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Full of swasan Romance..

@ mm..
Swara made sanskar lie in his room.. She covered him with a comfotor and kissed his forehead..
Sanskar: you know what swara…i am really blessed to have you..
Swara: no… I am blessed to have you my prince charming.. Today i believed that happy endings too exist…
Sanskar looked at her with affection..
Sanskar: luv u so much.
Swara: luv u too..now sleep..
Swara messaged his head while he closed his eyes.. They were unaware of two pair of eyes watching them with lots of affection… Dp and ap
Dp: ap ji…i think we should get them married soon..
Ap: but sanskar has still not recovered fully…
Dp: swara’s love is enough to make him better..
They smiled seeing their son asleep in their would be daughter in law’s lap…

@ evening..
Sanskar Was coming downstairs when he saw hustle bustle in house..
Ap was shouting at someone
Ap: how can you all be so careless.. see tomorrow is a big function and you all have to do work..
Sanskar came to her and hugged her like a child..
Ap: beta you woke up..how are you feeling now..
Sanskar: better ma.. Why this hustle bustle..
Ap: your dad has organised a party for your recovery… And he will announce about your relationship in that party as media is very eager to know
Sanskar smiled.. He saw ragini taking swara somewhere..
Sanskar: hmm…ragini.. Where are u going..
Ragini looked at him and smiled a little..
Ragini: sanskar bhai.. Or i should say my future jiju.. You want to know where i am going or where i am taking swara..
Sanskar chuckled..
Ragini: are tomorrow is party na and i don’t think swara is gonna wear any Indian outfit in the party.. Its shopping time for us..
Sanskar: can i…
Ragini: don’t u even think so…its just swaragini’s time…
She took swara from there…
Sanskar went to his room.. After a long time he opened his cell phon’s old news feed…
He read the first headline
Well known business tycoon and one of the most eligible bachelor mr sanskar Maheshwari is missing since yesterday. Acc to our information he went to airport to board a flight to England when some goons attacked on him and Kidnapped him. His car was found at xyz place with his driver murdered. Who is behind this kidnapping is still not known. Our team wish him to be found out soon.

Sanskar frowned reading that article. media was really concerned about him.. He Laughed.. But a flashback came to his mind..

Sanskar was seeing swara’s pics in his cell phone.. Suddenly driver stopped the car..
Sanskar: what happened..
Driver: sir someone is lying on the road..
Sanskar: lets see..
They both came out of car.. Suddenly sanskar heard sound of a fire and next moment he saw his driver fallen down with a bullet right in his head… He was about to come out from this surprise but someone hit on his forehead with a rod… He winced in pain when as many as 10 goons came and started to beat him.. They beat him till sanskar got fully unconscious..

After what seemed like infinity someone threw water on him..Sanskar opened his eyes.. He tried to move but he found his hands tied tightly to a pillar..
Sanskar: where i am… Who are you..
Face of lakhan came in front of his eyes
Sanskar: you..
Lakhan: NamAstey sirji…
Sanskar: open my hands and i will do a good NamAstey..
Lakhan slapped him… He held his hair..
Lakhan: suna hai you are getting married to swara… Hmm..
Sanskar: don’t you dare to take her name from your bl**dy tongue..
Suddenly he heard a laugh.. Raj too came in front of him..
Raj: ok.. But what will you do when you will see us snatching her dignity in front of your eyes haa…
Sanskar: dare not to..bigada kya hai us ladki ne tumhara ha..
Raj and lakhan laughed..
Lakhan: sirji.. Now get ready.. Your swara will come here and with her own tongue she will request me to take her…
Sanskar: she can never do this..
Lakhan: i think she loves you more than her dignity..
He called swara… While he was talking to him sanskar’s blood was boiling.. Suddenly someone hit his head violently and he shouted
Sanskar: swaraaaaa…
All was black
Sanskar was thinking this.. He swapped the next news headline..
Dr. Arjun Agrawal murdered
A well known cardiologist of india dr arjun agrawal was found murdered mysteriously in his car yesterday.. Dr arjun is very good friend of durga prasad maheshwari… A notable point is that dr. Agrawal was murdered the same day when mr.Maheshwari was kidnapped.. A cd has been found in his car which was kept purposefully.. Acc to police this cd contains a torture vedio of mr sanskar Maheshwari.. This clearly indicates that this murder has a deep relationship with the kidnapping case.. Who is behind this and what are his demands is still unknown..

Sanskar felt a deep guilt.. Arjun uncle was murdered in all this.. Again a flashback came in front of his mind..
Someone threw water on his face.. He woke up..
Lakhan : sirji..swara is remembering you.. And within some hrs she is about to cry hard as i am going to murder dr arjunn
Sanskar: see.. Ur enmity is with me.. You will not do anything to her..
Lakhan laughed..
Raj: lakhan.. Should we send a vedio to her..
Sanskar was not able to understand anything while a man came with a hunter..he started to beat him…sanskar waa crying in pain.. He tried hard to control his voice as he knew they are doing all this to make swara weak…but his body was paining.. Every part of his body had blood oozing out.. After an hour his body gave up..all was dark..
Sanskar shivered remembering that night.. Tears rolled down his eyes.. How helpless he was… Whenever the hunter hit him he longed for her love… He remembered how he thought he will never be able to wake up…
With trembling hands he swapped for next article..
Today maheshwari family got another vedio of torture of mr maheshwari.. Their intentions have been revealed.. They want a girl named swara in his return. Who is this girl and what relationship does she have with sanskar is still unknown.

Sanskar read that and again went back to his memory world
He was lying on the floor with his hands and lrgs tied up.. Someone has gagged his mouth… Suddenly lakhan pulled out tha gag and said..say hii to swara..
Hearing this sanskar came to senses.. His body was paining but with all his strength he uttered
Sanskar : swara…plz don’t come in his word…
He wanted to explain her how much he loves her.. But lakhan slapped him hard..
After a while raj came..
Raj: you slapped me that day na.. Now i will show you how slap looks like..
Raj repeatedly slapped himm.. Sanskar was feeling great pain.. He was remembering the face of his mother.. Whenever someone said anything hard to him he used to hide himself in his mother’s lap.. He was longing for his mother.. Raj was punching him.. Sanskar felt the taste of blood in his mouth.. He wanted that he should fall unconscious but he was not.. Everytime he closed his eyes the searing pain in his body woke him up.. Punches converted into kicks.. Sanskar was too weak to even let out moans… He closed his eyes and just wanted this ordeal to be over soon.. He felt as if his swara is in front of him..he was in a different world.. He closed his eyes and slept in her lap… Unconscious ness covered him up..
Sanskar was thinking how much painful was that ordeal.. He swapped the next article
The case of kidnapping of mr maheshwari has come to an end when he was found in a critical state by police and his brother.. A burnt dead body was also found in godown.. And a girl of about age 20 was also found unconscious near him.. So is this the girl swara whom they wanted.. Signs of torture are clearly visible on sanskar’s body.. Acc to sources well known business tycoon mr raj malik is behind all these happenings but due to the lack of proofs police can’t take any action

Sanskar finally got a smile when he remembered how swara saved him

Sanskar opened his eyes when he heard lakhan laughing
Lakhan : sirji…aapki swara aapse bohot pyar krti h..she is ready to come…
Sanskar was too weak to say anything but his eyes welled up..his heart was aching hearing this.. No…she should not come.. She must not… My swara is so delicate.. These dogs will eat her up..no..
Raj: one last time i want to touch u sanskar.. You know what i am feeling relieved when i beat you.. You were always the reason of my failure.. Your brothers insulted me.. You will pay again for this..
A fear ran down his body..before he could even look up he felt a kick on his stomach.. And again on his back..he was stamping on his hand..Sanskar was too weak to fight back.. He surrendered himself fully to them..after a time seemed infinity they left him.. Sanskar waa not unconscious this time.. But he was too weak to open his eyes.. He lied there for a while when he felt a voice… A voice which filled his heart with happiness.. Swara.. Her payal was telling him that she loves him the most..he wanted to hug her.. He wanted to let out all his pain..yes boys do cry when they arw in pain…but all he could do was to lie down and wait for her coming.. The anklet noise was coming closer and closer and finally he felt her body… She fell near him.. He wanted to ask her hwz she ..but he was not able to even turn..it was swara who made him turn… With all his strength he opened his eyes.. He saw those twinkling eyes which immediately filled with tears on seeing him..
Swara: sanskar..
Sanskar just want to hug her.. It seemed that swara found out his desire… She hugged him..after this ordeal Swara’s hug was like rain in desert.. Sanskar felt her warmth.. He felt her fragrance… He wanted to sleep in her arms.. But suddenly fear engulfed him.. She is here.. They will torture her..
Sanskar: i told you na..
Suddenly it seemed someone pulled her hair..he wanted to give a tight slap to that person.. Lakhan started to beat her.. Sanskar just wanted to get up and just kill him.. He was so helpless at that time.. When swara covered him with her body to prevent him from getting beaten he felt a sense of disgust on him… How helpless he was to see her being beaten….sanskar felt his world upside down.. Then lakhan hold her and threw her on ground.. Sanskar was helpless..
Swara: take my everything but leave him..
Sanskar was shocked at her this gesture.. He was not knowing wht to react at her this gesture.. To be happy that she loves him so much..to cry on her this condition… To pity her on het assault..
He felt immense pain as lakhan buried his face in her neck.. Who was he to touch her..Sanskar saw how he was touching her and torturing her.. Swara was crying helplessly.. Sanskar closed his eyes but still her screams were echoing in his ears.. With her every cry he felt a dagger piercing his heart..then her cries stopped… They converted in to painful moans.. Then it too stopped… Sanskar looked at her..her eyes were closed… Lakhan was smirking evilly at her.. Swara was exhausted by the pain.. Sanskar wanted to hug her…to take her away from here.. To kiss her forehead and to say he was there for her.. Then lakhan turned towards him.. As he hit him with the rod sanskar felt a searing pain in his brain.. As if his head would break down in pieces… He closed his eyes waiting for death to take over him but then he opened his eyes hearing swara shouting… His swara was standing… It seemed like all the indian saying were true..girls arw truly goddess… They just need initiation… His swara burned lakhan alive… Is it the same swara who used to be afraid of a single cockroach.. She killed the one who tried to harm her love. She ran towards her sanskar.. Sanskar felt immense pleasure as she hugged him.. But he felt as its his last moments… He kissed her fingers and left himself vulnerable to death… Then all darkness
Sanskar felt tears escaping fron his eyes… He left the cell phone and saw the time..
Its been half past 8… He heard swara’s voicr
Swara: whats my prince is thinking haa..
Sanskar looked at her.. Swara came near him and said
Swara: close your eyes
Sanskar followed hee command like a child..
He felt something is being kept on his palm..he opened his eyes and saw a bracelet..
Sanskar: its very good..
Swara chuckled..
Sanskar felt an immense urge to hug her.. But as if swara knw this thing… Swara hugged him.. Sanskar tightly hugged her..he just don’t want to lose her…never ever in his life..
Swara felt something wet on her shoulders.. She looked and found sanskar in tears…
Swara: are…what happened…
Sanskar smiled in his tears…
Sanskar: i love u a lot swara…
Swara: are baba… Itni badi musibat hai kya mujhe pyar krna that you cried haa.
Sanskar laughed at her.. Swara too smiled..
Swara: now tell me why did u cry haa..
Sanskar: woh..i remembered the time when i was kidnapped..
Swara did not utter a word..sanskar was about to say something when he felt her lips on him…she stopped him from saying anything just the right way…

Swasan romantic dance in rain…

Frnds sry for including this chapter… I just concentrated on swara but how can we forgot sanskar… He too faced a lot.. Sry if it was boring… Chappal jute andey.. Yaha tk k sade huye tamatar sb manzoor hain

Credit to: soumya

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