Swasan dillagi episode 2


Part 2

A Girl is showen doing arti her eyes are close….
A lady came down and stand beside her After finishing her arti she turn to the lady and took her blessing

Lady: god bless you ragini beta ready for interview
Rag: yes ma, ma where is Baba ?
I am here beta a voice came from behind ragini turned and smiled
Rag: Baba and she foward him pooja thali and He smile at her
Shek: okey bata and best of Luck for your Interview i have to go now He turned to lady n say: janki today some guest are coming plzz make aregments
Yes guys she is janki gododia Shekhar 2 wife ragini Step mother but ragini doesnt know about this
Janki: okey ragini beta best of Luck
Rag: thanks ma she smiled and left for her Interview

In london

Swara is making her breakfast and for her Mother…..
A lady came down wearing office Dress talking to someone swara hear it and smile to the lady
Sw: maa look i have made breakfast Come plzz
Yeah she is sharmishta a big Business woman
Sh: swara whats the need we have servant na ?
Sw: yeah maa I know but I like to make breakfast for you, you know na we see US only by breakfast time
Sh: (sad) i am sorry princess i cant even spend some time I am really sorry
Sw: (felt bad) no ma plzzz hugged her I love you
Sh: happy to See hugged her back
After breakfast both left for their Shomi to office and swara to Uni

Nisha was crossing from coridor hear some voice and is shocked what she heard and ran to their friends who were waiting for her
Her friends saw her sweating and breathing loud
Neha: nish what happend why are you runnig so fast han
Jiya: neha relax let her relax for sometime
After relaxing Nisha start telling her what happend and what she heard


While Nisha was crossing the coridor she heard lucky Gang talking

Vicky: loughing omg lucky yaar how stupid is your gf hahahahahahah
Kartik: loughing you r right she is so dumb hahahahah
Lucky: hey guys stop talking about her she is realy a duffer how can she think lucky will Fall i love with her poor Girl hahahahahah
Vicky: hahahah ya right the Best thing she trust you blindly she doesnt hear what her friend saying her hahahahah
Lacky:(smile evily) ya right i dont know how long i have to bear her oh god plzz help i mean seriosly who can Fall in love with swara gupta she is no 1 idiot gf i have hahahahah guys dont you think we should stop with the bet karthik: smile evily no not now
Vicky: confuse why
Kartik: she should confess her love infront whole Uni and at that time you can dumb her what say
Lucky think for while: smile evily i think you are right poor Girl hahahahahah
His friends gave him Hi fi
This was heard by Nisha and she Run to her friend to save her friend

Jiya: i knew it this Bastard can never change we have to tell her
Neha: do you think she will trust US
Nisha: she will never trust US but we hav to tell her she can Decide
Jiya: u r right nish we hav to tell her
Neha: i dont know guys
After Alot discussion They decide to tell swara the truth about lucky and his Plan
They waited for her at the gate when They saw her coming and smiling they felt really Bad how can someone hurt her
Sw: hey guys what are you doing her han?

Nish: swara i hav to tell you something plzz listen to me
Sw: but plzz dont tell me is about lucky
Jiya: is it
Sw: i am sorry i have to go
She was about to go Nisha Held her Hand and requested to her
Sw: ok fine tell me fast
Nisha: swara When I was passing coridor i heard lucky and his friend talking…she tell her what she heard……

Thanks guys I hope you like it

What will swara do ?
Whom will she trust ? Friends ? Or lucky ?

Guys this is swasan ff so i will Not Wright about raglak now …

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