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Helloooooo frnds.. I hope my last chapter didn’t make u cry more… And if it did then no problem.. Swasan Romance is there in this chapter..


It was night when sanskar woke up with a nightmare.. don’t know why he was feeling restless.. He wanted to see swara now..
He stood up and went outside his room.. Night lights were been lighten.. He took his way to swara’s room.. He stood on its door.. Door was slightly opened.. He saw his love lying on the bed.. she was indeed looking like a sleeping princess.. With trying hard not to make any noise sanskar entered her room.. He sat on her bed.. With lots of love he stared at her.. She was in a deep sleep.. Dark circles around her eyes clearly indicated that she was deprived of sleep for months.. She has really become pale.. She lost herself completely just to take care of him.. Does he really deserve this much of love..
With utmost care sanskar took her palm in his hand and touched it to his lips.. He doesn’t wanted to wake her up.. He wanted to be with her.. He wanted their heart to talk.. He touched her hair.. He caressed them as if it was made up of gold.. He smiled a little.. His heart wanted to take away all the pain she had faced due to him.. He was unconscious but she.. She died everyday in this one year.. If she wanted she could start her life afresh but she didn’t.. She dedicated her everything for him.. How selfless was she..
Sanskar was thinking all these.. Tears fell from his eyes.. He just didn’t want ti wake her up so with lots of care he placed her hand on her belly.. He looked at her one last time and then moved out.. Swara opened her eyes and saw him moving out.. She smiled and followed him..

Sanskar was standing on terrace.. clouds were covering the moon.. Similarly tears were covering his eyes.. He felt a tap on his shoulder.. He turned and saw swara smiling at him..
Sanskar: u here..
Swara: yes.. Aapka kuch choot gya..
Sanskar: what..
Swara: yes.. U left your tears with me..
Sanskar: you were…
Swara: yes.. I was awake feeling your love for me..
Sanskar turned..
Swara: what happened.. You look tensed..
Sanskar: swara.. I was cursing myself..
Swara was confused
Sanskar: you know what.. Everytime i see you i remember that night… I remember how helpless i was.. I was not able to save you from those animals..
Swara: but..
Sanskar kept his fingers on her lips
Sanskar: let me speak swara.. Let me speak my heart out..
Swara: ok..can we sit and talk..
Sanskar nodded… They were sitting on a swing nearby at the next moment..
Swara: now say..
Sanskar: swara.. Don’t love me this much.. Everytime you care for me i feel guilty.. Swara really my heart aches everytime whenever i remember that night.. Your screams your tears.. Everything is fresh in my mind..
Sanskar looked at swara who was listening to all this with tears..
Sanskar: what happened
Swara: how dare you to say don’t love me haa… Who are you to govern my life.. Even god can’t stop me from loving you..
Swara said these things while hiding her unshed tears..
Sanskar: m sry swara.. But what can i do haa.. I always feel guilty as i was responsible for your pain..
Swara: u think that it was your mistake
Sanskar: yes
Swara: u want to rectify it
Sanskar: yes…but how
Swara: give me double the happiness by marrying me..
Sanskar wondered how easily swara said this thing.. Her innocence was clear in her eyes.. Sanskar held her face with his hands.. He looked in her eyes..
Sanskar: i am not eligible for this love swara..
Swara removed his hands from her face.. She looked at him and then ran towards the end of terrace..
Swara: ok sanskar.. Nhi ho na aap mere layak.. Ok.. I don’t want so great life which doesn’t have your name.. Nhi chahiye aisi zindgi mujhe jiske layak aap nhi.. Better to die then to live without you..
Sanskar: wait…noo
Swara turned and looked down.. Sanskar held her from behind and pulled her..
Sanskar: pagal ho gyi ho kya haa… I will die if anything will happen to you..
Swara: let me die na.. You said you are not eligible for my love then better to end this life na..
Sanskar: m sry swara.. N sry shonu.. I was wrong.. I was wrong..
He hugged her tightly.. Swara too hugged him back..
Swara: never ever repeat these words again..
Sanskar: promise..
Suddenly swara felt rain..
Swara: its raining lets move to a shelter..
Sanskar: i suppose u like rain..
Swara: yes but you will catch cold..
Sanskar: ok i am moving to shade.. You enjoy..
Swara: but..
Sanskar: i will enjoy watching you enjoying rain..
Swara nodded.. Sanskar went to shade.. He was watching swara..drop by drop getting drenched in rain. Rain drop wanted to touch her beautiful skin.. Swara was dancing like a small child.. She was smiling.. Sanskar was mesmerised to see her this form.. He was not able to control himself.. He went to her..
Swara: are you will catch cold..
Sanskar: i cant.. And if i will you are there for me na..
Swara nodded..
Sanskar: can i ask for a dance young lady..
Swara smiled..
Swara: but music..
Sanskar: our breathe and heartbeats are enough..
He held swara’s hand and placed it on his shoulder .. He took another and held it tightly yet softly in his palm.. He put another hand on her waist and pulled it lightly towards him.. They moved with the rhythm of rain.. They moved with the rhythm of heartbeats.. Why to need music when their breathes were enough..
Sanskar turned and turned her.. He was looking at her as she was hid queen.. He was handling her body as if it was made up of silk.. Everytime he twirled her.. He was able to feel her hair.. They danced and danced until rain stopped

Sanskar hugged swara.. Swara hugged him back.. Water was escaping from her hair..
Sanskar: you are very beautiful swara..
Swara blushed..
Sanskar: luv u..
Swara: me too..but now lets go.. I cant be able to stop my laugh when i will see you Sneezing tomorrow..
Sanskar patted her hair lightly..
Sanskar: pagli..

@ morning..
Sanlak were having breakfast with family..
Ap: are ji.. Watchman said there are ghost in our house
Dp: what rubbish
Ap: he said he saw two shadow in night..on terrace..
Sanskar dropped food from his spoon..
Dp: are beta..what happened
Laksh understood everything
Laksh: it seems that bhai bhooto se dar gye..
Sanskar gave a death glare to him..
Dp: koi nhi ap ji.. We have cctv camera na.. We will check recording..
Swara came out just from the kitchen dropped the plate from her hand listening this..
Ap: are bete.. Aram se..
Laksh: lagta h swara ne bhi bhoot dekh lia..
Sanskar again gave a death glare to lucky..
Dp: chlo lets check the recording..
Sanskar Was working quickly in mind.. Oh god.. Swara was looking at sanskar as anytime she will cry.. Laksh who was watching all this laughing..
Suddenly an idea pricked in sanskar’s mind..
Sanskar: aaaahhhh…
Everyone was shocked..
Swara: what happened..
Ap and dp rushed to him..
Ap: are what happened beta..
Sanskar held his chest..
Sanskar: mom.. My chest..my heart is paining..
Dp: are..lets call doctor..
Laksh: bhai. Heart ia on left side… You are holding right..
Sanskar looked angrily at him.. Swara understood sanskar’s plan..
Laksh: bhai.. I suppose you got acidity.. No prb.. Mom prepare the nesm juice.. He will get fine..
Ap: u r ryt…bechara mera bachha..ruk ja beta..just bringing it..
Ap goes..
Sanskar: are..i am fine..
Dp: sit here..you will drink it.. That too in front of me..
Ragini hit swara’s elbow
Ragini: was that bhoot were you two..
Swara nodded..
Ragini: now bhoot will get good treatment…
Swara: didi…
Ragini: m laksh’s wife.. I ve to be on his side..

Swara saw sanskar who was waiting for the juice as if waiting for death..ap came from behind with juice.
Sanskar: mom..
HE tried to run when dp held him.. Laksh held his other hand..
Ap: open your mouth..
Sanskar: no..
Ap forcefully made him drink the juice.. Sanskar was looking at her and then laksh..
After finishing juice sanskar sat on chair..
Laksh: u are feeling ok now haa..
Sanskar smiled cruelly at him..
Sanskar: tera kya hoga kaliya…
Laksh: sardar… Maine aapk namak khaya h..
Sanskar: ab mar kha..
Laksh ran and sanskar chased him..
Ap: inko kya hua..
Ragini: mom.. Ram bharat milap..

@ room..
Sanskar: lucky k bachhe.. Second time you..
He punched him..
Laksh was laughing..
Swaragini went there and laughed..

@ evening
Everyone was getting ready for the party.
Sanskar was managing arrangements.. In a gray tuxedo he was looking really a prince.. Laksh too was helping him..
After a while party started.. Guests were started to come..
Sanskar’s eyes were trying to find swara..
Laksh: bhai..
Sanskar: hmm..
Laksh: how will she handle all this paparazzi.. I mean she is not used to all this na..
Sanskar: i am there to handle it all..
Suddenly they saw swaragini coming down the stairs..
Sanskar was Staring at het without blinking eyes.. In a flowing Lavender gown with small studs swara was looking just like a fairy.. The flower tiara on her long hairs was indeed lucky to sit on the crown of duch a sweet girl.. On the other hand ragini was coming in a pink dress.. Her dangling earrings compliment by her subtle make up was enough to make her looks like the daughter in law of such a big family..
Whole media and cameras turned towards them.. Sanskar came forward and took swara’s hand in his.. Swara smiled a little..
Media surrounded them
Reporter: sir you are going to break many hearts today..
Sanskar: ya.. I know..
Reporter; Sir you are getting officially engaged today.. For how long you were dating
Sanskar: hmm.. Actually i dated her for 4 months and she dated me for 1 year and 4 months..
Reporter: sir your love story is indeed a fairy tale love story… Can you plz summaries it in 1 line
Sanskar: two different people met in different situations lead to one life..
Repoertet: it is indeed the most beloved love story.. Sir..
Sanskar smiled..
Sanskar: now if you all halt for a while then i would like to introduce you all to my would be better half.. Miss swara..
Swara greeted them with a confident smile..
Sanskar: before you ask any questions i would like to tell you all that if swara would not have been there.. Then i wouldn’t have been standing here alive.. She is the reason i am alive..
Reporter: thanku sir.. With your due permission can we ask questions from mam..
Sanskar looked at her.. Swara nodded..
Reporter: mam.. Tell us something about your Family
Swara: i..
Sanskar looked at her..he was about tp interfere when swara’s reply made him happy
Swara: i have a big family.. Maheshwari family.. And sanskar is my everything..
Reporter: it seems you are head over heals in love with him.
Swara: ya indeed.. After all he is such a person..
Suddenly another reporter interfered
Reporter: mam.. When sir was kidnapped we were informed they were demanding a girl.. Are you the same.. Whats the relations between you and kidnapper..
Swara was quite for sometimes.. Sanskar looked at reporter in deadly way..
Swara: i ve the sane relationship with him as human should have with a demon..
Sanskar was shocked as well as happy at her reply..
Reporter: mam.. Sir was in coma for last one year.. Haven’t you ever felt as if you are responsible for it..
Swara held sanskar’s arms tightly.. This time she was speechless..
Sanskar: why should she feel this.. She was the one who saved me.. She was the one who is responsible that i am alive.. She is the reason that i came back defeating death…now hope so all your questions are over..
Sanskar held swara’s hand tightly.. She looked at her with love..
Sanskar and swara went towards main stage.. The couple was really looking heavenly..
Dp: ladies and gentle men.. I am really glad to announce about the better half of my beloved son.. As a father i would like to congrats them for the engagement and wish them a beautiful life ahead..
Ragini and laksh bring rings..swasan exchanged the rings.
Ragini: ladies and gentleman.. Today on this beautiful occasion i would like my would be sister in law to express her love in front of you all.. Many of you don’t know that swara is just as her name.. She is a beautiful singer…so now be ready to get mesmerised by her beautiful voice..
Swara was looking at ragini in I WILL KILL U look..
Ragini fforcefully gave microphone to swara..she was feeling nervous when he felt sanskar’s touch on her palm.. She looked t him.. He gave her an assured look to him..
Swara: good evening everyone.. today i want to express my love to the person who is my life.. I must say i am very lucky to get him.. This song for my love..my sanskar

A melodious voice started to echo in the hall.. Everyone was mesmerised to hear..
Swara looked at sanskar..

Sanskar was looking at her With love..
Swara held his hand tightly
Sanskar wiped a tear from his eyes.. Her love was clearly visible in her voice…

Swara: many reporters asked me what sanskar is for me….these words are enough to describe this..

Sanskar remembered their evey meet

Swara looked at him.. Tears were filled in her eyes.. Without blinking eyes

Sanskar was touched by these words..
Swara smiled and looked at the gusts

Applause and appreciation was everywhere when she finished the last line..
Swara looked at sanskar who was staring her as if she was the most precious jwell of this world.. He sat down on his knees and kissed her knuckles.. Swara blushed…

Swasan haldi n mehandi… More romance

Credit to: soumya

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