Swasan dillagi epi 12

In the morning the Sun ray felt on our handsome sanskar a smile appeared on his face…Suddenly He feels someone hot breath on his Neck and some Kind of wight on him…He opened his He looked towards swara and she was hugging and was cuddiling more n more on him…He was happy to See her so near…

Sanskar pov…

Swara sanskar maheshwari my wife (smile at her n admire her..)she angle for me I dont know when how but When I saw her First time I FELL FOR HER..her inoccents face the way she Talk I just loved about her…and when she hugged me IT was Amazing…but When she cried..her Tears make me crazy I want to See her always happy…but When my parents said that I was getting married to their friends dougther I couldnt tell them that I love someone yeah love..love at first sight was for me..but When I saw her at my I was sooooooooooo happy there was no bound…we Got married..I observe her every acctivity…she is very nice a good dil and also a good wife..we dont have this relationship of husband wife but we have more then that we are friends…but When I she told me about her relationship with laksh..I felt broken that she loved my bro..but After listing her I felt so ashamed how can my Bro do this to her she is soo inoccents…I lover her yeah I love her she is my First and last live she will join me today at office I am soo happy now I can see her 24 hours…I missed her so much when I was office but now I have her with me… (sanskar looked at her and saw her movement He imaditly closed his eyes to know Her reaction…)
Pov ends…

Swara woke up she was shocked and also happy…she was hugging sanskar she looked at sanskar n admire his cute face..slowly slowly she started moving her Finger on his face n then she started crassing his hair she smiled while doing this she was happy while doing this but suddenly she did something which shocked her…by her this Action sanskar also opened his eyes…They both were facing eachother swara looked at him with wide n was also embrassent by her act…she imaditly Got up from bed took her clothes went to washroom…but still sanskar was shocked He came out shock when heard door sound…then sanskar started smiling like a idiot (aweeee I wish I could see his smile???)

Sanskar pov…

I closed my to see feel his reaction about our Position..then suddenly i feel her Finger moving on my face..then start crassing my hair..Oh god I love it the way she is crassing my hair…then she did something which shocked me and made me happy she KISSED my cheek oh god she really Kissed my cheek I opened my eyes to see her she looked at me even she was shocked what she did and then she Run to washroom…I started smiling like a idiot I touched my cheek many time…with These act I am confirmed that she has no feeling for laksh…I promise to myself that I will trust her and wont let anyone to Come in our reletionship….After a while she Came out of Washroom I looked at her she avoid eye contact..I also Got up went washroom…
U came out of Washroom looked for her but she was no where so I Got ready for office…went down for having breakfast there was she sitting with my family loughing and talking with them..she looked at me then she looked down i smiled at her she was looking sooo cuteeeeeee my cutypie…
After having breakfast we both went to office she Took blessing from ma n mom…in car she didnt Talk to nor I did…she was avoiding for her act but I was happy I dont like the way she avoid me but I can feel her gaze when I didnt looked at her…we reached office I introduce her with my Staf we both went to my cabin….I asked her to feel free…bec. I know she is nervous..

I : swara

Sw: yeah

I: dont be Nervous feel free
She smiled at me n nodded her head in yes then there was a knock…my PA ragini( yeah guys ragini is Working with sanskar as his PA..)

I: Come in

She Came in and smiled at me n i smiled at her back..

Rag: so how are you sanky now..? With that she winked me

I: now absolutly fine..

Rag: okey why did you called me..

I: yeah Rag she is swara my wife and from today you will Work as her PA okey..I Trust you Rag that why I made you her PA I hope you r okey with that..

Rag: Come on sanky i am happy infact..

I: okey then from tomorrow you will be her PA

Rag: why from tomorrow?

I: bec..today she will stay with me and yeah is her cabin ready ?

Rag: yeah its ready dont worry okey I have to go know there is lots of Work so bye…

I: yeah bye

Ragini left cabin I trust ragini very much she is like my sister to me when I saw her First time I was happy and she impressed very much I like her she is very traditionell Girl n strong but one Day i was coming out my cabin I heard my Staf was loughing on ragini and comenting her about her Dress I was hell angry I shouted at them n then I consoled her…Next Day she Came to my cabin n asked me to give my Hand to her I was very confused but I know she is sweet Girl so I gave her my hand…and she tied rakhi on my Hand I was amazed and happy…then she said to me her brother is in abraod for studing..and yesterday the way I protect her she felt her brother protcted her that why she made me wear rakhi I was sooo happy…from that day me n ragini share good bond…even I told her my Meeting with swara..love at first sight she was shocked hearing that..that the great sanskar maheshwari is in love..
I looked at swara is she angry with me why is she angry…

Sanskar pov end…

San: hmm swara what happend ?

Sw: fake smile nothing

San: okey swara you sit here I have a meeting I will come soon till then you can look around n feel free plzz

Sw: yeah okey

Sanskar left his cabin swara sat on Couch…

Swara pov…

I was happy the way He introduce me as his wife..n all that but When I saw that chipkali huh ????how dare she Call my sanskar sanky huh even I dont that He have a nick name???He didnt even told me I told him My nickt name shona He didnt told me that time huh….n how can she winked at him and the way He smiled at her huh…He never smiled at me like this..ahhhhhhh I am just now frustrated huh I need something to braek when ever I am frustrated I just want to break something…I looked around here n there I saw I Glas with water I just drank water to make me Calm…I wanted to braek this Glas but it will make a voice…I looked at Couch n found cushion I took that and closed my eyes thigtly to let my Frustration out…n throw away…..huh I feel light now but When I opened my eyes…I was shocked…

Precap: swara jolousy…and more

I hope you guys liked…

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