Swasan dillagi episode 3


Lets start…….

After hearing his friend swara became hell angry and shouted on her

Sw: just Shut UP Nisha i dont know guys what Kind of Problem do you all have with lucky seriosly its disgusting….

Nish: swara plzzz we are your friends and.. intrupedt by swara
Sw: seriosly……you guys are my friends huh but I dont think so i mean you cant even See me happy with lucky evrytime you guys Talk only rubish about him ( clap her Hand toghter ) plzzz guys let me be happy with him

Jiya: but swara..intrupedt by neha
Neha: (hurt) okey fine swara we wont interfere now in your life we thought we r your best friends but let it be… trusting US or Not is up to you our Work is done we warned you…and yeah we will always there for you when you need US….guys lets go let her enjoy her life

And Whit that they left her alone and she went to lucky……

Few days passed swara stopped talking to her friends and They also stopped…
In few days there will be a Party in Uni for completing their 25 years They all were busy in preparations…

After 1 week at Party

At Party swara wear a Black Dress looking very beautiful…

Lucky wear Black jeans whit t-shirt and Black blazer looking Hot and handsome

Swalak were talking to eachother when lucky friend said something to her
Rithik:(smile evily) swara can I ask you something ?

Sw: smile yeah
Rithik: what can you Do for our lucky
Swara turn to lucky and look into his eyes and said anything with a smile

Vicky: oh graet then Prove it Swara smile evily
Lucky: act guys stop this she dont need to Prove her love for me
Vicky: but lucky you all always said that your true love should Prove her love for you
Lucky: yeah I know but swara..intrupedt by swara
Sw: with a smile i can do anything to Prove my love Lucky and turn to Vicky what I have to do to Prove my love

Rithik: nothing proposed him right now infront Everyone smile evily

Which was unnoticed by swara but some of pair eyes saw this and knew whats going to happen but They r helpless becuase They know she want listen to them yeah They are none other then swaras friends

Sw: smile oh so simple i will do anything for my love

Lucky: smile thanks

Swara was going towards stage but Nisha stopped by holding her hands and said Swara dont Do this
But swara ignored her and went to stage took the mike

Sw: May i have your attention guys I would like to confess my love for someone (everyone was looking now swara rithik vicky and laksh have evil smile on their but swaras friend are worried for her now swara look at lucky with a smile ) he is very special to me I can do anything for He is everything with that she walked towards lucky and sat on her knee I LOVE YOU Lucky you are my life she said this while smiling to him but soon her smile fade when lucky and his friend start loughing and other Student also

Vicky: loughing o m g swara I didnt knew that you are so dumb hahahahah you Fall in love with lucky hahahahaha
Rithik: hahahahahaha oh god I cant belive this hahahaha
Sw: confuse and look towards lucky who is also loughing at her….
Lucky saw swara expression and told her that this was their Plan to make her Fall in love and to confess her love infront everyone swara couldnt belive this and start crying
Sw: crying why lucky why i loved you and you…
Lucky: oh Baby stop this han and you want to know why i did this she nodded while crying cupping her Face becuase I bet on you, you were the First Girl who enterted the uni gate so i have to make Fall in love with me and you have to confess and…. before He could complete his sentce swara slap him Hard and He look at her with shocking Face swara held his color and said
Sw: crying how could you stoop so low for a bet you Played with my feelings han how could you and with that she slaped him again you know what you are sooooo cheap you will regret this you will and i promise I want Come back you will cry everyday everynight but you will never find me I HATE YOU I HATEEEE YOU with she left the Party and her friends followed her

Neha: felt bad for her swara listen
Her friends hugged and she cried her heart out and ask forgivness for not trusting them

Neha: its okey swara you remember i said we will always there for you
She nodded and hugged her
Sw: while hugging i am sorry I didnt trusted you guys I am sorry plzzz forgive me
Nish: swara we are here na for you
They consoled her and dropped her to home…..

At home

Swara laid on her Mother lap and told her everything….
Sh: try to console her dougther Swara everything will be fine
Sw: crying no ma nothing will be fine i hate him i hate him maa I can never trust someone or love someone i hate him he broke my trust because of him I didnt trusted my friends they always warned me and i she couldnt complete her sentce n cried more
Sharmishta try everything to make her dougther understand that everything happend for good but she is so stubborn sharmishta some how make her sleep and slept with her dougther


Sharmishta were making breakfast she saw swara coming down her eyes were Red bec of crying and she sat with Shomi for breakfast
Shomi was trying to Talk her but didnt knew how to start swara looked at her Mother and Asked

Sw: Ma what happend ?
Sh: beta i have to tell you something swara looked at her Mother
Sw: yeah ma
Sh: beta we have to go India
Sw: shocked why
Sh: because I have there very important Business Meeting and also a Project for 6 months and we hav to leave tomorrow will you come with me…
Swara think for a while and then she accepted because she doesnt want to Face him again…sharmishta left for office…. swara Called her friend and Inform them but doesnt say where she is going..
Swara started with Packing her bag… the whole Day she tought about lucky and his bet and not trusting her friends……

Episode end……

I hope you guys liked from next there will be SWASAN I am Not so sure but try
How will swasan meet
Will swara Fall in love with sanskar again or Not

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