and rushed outside.. HE ran to shekhar
Laksh: papa.. Ragini…

@ garden
Ap was searching for sanskar.. She saw him sitting on the bench and looking at the stars..
Ap: beta… What are u thinking…
Sanskar: badi ma.. In this one year I used to ask god what was my mistake.. Why he did this to me.. But you know what i am asking him. I am asking what was swara’s mistake.. Why did u made her suffer this much…
He kept his head on ap lap
Sanskar: badi ma.. I am thinking that here u all were with me then also i felt so alone.. What was her condition there..
Sanskar felt his eyes tearing up..
Ap: beta.. You can’t change what’s done.. But now you have to fill up her life with happiness… When she ll wake up she ll be weak.. Both physically and emotionally.. You have to become her strength…
Sanskar looked at ap
Sanskar: will she forgive me..

@ ragini’s room
Laksh n shekhar rushed to ragini’s room..
Ragini was clutching bedsheeT… Her pain was becoming unbearable for her.. Nurse was trying to calm her down but it was of no use… Laksh saw her.. For the first time in his life he was feeling so helpless.. He rushed to her…
Shekhar: hold his hand tightly.. We ve to give her injection immediately..
Laksh held her hand tightly.. Shekhar administered injection to her and within seconds her body started to respond.. She was numb.. She became unconscious..
Laksh wiped a drop of sweat frim his forehead…
Laksh: how is she..
Shekhar: under stress she may face these painful blackouts.. So we have to keep her on sedatives for a week..
Laksh looked at her..
Laksh: m sry papa.. I was not able to take care of your daughter…
Shekhar: i don’t want your sry..
He rushed out of there..
Shekhar sat in his cabin.. He saw ragini’s n swara’s old pics…
Shekhar: oh god.. You know very well.. My daughters are my life.. Although swara is not my blood but i don’t see any difference between her and ragini… Plz save both of them…

Sanskar came inside hospital.. Operation was over.. Swara was shifted to icu..
Sanskar: doctor.. Hwz she..
Doctor: operation was successful.. She is out of danger now…
Sanskar felt as if someone removed a burden from his heart..
Doctor: but because she has undergone a major surgery so she ll be on sedatives for a week..
Sanskar: ya sure doctor.. Plz give her the best treatment…
Doctor kept hand on his shoulder
Doctor: we have to give.. She is a gem to humanity.. So its our duty to make sure she doesn’t get any pain…
Sanskar nodded.. He hugged dp..
Dp: god is great indeed… Today he returned back three lost members of our family…
Sanskar: how will i be able to face her…
He looked at swara through a small glass window.. A nurse came out..
Sanskar: can i go inside..
Nurse: yes.. But only one of you…

Swara sanskar face off

Friends… One of u asked me not to show swara being raped in my any other ff..
Dear. Swara’s character was inspired from one of the survivors from syria… So i showed it…
If u don’t like i ll try my best not to show but still this is the reality of our society Where a pornstar is considered a celebrity but a rape survivor get deprived of even basic human rights…

Friends don’t take it personally.. I ll not show swara as a rape survivor in next ff as this ff is to serve your interest only.. Thx for yoyour suggestion dear… Sry to hurt ur feeling..

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