swasan dilwale……os part 2.


Hi guys .again come with my story .some of u r saying that it is copied form some film but it is my own thot. An plz support. And if can’t then plz don’t make me weak with ur harse comments.

Swara s birthday date come and sanskar wait come to end.Now swara also love him but fear to tell him and don’t want to lose her best friend that’s why.she don’t tell him that she is under world gangster because he always say that he hate them and because of then his father died.so she never tell him. (Guys for got to tell sanskar dad is dead .and sanskar thot dangerous gang is responsible for his father death.)sanskar call swara she lift the call.he tell her to come in xyz house.she say okay.She than take her car and leave.she reach the house and she saw the house was not les then a palace it is beautiful. ??.there is some status of different animals and birds she then see a note stick with a statu she take it .in note it was ritten walk straight on lawn .she walk .she was tired by walking. She then reach a garden .she was amazed to see the garden. It was decorated beautifully with orchids. Then some one hug her from back.she felt his touch she understood it is her sanskar. Sanskar come forward and kee down and say
Asmakay Chad se bhi chubsurat mere candni.uske muskurat meri zindage.uske duk may sehna paw.and then the star singing :
Th hay ab jo bahomay karar hay rabb ka sukrana sason may hai nasa khumal hay rabb ka sukrana .mera kalma hai Thu azan hai rabb ka sukrana .
Tumila to sab mila sab mila ab kisi we kiya kila .Tzu may simtu a may bikru teri bahomay fana hojao may………….
He then say swara will you be ms swara sanskar maheswari. Will you be my hamsafar.swara’s joy has no bound she hug him tightly and i Will ,I will be mis swara sanskar maheswari. He then take her to a table and serve her cake made by him.he tell how is it .she take one spoon she thought,so much salt lol I can’t hurt his felling he this with much love .she then take ful cake and start eating .he say let me also taste it.plz.she say nonono.he take it the cake force fully and try he say yakkk baby it is much salty. Why u r eating she say u prepared it with much love so I was eating it.he say u love me so much.she say yes.more than my life…..

Precape:swasan wedding…..and fun.

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