SWASAN…………….Do DIL ki Dastaan OS


Hey guys…..I am reena I too was a silent reader but after reading too many os I thought to write on of my own

So let’s start with it
A school is shown with a huge board saying bharti public school two boys are shown standing outside the class in punishment with a sad face just then the bell rings and both shout in chorus “YIPEE”
1st boy: are Bhai yeh befkoof teacher ne to nak me dum kr rkha h bs ek ladki ko kiss hi to ki thi aur wo bhi haath pr pta maine kuch glti ki
2nd boy: nhi lakh(yes the 1 bit is our handsome laksh)is teacher ko nhi ki na to jealous ho rhi thi
Just then the teacher comes and boom 2 boy got scoldings
Teacher:sanskaar when will you start behaving yourself yes the boy is sansku
Sanky:miss I am very innocent
Teacher:I know how much innocent u r u r in 10 class n behaving like dis…shame on u
Sanky:mam baccha apni Maa ke liye kbhi bda nhi hota
Teaher: to kya m tumhari Maa Hun
Sanky:haan mam apne Hi to sikhaya h ki school is our second home n teachers are our second parents so just aapke sikhaye gye raste pr chl rha Hun
Teacher:urgh….pathetic I am leaving
N then the teacher leaves n both laksh n sanskaar burst out laughing
Laksh: bhai aaj to tune us teacher ko pagal kr diya
Sanky:na lucky teacher nhi Maa
Just then a girl comes out n hits both of them
Sanlak: are shona tu Marti kun h
Shona:tune use kiss kaise kiya
Sanky:are usko chot lg gyi thi bs is liye
Shona: acha chot lg gyi thi
Just then our swara starts chasing sanskaar n sanskaar runs from there
Laksh: phir shuru ho gye dono
After school

At swara’s house
Swara’s phone is beeping from last 20 mins
N then d door bell rings
Shonas mother opens the door
Are sanskaar beta u here aao
Sanky:aunty swara mera ph9 nhi utha rhi wo think to h na
Haan beta she’s perfectly f9 jaa use kmre m
He goes to swara’s room
Swara is sitting on her bed cuddling with her pillow
Sanky: swara tu thik h na pagal to nhi ho gyi into her se tujhe call kr rha Hun message kr rha Hun
Swara: no reply
Sanky: kuch to bol
Jus then swara pushes him n he falls from bed n says
Jaa apni riya ke paas mere pass kun aaya hohoo.m to chup hi gyi ki kl maths ka exam h aur maths tujhe aati nhi h is liye aa gya madad maangne ……kaise teri riya ko maths nhi aati kya
Sanky:uff..thank God tu kuch boli aur rhi bat maths ke exam ki to tu meri bff h aur tu meri help zroor kregi
Swara:nhi kroongi
Sanky:acha nhi kregi agr m boli ki agr mere 85+ marks aye to papa mujhe bike lekr pdenge aur usko sbse phle tu chlaegi to bhi nhi
Swara:nhi den she realised what he said Han of course kroongi ab to tu smjh tere 95+ marks ayenge
Both hug each other
N starts preparing fr d exam sansku n shona both scores well

Next week
Swara was standing in her balcony jus den she spots sanskaar sitting on the roof of a house n he asks her to come there
Swara: chabi nikal
Sanky: konsi chabi
Swara: tu jaanta h
Sanky: nhi sach mujhe nhi pta konsi chabi
Swara starts searching his pockets n finds it n goes to his bike n starts riding it
Swara while riding it hits someone n he misbehaves with her just den sanky comes n beats him black n blue n then they both ride it together
swara: so sanky let’s start
Sanky: haan chl
One day @ cafe
Sanky bumps into a girl n her dress gets spoiled
Sanky: am so sorry
Girl: it’s OK
Sanky:kaise if u don’t mind should I bring coffee for you yhan ki coffee bhot achi h
Girl: no srry
Sanky:as a token of srry
Girl: hehe OK
Sanky brings coffee
Sanky: kaise yhan pas m ek golgappe ki dukan h n when k golgappe are d best so wanna try
Girl: aren’t u getting too frank
Sanky: I don’t believe in saying a dull srry so should I take it a yes or a no
Girl: okay
Sanky goes to take his bike keys from swara there he saw a man getting close to swara sanky was feeling uneasy he goes to swara n asks her for the keys
Swara: are sanky rahul is a gr8 man omg ……I can’t believe it he is my bf
Sanky:m kya kroo………give me bike keys
Swara: OK take but kaise kha jaa rha h
Sanky: m date pe jaa rha Hun
Swara: on bt don’t take that unlucky girl to our secret place
Sanky goes without responding

@ swara’ss house at night
Sanky: yaar Priya is awesome
Swara: even rahul
Both gets jealous
Next day both go out with their respective partners to a party
Swara gets jealous seeing any other girl getting so close to her man
She leaves d place along with rahul
Swara starts creating misunderstandings between sanky n Priya
One day sanky comes to her house n tells her dat Priya said dat he is a cheat n he cries keeping his head on her lap n dozes off while crying
Next day sanky is with swara n he receives a call that her mother died n he cries hard swara was going tu hug him but Priya comes n hugs him
Swara leaves the city leaving a letter for sanky
In d letter swara asked sanky not to call him n get married to Priya
After swara left
Sanky became matured n started doing work he avoided Priya she brace furious n left him
After a month
Sanky goes to swara’s house
Sanky: swara PlZ open d door
Swara: sanky PlZ go from here
Sabky: swara PlZ bs ek baar meri baat sun le
Swara: on come in
Sanky: swara jb tu gyi tb mujhe pta chla ki tu meri bff hi nhi meri jaan h tere bina m kuch nhi hhun……………n I LOVE YOU
Swara was shocked with this sudden proposal n kept mute
N suddenly she gained back get senses n hugged him tight n said him that there is one problem dat some people are coming to see her for marriage he asks her what should dey do she asks her for her bike keys n rubs frm dere

finally ended the chapter I am a small as girl of class 8 so bear my English n story both PlZ do comment

Credit to: Aru

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    stupenduous awesome fanatbulous outstanding dear keep writing and will you start any ff on swasan if yes then please let me know its name I will surely read it dear loved it to the core
    love u loads
    keep smiling always

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  6. Anaya deshmuk

    Ummm good but it’s a story of PTKk it was sidd instead of sanku and alia instead of swara and sid’s character was played by namish . Nut it was nice try good work kiddo

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  8. Anaya deshmuk

    Sorry it was but not nut good sweetu

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    It was so cuteee… Write more…

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