Swasan dillagi epi 5


Hey guys lets start….

Sharmishta came back home when she went Inside the house she heard someone Calling and shocked to See the Person
Shomi you came very soon han a lady said in anger…..

Shomi was shocked happy Tears start fowlling from her eyes she cant belive her best friend standing infront of her she Run and hug them and cried alot because now can she Share her all Problem……shhhhhh Shomi how much will you cry said another lady

Sh…annu I cant belive you and Suju are here ( yes the lady is ap n sujata) I am sooo happy I missed you all so much

Suju..hug Shomi ok ok stop crying now and we missed you to

While the ladys were talking swara came with uttra Shomi looked at uttra

Sh…Suju is she your dougther
Sujata nodded her head and uttra took blessing from her
God bless you

Sh…shona do you now who r They ?

Sw…yeah ma they told me that they are your best friend

Sh..not best friend only they are my Support to live bec…of them I am here

Ap looked at Shomi with teary eyes n said now enough 

Shomi looked at her with teary eyes she cant control herself again n cried
Sujata hugged her to console her
Swara looked at her mother who was hugging her best friends n cried her heart out….

After sometime Swautt left for shopping and 3 Best friends were talking happily After so long time Face to Face They Talk to eachother but only on Phone or Skype

Suju…serious Tone: what happend Shomi why so suddenly here ?

Sh…looked at them I came for swara

Ap…Swara ?


Suju….why ? what happend ?

Sh…wo actually couldnt tell started to cry
Suju…. hugged her shhhhhh dont cry tell US what happend

Shomi told them something which shocked them they cant belive what They heard is true or false….with that they decided something….

So done with another Part this Part is short because I want to start with swasan on next Part is swasan Part

What did Shomi told them ?

What have they decided ?

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