swasan – divorce (two shots) part-1


a cute lil baby is seen walking towards a room . she goes inside the room and starts crying seeing her mother crying . her mother was beautiful .her , mother says bas sanskriti bas bas and kisses her . sanskriti stops crying . just the sharmishta comes there and says swara , yes guys sanskriti’s mother was swara . how many days will u keep crying . stop crying and move ahead in life . swara says bas ma go na . sharmishta says u love sanskar very ,much swara just go and apologise to him . swara says ma never , he will never accept me in his life . sharmishta says iit all started wid a small fight but . swara says bas ma don’t make me remember those horrible incidents and starts thinking abt sanskar .

swara and sanskar were taking pheras . it was their wedding day and for swara it was the best day in the world .she was going to get married to the one who loves her so much and cares for her .
after some days
sanskar goes to his office and swara as usual goes to her boutique that she ran .
everything goes on , their life was very smooth and fine and was full of love and affection .
one day swara asks sanskar to go for a outing but sanskar denies it by saying he has work . swara gets bored at her home and goes out on a drive . she stops at a coffee shop and decides to go in . she goes in and is shocked……

at night sanskar comes back . swara was angry on sanskar , he had lied that he had some work . he had been wid a girl kavya his pa in the coffee shop . swara angrily yells at him . their fight continues till midnight .
after much explanation swara and sanskar reunite . sanskar comes home wid a sorry bouquet and convinces swara , he goes to kiss swara , just then he gets a phone call . swara sees the phone , it was kavya . sanskar says swara I have to go to work , sorry will meet u after some time . swara gets agitated . again swasan fight continues . sanskar kept continuously to lie to swara and keeps on meeting kavya . their fight continues and increases day by day . one day swara takes a big decision , that was to divorce sanskar .
the court hearings continue and the court grants them divorce . sanskar was left heartbroken .
she goes out of the court and sees kavya standing there . she gets angry seeing and goes from there , kavya comes behind her . swara says why the hell r u coming behind me . kavya says sorry but I want to talk to u .

they both go to a coffee shop . kavya says just know I knew that u and sanskar had misunderstandings . swara says idiot becaue of u and that sanskar only I am in this position now . kavya says swara just listen to me, sanskar is not like what u think. she says don’t lie kavya . kavya says swara , I was blackmailing sanskar to give him money . he did not want u to know this , that is why he kept on telling lies . swara says why should u blackmail him . kavya says because his father mr .durga prasad , married my mother sheela and I was born and u know that sanskar loves his mother a lot and he did not want this truth to come before his mother . my mother had cancer and I wanted money and I found out that my father had cheated my mother . I found sanskar and wanted money . swara says bas and breaks down . she thinks how can I think about sanskar .
swara’s POV

he loved me so much , but I gave him only tears and sadness , how can I do this to him . he wanted to tell so much to me but every time I stopped him and now I can never stop him .

swara goes crying to her home and tries to slit her wrist . she faints after slitting her wrist . she is rushed to her hospital and then the doctor says to swara , miss gadodia u r pregnant . swara is shocked and happy .

swara comes out of her memories . she says ma how happy will sanskar be if he knows about sanskriti . but I never told him . sanskriti says papa . swara says what , sanskriti what did u tell , papa . tell again beta . sanskriti says papa . swara hugs and kisses her .
how will sanskar and swara reunite . stay tuned and do read the part-2
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