(Swasan) do dil bhandhay aik dori se

Hi friends meena and dhanu here


A young man come all the repoters are gatherd around him .

1 reporter : sir we all know you are the best singer in this country today we want to know about your personal life your love life.I know all the ppl are so excited to know about it specially girls .

The young man : hm..actually i don’t believe in love and all bcz these things have no important in my life the most important thing in my life is music.

2 repoter : sir but I’m sure you have someone so special .

The young man : hm…for now I’m singale when they happens I’ll surely tell you guy’s.

He went from there .

Who’s this

To know about it just wait sometime .

So friends how’s this .

Credit to: Dhanu

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  1. nice… so sanskar is singer……

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