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Raglak romance…sanskar swara dance.. Raj arrested…

As the rays of sun touched ragini’s eyes ShE tried to open her eyes. memories of last night flashed in her eyes. Her dance with raj then that prick and then…..blank.
She finally opened her eyes and felt comfortable to see herself lying peacefully in her room. She felt immense pain in her head. Suddenly she saw someone holding a glass of water. She tried to look but her vision was blurred partially. Then she heard a familiar voice.
Laksh: drink this.. You will feel good..
Ragini: what…what happened to me…kya hua tha hume
Laksh: drink this then i will tell you
Ragini gulped the water. It was tasting as lemon.
Ragini: laksh… Did i do something which i should not have
Laksh patted her hair. She looked at him
Laksh: nah you did not. Your criminal is rotting in police custody
Ragini: criminal…. Who…i am not able to remember anything
Laksh hugged her..
Laksh: that raj malik tried to molest you by drugging you.
Ragini: whatttttt
Laksh: don’t worry… Mai hu na tumhara superman…i came on right time
Tears escaped from her eyes..
Ragini: laksh…. Woh…
She started to cry inconsolably…
Laksh: are….ragini…. Plz calm down… He is not here… Calm down
Ragini clutched his shirt tightly. Laksh too hugged her back tightly.. After crying hher heart out she finally calmed down.
Ragini: thanku so much laksh… Thx a lot..
Laksh: don’t say thx…its my duty to protect you..aand i did that…

Swara was watching this from the door… She felt something in her heart… She was amazed to see their love… All she could imagine that this type of love really exist in real life….
Swara: (monologue) you are so lucky didi… You got the husband who can give his life for you. I am really happy for you. But this love is not for everyone.

Her eyes became moist. She knew no man will be able to accept her after knowing her reality. Used by more than one person how can she be someone’s wife.

She turned and tried to go but her leg slipped. She closed her eyes as she was about to fall. After a second she felt that she was feeling no pain. She was hanged in middle. Two strong arms were supporting her waist. she looked at him and two chocolate brown eyes were staring at her.
Swara: sanskar…
Sanskar: miss jhansi ki ran… This is not your battle field.. Take care
Swara composed herself
Swara: don’t you have any other work except teasing me
Sanskar: if i don’t tease you my sun doesn’t rise
Swara: so has your sun risen
Sanskar: yes
Swara stamps on his legs
Sanskar: owwwchhh…. What was this
Swara: woh kya hai na…till i don’t harm you my sun too doesn’t rise…
She goes from there..sanskar sees her till she becomes not more visible to his eyes. He smiled.
He goes to arjun’s room..
Sanskar: uncle are you fine…
Arjun: ya just a little pain in my head…
Sanskar: have you taken meds..
Arjun: yes beta…Did ragini get up…
Sanskar: yes…laksh is there…
Arjun folded his hands..
Sanskar: are are uncle….what are you doing
Arjun: beta if….something wrong…..
Tears fell down from his eyes
Sanskar: are uncle plz…ragini is mote like a little sister to me…plz don’t do this…i did what an elder bro should do…
Arjun: m glad my daughter is getting married to such a family… Bas now i have swara’s tension…
Sanskar: you should not take her tension from now…. She has been grown up in a strong girl…
Arjun: beta you are right…but you know i am old now..and don’t know till when i live…after all ragini’s mom will be waiting for me na…
Sanskar: are uncle plz don’t say like this..
Arjun smiled
Arjun: this is reality…i was just thinking where would she go when i will not there…
Suddenly they heard a voice. ” baba…plz”
They looked at the voice direction. Swara was standing.
Swara: baba..plz don’t say this…plz don’t…
She came to him and sat on the floor near his bed. Tears started to fall on arjun’s feet.
Swara: baba…swear on me…kasam hai Apko if you talk such things ever again..
Arjun: are beta…plz..stop crying…
Sanskar was seeing swara’s face…he felt a strong urge to take her in his arms and console her.
Swara: baba.. U know my biological parents never loved me… They thought that i am a burden on him… I never thought anyone can love me… Noone ever in my life even bother to hug me…to pat my head when i cried…i thought this is my destiny… These love type thing doesn’t exist in real world… These are just for movies but i was wrong…. You and ragini didi filled my life with lots of love…and now you are talking to leave me
Arjun: are beta…. Suno toh
Swara: no…i don’t want to listen… You will not talk like this ever again
Arjun smiled and caressed her hair…
Arjun: i told you na Sanskar… My younger daughter is somewhat mad.. But she is very good….
Swara looked at sanskar smiling at her
Swara: why Are you laughing haa…
Sanskar: your face becomes red when you cry…yesterday i saw a monkey and u know… Seeing u i am damn sure k man was monkey in ancient times….
Swara: acha…and seeing you laughing it feels like even on present time also man is monkey..
Sanskar: ohhh thanks… Hey wait what you said.
Swara: baba…do you ve any medicine which help to hear clearly…Then plz give it to him…he will be blessed..
Sanskar: i will not leave u
Swara: first catch me….
She runs from there…sanskar too chased her…
Swara: why you are always behind me…
Sanskar: acha…beta…
Swara: hehehe
Sanskar runs behind her…swara goes to ragini’s room…she hides behind ragini
Swara: didi save me..save me…
Sanskar: ragini step away from her
ragini: sanskar why are u teasing my sister haaa
Sanskar: teasing… Haaa ask your sister…
Swara: didi i just told him that you look like a monkey…. What was wrong with that….
Ragini laughs…
Swara runs from there…she finally goes to her room…sanskar too chases her…finally he catches her hand….but she again tries to run…sanskar jerks her hand and pulls her towards him….but she falls on sanskar and they both fall on bed…swara over sanskar
Her hair was covering his face. He was inhaling her beautiful fragrance. he felt an urge to see her face. He removed her hair from his face and then saw her face. She Parted herself from him. She ran from their. But on the floor a gift lying from herside or may be from destiny… Her payal was lying on the floor. He took the payal in his hand and kissed it unknowingly. The ghunghroos of payal brought him back to reality. He composed himself. He looked at the payal in a confused manner.

Suddenly he saw someone standing On the door. He came close to sanskar.
Sanskar: lucky when did you came
Laksh: when you were busy with swara
Sanskar : what…
Laksh: u ve started to feel for her na
Sanskar: what rubbish…. I love only ananya
Laksh: u can see ananya in her na
Sanskar: no….
Laksh: then why do u care for ha
Sanskar: wo…because i feel bad for her
Laksh: i too feel bad for her…i too care for Her but your care is different bhai
Sanskar: no Laksh…
Laksh: yes bhai…if you don’t feel for her then why you were restless when you saw her crying for the first time.. Why you cried like a failed lover when you found about her past…why you hugged when you got her back from hands of death…. Why Whenever she is near you she us the reason for your smile… When raj was dancing with her you were tensed…why do you took her for dance although you did not dance with any girl since ananya’s death….
Laksh: achaaa… Then why were you kissing this payal…
Sanskar looked at payal… He looked at laksh…
Laksh: even ananya will be happy if you will accept her…
Sanskar was unable to say even a word…he was continuously looking at the payal…laksh words were echoing in his ears….so did he start to fall for her…

Raglak marriage preparation… Sanskar growing closeness to swara…

Credit to: soumya

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