Swasan dillagi episode 4


Thanks for liking my story and yeah one more thing guys this was my First ff on swasan which is complete and yeah there will lots of mistake so sorry for that…

And yeah keep reading my other ff trust me and my devil…both ff are on swsan sooo swasan fan hope you will like..

Swara pov:

We landed in India before 4 hours right now I am in my room I dont now what do……my mom went to office bec. She has a big Projekt to do with mr SM I heard from my mom that He is the one of the greatest Business man but He is very ruthless and arrogant…..ah what I am thinking forgett about him think what will i Do now i dont have any friends here oh god help my thought were intrupedt by my mothers voice

Sh: what are you thinking shona han ?
I: nothing ma I was just thinking what to do now
Sh: what do you mean what to do now ?
I: nothing ma I was just thinking I can Not sit here for 6 months I have to do something but I dont now what
Sh: hmmmm I have Idea what about joining Office with me ?
I: no ma IT will be boring
Sh: shona try atleast mybe for a week then tell me if you like it or Not
I: ok ma as you wish
My mom smile at me and Kissed my forehaed before leaving my room I slept while hugging my Pink teadybear…..

Next morning

Sanskar pov
I am standing in Kichten Cooking for my lovely or I say devil Sister I mean seriosly I have coocked for her Whole week and she doesnt still leave me….
Oh god what the hell is that I have today very important Meeting with Mrs gupta a great Business woman I usally dont like to Work with woman dont get me wrong by thinking I dont like Work with woman because They are nothing infront US i mean infront Mans its just that I never worked with woman or I was not impressed but Mrs gupta impressed me I must say she is very strong woman…. I have told uttra about my Meeting but still she doesnt leave me
I: uttra my sweety cuti little Sister I have very important Meeting plzzz let me go
Utt: noooo bhei you cant you have to make my breakfast right now..
I: uttra I promise that I will make for you dinner but plzzzz I beg you Im sitting for you on my knees plzzzz one last time give me a chance I promise you plzzz

Utt: melted seeing his cut face.. okey bhei but you will make dinner for me okeyyyy
I: jap promise thank you so much
Utt: ok
I Kissed on her cheek and ran to my room thank god she finally accepted but i have to Cook for her in the evening
Pov ends..

Sanskar was going to his office while ap came to him
Ap: sanskar beta
Sans: yeah ma
Ap: beta today me sujata and uttra are going to my friend hous okey will Come tomorrow back
Sans happily hug ap leaving her confuse and say thank you ma you saved me from devil thank you
Ap confused..devil beta who
A voice came from behind me ma I am his devil hai na bhei
Sans..shocked no uttra you are my angle
Utt… no no I am your devil
Sans..no uttra ma I have to go byeee
And He Run out
Utt….bheiiiiii I will Not leave you and she ran behind him

Ap was smiling seeing brother Sister bond and missing lucky very much a tear felt from eyes when will you come back Come soon…

At office
Sanskar came in office and went direkt to confrance Hall Everyone was waiting for him as soon He came Everyone greeted him

Sans..Hallo Mrs gupta foward his Hand
Mrs g…Hallo mr sm Shake Hand with him nice Meeting you
Sans…Same here so Shell we start
Mrs g.. ofcourse
Mrs gupta started with her prasentation After the prasentation
Sans…I am very Impress and yeah the Deal is on Mrs gupta
Mrs g.. thank you
They singed some contract paper and left to their Work

SG mansion

Sharmishta came back home when she went Inside the house she heard someone Calling and shocked to See the Person
Shomi you came very soon han a lady said in anger…..

Episode ends…

So guys how is it I know its boring but plzz bear me
And i know you are waiting for swasan Meeting but let me tell you there will a BIG twist…..so guys let me tell your wait going to end After 3-4 epi and then there will swasan only swasan

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