swasan – divorce (two shots) part-2


Thank u for all the comments u gave in the first part guys , I was overwhelmed , for those who have not read the first part , here is the link :Part 1

Sanskriti was one old now and swara had not informed him abt sanskriti . swara gets into deep thoughts . sanskriti comes there . swara takes her in her hands and says how happy will ur papa be if he knows he has a daughter like u . sanskriti says han han . swara smiles seeing her innocent words . sharmishta come there wid milk . she says shonu comes here . sanskriti goes to sharmishta . sharmishta says dudh piyogi tum . sanskriti refuses . sharmishta says see swara she is not drinking milk . swara says ma wait give milk to me . sharmishta is surprised to see sanskriti drinking milk . swara says only a mother can convince her daughter . sharmishta says but u don’t listen to my words , forget all the past and apologise to sanskar , he will forgive u . swara says I don’t have any courage ma . I did a big mistake by giving divorce to him . I love him a lot and breaks down . sharmishta asks tum aaj boutique ja rahi ho . swara says yes ma definitely and goes to get ready to go the boutique .

When she comes back home she comes crying . sharmishta asks swara why she was crying . swara says ma I need to go to Mumbai for some work . sharmishta says then go na why r u crying . swara says if I go there I will remember all those horrible things I did to sanskar . sharmishta says u have to go and don’t think abt sanskar , u divorced him , he would have married somebody else also , so just forget it and ya r u taking sanskriti along . swara : yes ma she cannot be without me na . sharmishta says ok take her along .

The next day swara and sanskriti go to mumbai . swara says sanskriti princess , I will do my work and come back till then be wid sakshi aunty ok , sakshi was swara’s best friend . swara kisses sanskriti and leaves for her work .
At night she finishes her work and decides to return home fast so that she can spend time wid sanskriti . she comes home by a taxi . sanskriti jumped up wid joy seeing swara back .
The next day swara was going to her office , she saw the café . she remembered how she doubted sanskar when she saw him wid kavya .

She walks on the road aimlessly remembering all the moments they spent together .
Meanwhile in a hospital , sanskar is seen holdingkavya’s hand . sanskar says bhaiya nothing will happen to ma na . sanskar says nothing will happen
Swara is walking she remembers how sanskar proposed to her

Sanskar was standing there wid a box . swara comes there and says sanskar u called me na , why did u call me . sanskar says swara I want to ask u something , swara says what . sanskar says I will u marry me , saying this he opens the box . there was sindoor in it . swara laughs aloud . she says u planned to marry me in this coffee shop itself . u r well planned , u brought sindoor also . swara comes out of her memories , her memories of sanskar and presence only made her life
Swara smiles and turns back and is shocked to see a lorry coming . within no time the lorry hits her ,, she falls down . there was a pool of blood around . her phone lay there broken . a kind lady takes her to hospital . she is brought to hospital . the doctor does the surgery .

He comes out . the lady asks when will this girl get consciousness . I don’t have her phone number also . the doctor says u r a vey good woman , u brought her on time . btw she will not get consciousness for some time . actually she needs blood . hers is a very rare blood grp and we r not able to find that grp in our bank so can u tell somebody to give blood who has o+ it is a common blood grp and can be given to anybody . the lady says sure doctor and goes to call her friend who has o+as blood grp . she is telling her abt swara , just then the lady hears a voice saying I can help u I have o+ blood grp . she says really and turns back . she holds the man’s hand and says thank u so much ,mr….. the man says mr.maheshwari , mr.sanskar maheshwari . the lady says pls help us , I don’t know who the girl is but she is not well , sanskar says ok I will give blood I understand .

Sanskar gives his blood and is about to go when he says shall I see the girl once . the lady says sure , u gave blood to the girl , u need to see the girl . sanskar smiles and goes inside . he is shocked to see swara . he says swara and goes and hugs her . he asks r u alright , uto swara and cries . he holds swara’s hands and cries . tears fall on her hands . she slowly opens her eyes and sees sanskar . they keep seeing each other . their eyes talk to each other,swara was meeting sanskar after one long year . swara pushes sanskar and tries to run away . her love towards sanskar was over now , now she had only one thing in her mind that was guilt . she runs towards the door , sanskars pulls her and pins her to the wall . swara says it hurts sanskar . sanskar says I am sorry and leaves her . sanskar says u cant leave me again swara . swara is shocked , she says r u not angry wid me . sanskar says no . swara gets emotional , she hugs sanskar . she cries her heart out then she says I am sorry…sanskar says bas swara forget the past and kisses swara . she says u forgave me sanskar , but I ….. I should have died sanskar . sanskar says swara if u would have told this when u were well no , I would have slapped u hard . swara hugs him again , she kisses his cheeks .swara is about to say abt sanskriti when kavya comes running , she too is shocked to see swara and sanskar but says bhaiya ma is no more and hugs him .

After the funeral of sheela , all members go to home . sanskar’s mother accepts kavya as her daughter and forgives dp also .
After some days
it was swara and sanskar’s remarriage day . swara says sanskar now all problems between us r over . I want to gift u something , I bought that gift long ago but now only I have got the right time . wait . swara calls sakshi come . sanskar is shocked to see sanskriti , swara says our daughter sanskar . sanskar gets emotional and hugs sanskriti . he says see her nose swara , it looks same as my nose and her eyes there r just as beautiful as urs . swara nods her head smiling . she had never thought she would reunite wid sanskar but that had happened .after that swasan get married . sanskar says ek selfie keechta hun . swara says yes , when will we again get the chance of wearing this marriage dress . sanskriti comes there . sanskar says chalo aoo sweetie lets take a selfie . all were happy , now there was no problems in their life . then swara gets a call ,she says sanskar ragini di is pregnant . ragini was swara’a elder sister who lived wid her hubby laksh in America . swara says I am so happy sanskar and hugs him . sanskriti pulls swara’s dress . swara says tum bhi ana chahti ho and takes her in her hands and all three have a family hug .photographer says this is one of the best photos I have ever seen and captures .

swasan’s might have got separated but their love can never get separated . they lived happily ever after wid sanskriti

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