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Hello frnds.. Sry for making you cry.. But i am damn sure this cry was because of happiness haa.

Family moments

1 month have been passed since sanskar was discharged… the love from his family has brought him back from death and now the same is bringing him to perfect health… Swara’s love for him is increasing day by day.. Sanskar is more than happy to see his love smiling..

@ morning
Swara came to sanskar room only to find him already woke up and dressed up..
Swara: where are you going mr..
Sanskar: to my office my would be mrs..
Swara: but you are not fine still now…you still need rest i suppose..
Sanskar looked at her with loving eyes..
Sanskar: my love… You made me perfectly fine…

Suddenly laksh came in..
Laksh: bhai… I am ready..
Swara looked at laksh with an IF-I-COULD-I-WOULD-HAVE-KILLED-YOU Gaze..Laksh gulped.
Laksh: woh…i had not done anything.. Its the order of your patidev…
Swara again gave him deadly glare..
Laksh: sanskar bhai… Bacha lo…
Sanskar came in front of laksh… Swara gave the same glare to sanskar..
Sanskar: laksh… Mai hu na…she will not be able to do anything.. Haa…
Swara: acha ji…aisa kya…then go… And do as much work as you can..ok…
Swara went away stamping her feet…laksh looked at sanskar who was smiling seeing him…
Laksh: bhai… Woh gyi…now shall we also go..
Sanskar: she is angry…

@ evening
Swara was doing some household chores while muttering something… Ap and ragini were watching her…
Ap: beta swara…what happened…
Swara: your son and didi your husband… Ask them to sleep in their cars today..
Ragini: itna gussa..
Swara: didi… How dare sanskar go to work…he is still not fine.. He is still weak.. But no.. Swara toh pagal hai na…
Ap and ragini sat on their chair…
Ap: beta cool down..
Swara: didi.. I am sparing jiju but i will not talk to sanskar.. Thats final.
Ap: yeah bosS

@ night..
Dp and ap had their dinner…
Swara: ragini didi you too have your dinner… You are nursing smriti na..you need care..
Ragini: swara. I will eat when laksh will come..
Swara: are jiju said na he will be late today.. He strictly ordered me to forcefully make you eat..
Ragini: hone de teri shadi…and then bas pregnant ho jana…i will see…chun chun ke badla lungi…
Swara blushed at the name of pregnancy.. But suddenly she realised that she is angry with sanskar..
Swara: nam mt lo didi… Today i will show him what my angee is like..
Ragini: sanskar bhai…aapka kya hoga..

@ around 12:00 midnight..
Ragini was sleeping.. Ap and dp too were sleeping… But swara was still awake..
She was waiting for her sanskar… Again and again she was calling him but no use..it was switched off… Her heart was beating very fast… Suddenly she heard doorbell.. She opened and was about to lose her balance seeing the scenario.. Sanskar was in a dizzy state and laksh was giving him support.. Without uttering a single word swara helped laksh to make sanskar sit on couch.. She immediately brought water..
Swara: jiju…whats this.
Laksh: are nothing.. Woh just because he worked a lot today na so he was feeling dizzy…
Suddenly swara saw something like a bandage near sanskar’s wrist…it was more like that applied after having a drip…
Swara: jiju…don’t lie..plz..
Laksh: nhi..m nt lying…
Swara: then why this bandage.. What was so serious that you took him to hospital..
Laksh was silent..

Swara: ok..you don’t want to tell no problem… But plz tell me he is fine na.
Tears were streaming down her face this time…
Laksh: are…don’t cry..he is fine…
Swara wiped her tears..
Swara: jiju..you go and freshen up..i will serve you dinner..
Laksh nodded.. Swara looked at sanskar who was half asleep on the couch only.. with lots of care swara looked at him before taking him to his room..

After making laksh have dinner swara again asked..
Swara: jiju..plz tell the reality..
Laksh: swara. Actually he fainted in office.. So i took him to hospital immediately and their he was admitted for 2 hrs approx..
Swara: what did doctor said..
Laksh: because of weakness..
Swara: jiju.. Then why you took him to office with you..
Laksh held her shoulders and made her sit on chair.. He sat in front of him..
Laksh: what is your age swara..
Swara: jii..

Laksh: whats your age beta…
Swara: ji..21 approx..
Laksh: swara actually you arw too young to understand human nature.. Acha tell me what do you regard me as except your jiju..
Swara: elder brother..
Laksh: then my little sister will listen to me na carefully..
Swara nodded..
Laksh: sanskar is too ambitious.. achieving success is his passion.. From childhood he skipped many days of sleep just for getting not less than 95% in his exams..
Swara widened her eyes..
Laksh: at the age of 22 papa gave all the business to his hands.. From that point onwards not even a single deal we lost.. He is workaholic.. Work is his passion.. But in this one year he is feeling like he has become useless..

Swara: but jiju..nobody is stopping him from doing work…but health is important na..
Laksh: that you have to make him understand… I mean stopping him from working would result in something like angry young man..so you can take care of him while he is working like asking him to take medicines and food and to work less for someday.. He is all yours now… Try to make him understand either by hook or crook.. N ha don’t tell about this to anyone… They will take tension.. Now you too have your dinner
Swara: m nt feeling like jiju..
Laksh: have your dinner i said..
Swara nodded..

After having dinner swara came to sanskar’s room.. She saw him asleep on the bed.. Swara carefully removed his shoes and his blazer… She loosed his tie…. She covered him with a comfotor and kept his head in her lap.. She slept in that sleeping position.. Night passed..
@ morning
Sunrays kissed sanskar’s eyes and woke him up.. He opened his eyes and felt a great pleasure and extreme sadness at the same time.. He saw himself sleeping in his love’s lap but sad thing is that she was sleeping in Sitting position… He felt sorry for her.. He wanted to drink water. He moved a little so as not to disturb her sleep but her sleep was too shallow.. Swara woke up and saw sanskar awake..
Swara: kya hua.. Pani chahiye.. Wait.
With great care swara took his head back on the pillow and gave him water..
Swara: how are you feeling now..
Sanskar nodded..
Swara: sleep now..ok..
Sanskar: i am not feeling like..
Swara: then what are you feeling like.
Sanskar: i want to talk to you.. You too haven’t slept na..
Swara: i will not talk to you. I am angry with you..
Sanskar smiled a little at her childish nature..
Sanskar: caring for me…loving me…but not talking to me..
Swara turned
Swara: u need rest mr maheshwari..
Swara said this while wiping tear from her eyes.. She went out of room.. Sanskar looked at her..

After sometimes swara came to his room while he has just come out of taking bath.. Bare torso.. Swara looked at him and her jaw dropped seeing his perfectly musculoskeletal body.. Sanskar looked at her..
Sanskar: don’t stare at me this way…pyar ho jayega..
Swara looked away and said

Swara: i asked you to sleep na.. But u didn’t.. Ok.. But now you just couldn’t wait to bath… Whats this.. You never take care of yourself..
Sanskar bolted the door and turned towards her.. Swara again turned her back to him..
Sanskar: i suppose you were angry with me..
Swara: first wear your shirt then talk to me.. And ha..i am still angry..
Sanskar didn’t say anything but hugged her from behind..
Swara: leave me..
Sanskar: i will not leave you untill your anger vanishes..
Swara: besharam insan.. Go and wear your shirt first..

Sanskar: first say you forgive me..
Swara: noways..
Sanskar moved his hands sensuously on her belly… Although it was covered with fabric of her kurti swara still felt something different…
Sanskar: maaf kia…ya nhi..
Swara: no..
Sanskar found her belly button in between and poked his finger lightly on it..
Swara: don’t touch there..
Sanskar: why..
Swara: it causes butterflies in my stomach..
Sanskar again poked it while moving other hand sensuously on her belly..
Sanskar: like this..
Swara was not able to control herself now.. She Turned and hugged him.. She was smelling the sweet fragrance of his cologne.. Her fingers were roaming on his bare chest.. Sanskar was not ready for this attack… Swasan loved each other but this much close proximity was never such thing that they felt.. Sanskar caressed her waist… The fragrance of her shampoo was filled up in his nose.. They wanted the time to stop here only.. Suddenly sanskar saw her earring.. It was dangling from her ear to her neck.. He felt a sudden urge to kiss that earring.. And he followed which made swara to shiver a little… His kiss reached to her neck.. He buried his face in her hair.. He touched her neck with his lips while his hands were roaming on her waist.. Everytime sanskar touched her with his lips swara shivered.. She was feeling a different feeling.. the feeling which can’t be explained in words.. She was lost in heavenly pleasure of his touch.. her breathe was shallow.. Their heartbeats were synchronising as if want to tell the story of their love to the world.. Sanskar felt swara’s lips on his chest.. Swara was kissing his masculine chest lightly.. This made sanskar to increase the intensity of his kiss on her neck… He hugged her more tightly and passionately.. But their beautiful moment was disturbed by a phone call.. Swasan composed themselves.. Swara looked at him and then lowered her gaze.. Natural blush on her face was enough to make her the most beautiful woman on earth for sanskar.. Sanskar looked at her with lots of love.. He received the phone call..After cancelling it he again looked at her with love.. She was still blushing hard..

Sanskar: m sry swara… I should have agreed to your wish..
Swara looked at him and said
Swara: i know your work is god for you but plz don’t forget that you ve someone who cares for you the most..
Sanskar gave a soft kiss on her forehead and looked at her..
Sanskar: how can i forget this..
Swara: now plz wear your shirt..
Sanskar chuckled
Sanskar: you make me wear..
Swara blushed and ran from there.. Sanskar looked at her with love..

@ afternoon..
Sanskar was in office doing his work.. He came out of his cabin For some work and the ladies present there began to drool over him… The females of office used to drool over sanlak.. They were heart broken when they got to know about raglak marriage.. But still there was a ray of hope as sanskar was still a bachelor.. They didn’t know about swara..

Sanskar went back to hiS cabin
Girl1: oh my god… Even after one year remaining in coma… He is still so hot..
Girl2: you know yesterday he called me in his cabin for giving me a file..
Girls: awwwww… How lucky you are..
Girl1: but he doesn’t even looked at her face..
Girls: hawwwww.
Girl2 Girl2: woh toh everyone knows he doesn’t even talk to any girl..
Girl3: but i have heard that he is dating a girl..
Girl1: noways.. He will date only me..

Suddenly, swara entered there… Girls looked at her.. In a simple printed light blue and white patiyala salwar kameez she was looking gorgeous.. Her hair were tied up in a loose braid Which she kept on her right shoulder.. her without make up look was beating the glamour of the girls who were present there decked up in make up…
Girl1: who is she..
Girl2: she is really beautiful..

Swara Went to sanskar’s pa..
pa: good afternoon madame..
Swara: good afternoon.. Is sanskar sir free.
Pa: he is handling some clients.. should i tell him that you have come..
Swara : nah no need.. I will wait..
She sat on a chair nearby..girls were standing in a shock
Girl1: whose she…
Girl2: maybe his friend…
Girl3: sanskar sir don’t have any female friends..
Girl1: acha chlo..we should ask from her only..
Girls go to her..

Girl1: hello mam..do u need some help..
Swara: no thanks..
She said this with a smile..
Girl 2: mam i am teena..sanskar sir’s very good friend.. If you want to pass any ddeal i can convince him..
Swara was amused
Swara: nah.. Actually i am here for a different work..
Girl3: oh mam.. I will help you..actually i know sanskar sir personally.. I mean..
Swara fumed in anger this time..
Girl1: by d way mam.. Are you and sanskar sir college friends..
Swara: No…
Swara said this with rudeness in her tone.. Suddenly sanskar’s cabin gate opens.. Some people come out..
Pa: mam..meeting is over..sir is free now..
Swara: ok..but just confirm from his whether he is free..and haa just ask him a special client has come tp fix a special deal..
Pa smiled and went inside..
Girls were shocked.. Swara looked at them and smiled..
Swara: yes miss..so what you were saying..
Pa came out..
Pa: mam..sir is calling you..
Swara: u didn’t tell him its me na..
Pa: no..
Swara: thanku so much…
She turned to girls who were looking confusingly at her..
Swara : nice to meet you all…
She turned and entered the cabin leaving the girls confused..
Girl: whose she..
Girl2: let us see through the window..
Girls clinged to the window while swara entered the room..
Swara: good afternoon sir..
Sanskar without looking up signed her to sit down..

Swara sat in front of him..sanskar without looking up from files asked
Sanskar: so whats the special deal..
Swara: to make you have food and medicines on time thats it..
Sanskar looked up and was mesmerised to look at her..
Sanskar: are..you here..
Swara: kyu..acha nhi lga..
(girls were looking at them from window but not able to listen even a word.. They awwwwwed seeing cute smile of sanskar)
Sanskar: aap aye aur mujhe acha na lge aisa kaise ho skta h

He said this while looking lovingly at him
( girls: why is he staring so lovingly at her)
Swara blushed.. Sanskar held her hand.. He took him to the couch nearby..
(girls: plz god..our worst nightmare can’t come true)
Swara opened the lunch box..
Swara: i ve made your favourite things..
Sanskar kept his head on her shoulders…
Sanskar: i am feeling exhausted..
Swara: if you don’t feel like plz come back to home..
Sanskar: i too feeling the same..lets have lunch and then go back.. I don’t wat to fainted today also
( girls: why he has kept his headon her shoulders)
Swara: u will not… Don’t worry.. Chlo lets have lunch..

Sanskar: can you plz make me eat..i am feeling too exhausted to even lift my hands..
Swara nodded.. She is making him eat
( girls: hey bhagwan.. Ye din dekhne se pehle humara maskara kyu kharab nhi ho gya)
Swara kissed his forehead after he completed his lunch
(girls: nhiiiiiiiiii??????)
Swara : plz take care Of Yourself ..i Love You And not Want To lose u..
Sanskar Smiled and Kissed her Hand..
(girls: no..first Laksh sir..then sanskar sir)
Swara : lets Go Home…ok..
Sanskar nodded . He Stood up With swara’s help
( Girls: how weak He Has Become )
Sanskar and swara Were Coming out and Girls ran from there…swara saw Them Running and Laughed..

Swasan came Out Of His Cabin while office workers stared At Them … This was The First Time they had seen sanskar going home With A girl..swasan went leaving workers confused ..girls ran to his Pa
Girls : who Was She
Pa: she Is Swara Mam…Sanskar Sir’s fiance …
Girls: what?????

SwasaN engagement

Credit to: soumya

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