Swasan dillagi episode 1

Heyyy guyss this my First ff I have written on swasan before trust me and my love it hurts ss…this is complete ff I will try to Post daily this ff hope you guys will like..

Lets start with epi 1…

A man is Working in his cabin with full concentration
And there is a knock
Man: Come in
But He didnt take his eyes from his Laptop
Man: yes Rahul
R: Sir the Meeting is fixed
Man : okey you can go now
The man stand up and Walk to the Window and watching out thinking about something He is looking very serious Hot and handsome every Girl can Fall for him

Man pov :
Hi i am Sanskar maheshwari ( yes guys He is our hero sanky)
No 1 Business man nobody can beat me in Business world for Everyone i am very ruthless emotionless arogant man and what not but only my family now about me Not really sometime They also doesnt understand me I love my family Alot i can do anything and mostly for my sis and Bro.
My little sis uttra she is very understanding and mature she think twice before she do anything soon will she start her collage
Coming to my Bro lucky urf laksh He is very careless noughty and biggest Prank Player i love him Alot when i see him I think or wish i also can do something like this or i could enjoy my life but I took responsibility in Age of 18 After my father and uncle died

And there is something which i dont like about him He can do Anything for a bet i try Alot to make him understand but it didnt Work sometime i feel I am behind his careless but i always kept an eye on him but now i cant because he is far away from me he is studying in london universty and He have not that Kind of friend who can teach him right or wrong when i try to make him understand He cut it of I dont no what to do with him
My both mothers are worried for him but He dont Care about them I think I loss my old Lucky my brother for whom i was everything but now…….
Suddenly his mobile Ring and He came out of his thought and look at his Phone a smile came on his Face Whit that He pick the Phone

Caller : bhei where you ? You promised me you will pick me up
Sans:(sad) sorry uttra i was busy i am really sorry and ja i m coming
Uttra:(angry) no need i will go with my friends bye
Sans: (sad) sorry na Utt… before He Talk she cut the Phone
Monolog: oh god she is now angry whit me last time I also forgot her she will be hell angry what do hmmn…. but First i have to go home somehow i will convice her
He took his glasses and left the office and drove to home…..

Maheshwari mansion

A Girl is showing she is walking here and there talking to their mothers and she is hell angry

Sujata: arey uttra why are getting so hyper
And yeah the Girl is uttra she is very angry on sanskar

Utt: no ma how can bhei forgett me evrytime He does the Same and today I will Not forgive him so easily last time i did but not this time

Suju: beta you know He is very bu.. she was intrupedt by ap

Ap: no sujata uttra is right and this is Not first time He did this to uttra

While the lady were talking sanskar came in Uttra saw him and was about to go but stopped by sanskar

Sans: (sad) sorry uttra plzz
Utt: no bhei not this time
Sans: plzzz I promise dont be angry
Utt: no bhei you always does the Same and i always forgive you but not today
Sans: okey then you can punish me na plzzzzzzzzzzzz try to understand na plzzz
Utt: (think for while) okey done i will give you punishmant
Sans: (happy) ok what is my punishmant
Utt: (smirk) you have to Cook for me whole week done
Sans: (shocked) nooo uttra how can I Cook i have to go office plzzz think something else na ?
Utt: no

Sans: plzz uttra you are my sweet little cute sis na
Uttra: no means no you have no Option bhei do what I say or i will Not talk to you
Yes or no
Sans look at her Mother for help but no use and give finally up
Sans: ok done
Utt: thats like a good Boy
And with that she Hug him happily and He smile at her

In london universty

Swara friends : Nisha, neha, Jiya
Laksh friens: vikky, kartik

There is a Group of friend talking and
loughing and enjoying their time

Nisha: guys where is swara
Jiya: Nisha dont you know where she is
Nisha: dont tell me she is watching Match of that idiot
Neha: trust me guys He is a big flirt i dont know yaar what happend to swara
Jiya: you are right how can she Fall for him
A voice came from behind: because I love him and He is my
Nisha: swara you
Sw: ya me guys stop this all rubish how many time i have to tell you guys I love him I dont Care how He is and what He do
Nisha: swara plzz try to understand we are only saying this for your
Jiya: yeah Baby I am 100% sure He is using you
Sw: stop it Jiya i dont wana hear anything against him
Neha: okey chill we promise from today we want say a Word against him but I wana tell you something you will regret this
Sw: (hell angry) neha you also think same
Nisha: chill Swara we promise you now so relax dont be angry
Sw: what do you mean dont be angry how can you talk about LAKSH like that
Not laksh Baby only lucky came a voice from behind swara and her friend and find lucky standing whis his friend and smiling like a idiot
Sw: (smile) yeah right lucky sorry
Lucky: (smile) dont be sorry
Sw: (happy) Come sit

Lucky: i dont think your friend are happy to See me here
Swara turn to their friends
Nisha: (fake smile) why wont be happy actully we were telling her about our opinion i dont think you will mind Whit that will you
Lucky: huh why will I
Sw: (happy) Come sit
Lucky: yeah Baby why not
And He sat whit his friend and They start talking to eachother on the other hand swaras friend are not happy to See them toghter not out of jolousy They are worried about her They knew lucky from 2 years but swara knew him recently because she shifted to this new City and New Uni and They knew how innocent and sweet she is she trust lucky blindly and she is totally in love with lucky

They just hope that she is Not lucky new target of his bet and when she is she will Broke down and cant trust anyone or love someone

So guys how was this epi I know its boring but guys try to bear me I am writing First time sooo plzz hope you like it

Is swara lucky target of his bet ? Or not ?
How will swasan meet ? How will they fall in love ?

What do you think

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  1. Hemanshi

    Nice start

  2. Simin

    Awesome rabia
    Lucky u monkey life is not a bet

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear

  3. SNY

    Awesome !!

  4. Rabia

    awesomee rabia and alll thee very best for this new story 🙂

    1. Rabia0032

      Thank youuuuuu

  5. Scooby

    Superb… bt i it wil b good if swara also prankster like lucky..

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear but its already completed

  6. IQRA222

    Nice pls continue

  7. awesome but abt swasan

  8. awesome but what about swasan

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks swasan will come soon

  9. Boring? Its amazing. Vry nyc.

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear

  10. nice..continue soon..tc..

  11. interesting yaar…!!Thinking…how will swasan meet…!! waiting for next part..!!

  12. Awesome starting dear. Continue soon.
    Sooo sweet uttara & sanky’s bonding (bhai bahen ??) I could wish my brother can also do something like this for me . ?

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  14. Arshaanya

    Ohk so lucky is wid swara for bet… he’ll cheat her n swara will b broken n al… dan sanky will enter in her life ???
    Loved it
    Continue soon

  15. Amina2000

    Nice excited for next part

  16. Vyshu10

    nice…hope swara comes to know the truth soon before she gets hurt

  17. Stupendous

  18. its same story as dillagi movie

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