swasan… dont hate me chap 35 * LAST CHAPTER *


Hey frnds.. So welcome the last chappy of swasan don’t hate me..season 1.. Thank you so much for your support and comments.. So sry for making ypu cry and thank you so much for being happy with my ff.. I will be back with season 2.. A different story..

Swasan marriage..

Sanskar came out of mandap and saw his shoes missing.. He looked at yuvi and lucky who were looking at him with a pout..
Sanskar: mujhe pata tha….
Swara giggled… Sanskar looked at her..
Sanskar: why are you laughing now..
Ragini came in between..
Ragini: why are you teasing my sister haa…shadi hui nhi k bs..
Sanskar blushed..
Sanskar: now give me shoes..and tell me what do u want…
Ragini: hmmmm an NGO in baba’s name.. Which care for all the woman who get tortured by in laws…
Sanskar looked at ragini and nodded.. Ragini placed shoes in front of him..Sanskar smiled..
Laksh: cheating cheatin cheating…
He took the shoes..
Sanskar: laksh…tu mere side hai ya swara ke…
Laksh: bhai.. Ragini did cheating..
Ragini: acha.. What cheating did..
Laksh: she…
Laksh blushed and and looked down..
Sanskar ( so as only laksh can hear) bhai give my shoes back.. Tune toh mujhe bade papa bna dia.. Now don’t you like to become chachu soon..
Laksh: hawwwwww…
Ap: kya khusur phusur haa…
Laksh: mom woh bhai…
Sanskar closed his mouth with his hands..
Sanskar: woh nothing ma…
Laksh: ahhb..kgddjjn…
Ragini: alien language laksh..
Laksh pouted…

@ night..
Swara was sitting on bed.. Her face covered with ghunghat..
Sanskar was standing outside..
Laksh: bhai.. Sometimes earlier you were ready to make me chachu instantly.. But now what happened haa.
Sanskar: woh..nothing…
Yuvi: laksh… Tere time me toh tujhe sher da puttar keh rha tha…now what happened bhai…
Sanskar laughed nervously at him..suddenly they get silent.. Ragini was coming.
Ragini: sanskar bhai.. Swara will sleep if you don’t go..
Laksh yuvi and ragini pushed him inside the room..they bolted the door from outside..
Laksh: ragu… Lets sleep..
Ragini: do you want to sleep or….
Laksh took her in his arms while she giggled..

@ swasan room
Sanskar was mesmerised to see his love sitting just for him.. He came near her.. With his every step swara’s beat was increasing..
Sanskar sat near her on her bed.. He placed his hand over her..
Sanskar: nervous
Swara nodded..
Sanskar: can i see the face of my beloved..
Swara lowered her gaze with a smile.. Sanskar removed the ghunghat.. He touched her cheecks.. Swara blushed and ran from there.. She stood in front of mirror.. She was looking at the image of sanskar moving closer to her..closer closer and finally she felt his touch.. Sanskar hugged her..
Sanskar: i think my love is not feeling comfortable in these jewellery..
Swara nodded..
Sanskar: let me help you…
Although swara already removed all the pins from her dupatta and hairs.. Still jewellery were left…
Sanskar: tell me which thing is the first i should remove..
Swara signed her mangteeka.. Sanskar removed it and kissed her forehead..
Sanskar: now..
Swara showed her earring.. Sanskar removed it and kissed her earlobe…swara was shivering by his touch.. She suddenly felt sanskar’s hand caressing her belly above the fabric of her dupatta..
Sanskar: Now…
Swara turned and kissed his lips… Sanskar was not ready for this sudden surprise.. He too reciprocated back with equal passion.. After a while they stopped kissing… Being extremely shy swara again turned her back towards him..
Sanskar hugged her again from behind… This time his hands were caressing her bare belly as dupatta fell down while they were kissing..
Sanskar: did you like the kiss…
Swara nodded
Sanskar: are you feeling something when i am touching your belly…
Swara nodded again..
Sanskar: how will it feels when i do it with my lips…
Swara blushed hard… His touch was making her wild… BUt suddenly she felt sanskar’s hand regressing back.. She turned and looked at sanskar.. He was unbuttoning his kurta…
Sanskar: so.. U couldn’t tolerate even a second without my touch… My naughty queen..
Swara was not able to say anything… She turned and started to remove her remaining jewellery.. She removed her necklace and kamrband.. She was about to remove her payal when sanskar lift her up in his arms…
Swara was surprised..
Swara: what are doing..
Sanskar: i was just thinking to make love to my wife…
Swara smiled.. Sanskar put her on bed with great care… Sanskar saw a rose lying nearby..
Sanskar: lets play a game my love…
Swara: sanskar…
Sanskar smiled..
Sanskar: i will write something on you with that rose stick.. You have to answer me.. Wrong answer means i will kiss you on the place where i wrote..
Swara gets shy…
Sanskar writes something on her wrist…
Swara: hmm.. I luv u..
Sanskar: right…
He again write something on her other wrist…swara identified but didn’t want to win..she wanted to loose from her love this time..
Swara: i dont know..
Sanskar chuckled..
Sanskar: now be ready for punishment..
He took her wrist in his hand.. He touched her wrist with his lips…swara was electrified by this touch…
Sanskar: hmmm.. Lets see…yes.. Youf belly..
Swara blushed hard… Sanskar touched her belly with passion.. He wrote something on it.. He was so close to her that swara could feel his breathe on her bare belly.. Swara was wanting his touch to be never ended.. She understood that he has written you are mine but she lied..
Swara: i don’t know..
Sanskar knew she was lying.. He smiled at her..
Sanskar: now you will pay my love..
Sanskar slowly moved his lips to her belly.. As soon as he touched his lips with her belly swara shivered.. He was moving his lips on her belly while with his every move swara becAme more and more restles.. Sanskar kissed all over her belly before moving fir the next round..
Sanskar: last round..
Swara nodded… Sanskar made swara turn so that hr back was visible to himm…swara clutched the bedsheet eith her nails..sanskar was watching all these and with her every action his desire for her was increasing..
Sanskar removed her long hairs from her back.. Swara closed her eyes.. Sanskar came close to her ears..he threw rose away and came closer to her ears..
Sanskar: swara.. i knw you are lying.. But i loved your lies..
Swara smiled..
Sanskar: you want me to touch your back haa…
Swara nodded..
Sanskar: as my love’s wish…
He touched her bare back with his fingers while inhaling the fragrance of his love… Swara was clutching tge bedsheet ttightly..
Suddenly she felt sanskar’s lips on her back… A chill ran down her spine.. He was kissing her back sending electric signal to her heart.. Suddenly swara felt her blouse loosened.. He had loosened the hooks…he turned swara to face him
Sanskar: may i use my husbandry rights on you today my love..
Swara: i am all yours…

That night was another simple night for others but to swasan.. It was a sign of their newly found love.. Swara’s wait was over.. Sanskar gave her such happiness that noone elsr could even think of.. That night they slept in each other’s arms.. Stars were giving them blessings that night….

After 5 years…
Swara was standing near a cradle.. A baby was sleeping in it.. Sanskar hugged her from behind..
Sanskar: thanku so much wifey… Our daughter is like you…our sara…
Swara kissed his forehead..
Suddenly they saw laksh coming.. Two kids were sitting on his shoulder.. A girl of about 5 years and a boy of about 3 years..
Laksh: swara yar…ask ragini to at least take care of het children till mom dada not return from teerth yatra…she is busy in her NGO..
Children came down running towards swara..
Swara: are are..shh Smriti and raag.. Chotu baby is sleeping na..
Sanskar went to laksh.. They both saw swara playing with kids..
Sanskar: everything’s fine now..
Laksh: completely fine…

Don’t know why people had so much hatred in their heart.. This life is too short to hate anyone…just spread love everywhere..
What if sanskar started to hate swara..could he be able to get such a loving wife.. Never…

So guys… Finished season 1… I just request you all to read my season 2 which i will start writing after july… Thank u so much for your love and comments.. I will be back… Till then keep waiting keep loving..n haa don’t hate anybody without knowing his reality… Kya pta kis mod par aapko Apka humsafar mil jaye…

Credit to: soumya

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