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Swasan engagement..

It was night.. Sanskar was very happy today.. Swara’s song.. He was blushing..
Suddenly ap entered his room..
Ap: so..my son is blushing haa..
Sanskar smiled..
Ap: i am happy for u.. Are you tired..
Sanskar nodded..
Ap: keep your head in my lap..
Sanskar kept his head in his mother’s lap.. No person is too big not to miss his mom..
Sanskar: ma.. I longed for your love when i was kidnapped..
Ap: shhhh… Mera bachha .. Ordeal is over now.. Sleep..
Sanskar closed his eyes and dozed off in beautiful world of dreams..
@ morning..
Ragini was making swara ready for her haldi..
On the other hand sanskar was pacing around in his room..laksh entered..
Laksh: are..what happened bhai..
Sanskar: laksh.. Plz save me.. I don’t want to apply haldi..
Laksh: ok… Hide behind the cupboard.. I will not say to anyone..
Sanskar: mera pyara bhai.. Luv u..
Laksh: bhai.. I am a boy..
Sanskar hid behind the cupboard.. Suddenly he felt a pinch on his ears..he looked and saw ap pinching his ears..
Sanskar: mom…
Ap: come otherwise i will apply haldi on u infront of swara…
Sanskar: aahaaaa.. Mom… You are very bad…
Ap drags him to hall.. There was a separation in the hall covered by curtains.. Ap made sanskar sit on a stool..
Laksh: u teased me on my haldi na… Now i will show you…
Ap covers him with haldi..
Sanskar: ma.. Where is swara…
Suddenly he heard ragini’s voice…
Ragini: sanskar bhai..your swara is here..
Sanskar looked here and there…
Again ragini’s voice
Ragini: are… Idhar bhai.. Behind the certain..
Sanskar tried to look behind curtains but was unable to..
Laksh: aa.. Don’t you dare to.. You people did not let me see my ragu na.. Now you will pay.. Bola tha na chun chun ke badla lunga..
Suddenly they heard swara’s voice
Swara: jiju.. Don’t be so excited.. Let the juta churai happen.. My didi will win…
Sanskar was saying this time
Sanskar: madame ji.. You know very well..i got the shoes.. But i lost purposefully..
Ragini: n tell me what was the purpose..
Sanskar: because i…
Sanskar blushed… Swara too blushed..
Laksh: are are.. Blushing blushing..great business tycoon mr sanskar Maheshwari is blushing..
Ragini: yaha bhi…mrs maheshwari too is blushing..
Ap: badmasho..

Sanskar came out after taking bath..He saw laksh smiling devilishly at him…
Sanskar: kya hua..
Laksh: waxing time…
Sanskar: no…
He started to run when yuvi held him..
Sanskar: tu kb aya..
Yuvi: wwhen you were busy taking bath..now be ready.. Waxing time..
Sanskar gave him a pleading look..
Laksh: bhai.. U forcefully made me wax my hands and legs.. Now i will wax your hands and legs and chest too….

After a while..
Sanskar’s screams were echoing in the mension.. Swara was getting ready while she heard the screams..
Swara: didi.. Was this sanskar..
Ragini laughed…
Swara: what is going on..
Ragini: khud hi dekh lo..
Swaragini went to sanskar’s room.. Sanskar’s face was covered with a face pack.. Cucumber slices were kept on his eyes.. He was getting his hands waxed while lucky and yuvi were laughing holding their stomachs..
Sanskar : i will kill you both…oh god..bas kahi swara na aa jaye…
Laksh: god didn’t listen u…she is standing right in front of you..
Laksh removed cucumber from his eyes.. Sanskar saw swara and ragini standing on the door…seeing sanskar swara laughed out loud..she ran from there..
Sanskar: lucky k bachhe.. Tu gya…

After a while.. Sanskar was running behind yuvi and laksh..

@ night
Swara was looking at her mehandi while staring at sky.. This was the second time in her llife her mehandi was so dark..
Swara was thinking about every moment with sanskar.. Tomorrow she will be his wife… By this time she will be having sindoor in her hair of his name.. Suddenly someone knocked the door.. Swara turned and saw sanskar standing there… She blushed seeing him
Sanskar: whenever you blush i am not able to control myself swara…
Swara looked at him..
Sanskar: i just came to inform you that bad things are over swara… Tomorrow you will be mine.. I will be yours..
Swara hugged him tightly..
Sanskar: this is your last night as miss swara.. Tomorrow you will be mrs swara sanskar Maheshwari..
He kissed on her forehead..
Sanskar: take rest..
Swara: you too..

@ morning
Wedding preparation were going on in a fast pace.. Ragini was pacing here and there.. Swara was handling smriti.. Laksh was busy watching all his preparation.. He colided with ragini..
Laksh: have you taken food ragu…
Ragini: yeah…n u
Laksh: yupps.. N haa.. Jute nhi milenge..
Ragini: hum cheen lenge..
Theu laugh…

@ evening..
SwarA was looking herself in the mirror..
A silk lehanga of red and white colour.. Her full sleeves blouse complimented by red bangles.. Her hair which she chose to leave open was adorned with gajras.. Her long earrings and a simple neck piece.. How can she forget about her nose ring.. Her mangteeka was like moonlight for moon.. Her beauty was increased by the natural blush on her cheecks which came instantly whenever she remembered sanskar..

Ragini came..
Ragini: chliye jethani ji…
Swara: didi….
Ragini laughs… Swara hugged her..
Ragini took swara to the mandap.. Sanskar heard the voice of her anklets.. He turned at once.. His heart felt immense happiness seeing her.. This was swara…his swara…
Ragini made her sit besides sanskar.. Sanskar looked at her..
Sanskar: can i say one thing
Swara nodded..
Sanskar: you are swara or a fairy..
Swara blushed..
Marriage rituals were going on when ragini was in tension…
Ragini: jute nhi mile…
She looked at laksh n yuvi..an idea clicked her mind..
Ragini looked at laksh in a cute wau..laksh’s heart was about to come out when yuvi said
yuvi: lucky.. Chal hai..
Laksh complosed hImself..ragini came near him..
Ragini: you are looking damn handsome today..
Laksh smiled.. He stood up..
Ragini: come inside room…
Laksh stood up..yuvi tried to stop him but laksh became deaf…
Yuvi: kamal hai..love is blind suna tha..love is deaf…first time heard…
He kept shoes near him and began to enjoy the rituals..
@ Raglak’s room
Laksh was kissing ragini’s lips passionately…
Laksh: ragu.. You are looking Beautiful… Should we plan for second baby….
Ragini giggled…
Laksh: waise aaj itna pyar kaise…
Ragini: pyar apse nhi sanskar bhai k juto se hai…
Ragini ran from there…laksh ran behind her..he went to yuvi who was asleep on the chair..
Laksh: yuvi jute..
Yuvi woke up..
Laksh: jute kaha h yuvi…
Yuvi: shoes…
He looked and tried to search but…
Laksh: woh rahe..
They both saw ragini holding shoes and smiling at them..

Swasan marriage was going on…
Panditji: its time for 7 pheras..
Swasan looked at each other.. They stood up..
Sanskar held swara’s hand.. They took 7 pheras while looking at each other..
Panditji: plz tie this mangalsutra as token of your love..
Sanskar took mangalsutra in his hands.. He looked at swara whose eyes were staring to fill up with tears of joy..sanskar touched her neck and tied the chain in her neck… He adorned his love by a simple gift..
Panditji: plz apply sindoor in her hair and complete the last step towards a happy married life..
Sanskar took sindoor in his pinch.. Swara looked at him.. She bowed her head and closed her eyes.. Sanskar remembered how much swara loved him..now she will be his forever..
He filled sindoor in her hair.. Swara looked at him while sanskar was mesmerised to see his angel turned in his wife…
Sanskar: i love you mrs swara sanskar Maheshwari
Swara: i love you too..mr sanskar Maheshwari..

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