swasan dilwale……(os)


Hi guys .I am back with an os .I will be very happy if all like this story.

Swara under world gangster . (Guys in underworld gang there is 2 group.swara is of dangerous gang. )shekhar swara’s papa king of dangerous gang.swara is his right hand.swara is his partner in every crime. Like murder,robbing.etc.swara can do anything instructed by her papa.

Sanskar under world gang king.he is king of group dangerous sanskar s Group. His papa dp was also a gangster .he has a bro name laksh .he can do anything for him.

One day shekhar was very tense .he has come doing murder .swara came and ask him papa what happened .he then say something which was mute.then swara smirk,and goes.

1??month leap:

Swara is know sanjana .she lead a normal life.one day she was walking on road a car come rushing and behind him 4car was there who were firing on him.the car hit swara .then a handsome hunk guy come and ask her are u alright.swara say yes.then she try to walk but can’t there was a brench the boy took her in bridal style and made her sit and then he again goes in his car .just then a call arrive swara pik the call.she say something she then smile and goes.stamping feet as if she can’t walk.then next day she was in her shop.then again the handsome hunk come again this time he was looking more handsome. He was wearing a royal blue colour suit and a black colour pant. (Ohh my hero?.I hate sahil he is not handsome at all ???)he is mesired seeing her.he come to her and say accident wali larki u hear.hearing him swara say accident wali larki kon. He say tum.and giggle.then he say my name is sanskar. Swara say sanskar the under world gangster. He say yes .swara act as if she is scard.and say yaha kiya karahe hay app.he say why I can’t come.she say no no no .you can btw I am swara shekar Singh as there was a load music he can’t hear her surname. Then he goes .he used to come daily .days pass like this they r now best friend. Sanskar love her but swara was not aware.swara’s birthday was coming sanskar was planning to propose swara.

Swara was planning something else.she was planning something big.she call some one and say arrange a car for me.

Screen freeze on swara’s smiling face.

Guys I want u to say some thing I want to write how many shade you have swara season 2.plz say I should write or not.
And plz support me..

Credit to: zara khan

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  1. its realy nice yar plz continue it nd abt swara she has many shades like sweet nd bubbly, dangerous, emotional ,innocet ect bt 4 ths ff u can show 3shades dangerous ,bubbly and emotional

  2. U know zara,ur story is excellent and i feel happy if u will post how many shades you have swara season2,so plz make it soon and come back with a marvalleous story.

  3. yes u please write

  4. It’s something new and interesting Dr ..continue

  5. Yeah…..you should write

  6. dilwale movie copied*error*

    1. I also feels the same

  7. Thanks I will try to post regular but tu is not accepting my written episode

  8. Hi am also zara but not writer plz continue. Nice episode.

  9. Very nice .update soon

  10. Plz write season 2…. It’s lovely…

  11. Good…continue ….

  12. Superb plz write and post as per as soon

  13. Awesome

  14. u r saluzz right???write season 2 waiting…..

  15. Ossum
    nd plzz write season 2 of how many shades

  16. Plzz write

  17. wow…..u r writing srk-kajol story for tellywood srk-kajol. Nice….want gerua plz…

  18. plz write..

  19. Nice
    Plz write write season 2 but make a happy ending
    Plz do season 2

  20. Plzzz write season 2

  21. zara khan(writer)

    My name is not saluzz I m zara .thanks I will start how many shade soon .

  22. I’m sorry but it is completely COPIED from the original movie……
    Try doing something you yourself have written…
    Not intending to hurt…..

  23. Aksa

    Hi.I believe the first part is copied but the second part will be different and it will be unique. I promise.

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